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Orange wallpapers for the kitchen: whether it is necessary to choose them as a backdrop for the room

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Kitchen - one of the most popular places in any home, because in its territory are carried out not only the main meals, but the girl's family gatherings or tea. Every housewife wants to create a relaxed atmosphere in this room, which would give the household the household good mood during breakfast, I filled up forces during dinner and relaxing over dinner. To achieve adequate success, designers are advised to "dress" the wall space in juicy orange color, one type of which causes a person to feel a surge of energy and real joy. High-quality and pleasant to the touch wallpaper will be able to convey the most profitable home design idea.

Orange kitchen wall
Orange kitchen walls help create a pleasant mood

Spectacular "orange": the essence of the design focus in the interior

Many homeowners are afraid to use the orange color in home interior, Considering the privilege of rich shades of public cafes and restaurants. But such a design trick has an impressive list of advantages:

  1. Prominent experts until the young, but highly successful science color therapy claim, that it was orange palette helps to improve digestion, also the color gently increases appetite, without causing discomfort human body.
  2. Warm shade of orange color quality displays a person out of depression, consumer fatigue and seasonal blues, due to an association with fruit, brain "restart" in a positive way.Orange kitchen
  3. Many professionals working with children point out the increase in activity in children, as well as simplify the process of setting up a diet;
  4. Sunny color activates creativity nature, It causes high spirits, Psychologists note a positive trend in many patients, who added "Orange" in everyday life;
  5. Many nutritionists advise people, prone to breakdowns, fill the house with orange (hourglass) abstractions, or re-stick wallpaper in the kitchen, Saturated positive color activates the withdrawal of toxins from the body, why to cope with limitations in high-calorie foods is much easier and safer;orange set
  6. The very atmosphere in an orange room is perceived by the human psyche, as a cozy oasis, which is especially beneficial during cold winter or autumn slush.

Orange wallpaper in the kitchen: color matching nuances

The only negative nuances of orange is the need for space, saturated colors in small rooms rather press on human, than cause a positive charge. In "Khrushchev" Kitchenette worth recommending simplified orange variant design, picking up vinyl wallpaper light color with thin orange lines in print. So the room atmosphere will become more harmonious and juicy, but brevity does not give the color of a negative impact on the sense of presence.

orange wall of a small kitchen
Orange walls give the small kitchen of positive notes

design tricks in the interior: which must be set and the furniture in the dining room

But love for open spaces, owners should remember a few rules "implementation" orange in the kitchen open spaces:

Orange Skinao

  • So bright and juicy wallpaper can not be the only highlight of the kitchen interior, should be added in the "cocktail" of winning a few components. For more saturated colors, juicy orange e.g., Furniture should choose elegant pastel or white shades, so the color will be effectively sets off. For light orange peaceful motives perfectly creamy-gray furniture, she skillfully fills the atmosphere of charm.
  • Combinations wallpaper require special attention - shades of orange, contrary to the essence of his cold tones, therefore it is necessary to dwell only on the warm gray, beige or brown hues. Such a tandem would give the kitchen area of ​​refinement and wallpaper
  • The flooring in the kitchen Orange should only be carried out with quality and non-ferrous materials - white tile visually srezhet space and orange effect will lose half of its qualities. Wood materials - the best option for kitchens of all sizes, because its flavor is delicately strengthen temperament wallpaper.
  • To make the picture complete the overall space, should take care of the small details: Orange on open shelves for kitchen utensils will be smartly combined with black and white. Napkins and orange colors of towels are required to become further, as the inventory base color is best to choose a calmer tone.

The combination with orange: Does green suit, Black and other

orange combination in the kitchen

When planning a kitchen interior in orange tones , it is not necessary to dismiss the sense of proportion. Accent-colored wallpaper profitable best applied in the design of a wall, others leave lighter, but with an orange pattern composed. So the room will be more airy and spacious, even in "Khrushchev" kitchen. complement the rich, orange color can be more conservative white - furniture and basic elements of decor perfectly set off the main color, at the same time add the room cleanliness and grooming. As the bright spots, you can enter a muted green, dosed black and light-emerald. Blue and bright red shades should be excluded from options, because a glut of rooms can cause color break and lose its interior appearance.

Orange style kitchen

Very popular color trio: orange-beige-brown. The first violin in the interior acts orange blossom, it takes not only to the wall thanks to wallpaper, but the work surface, carpet covering, as well as the dishes. Beige background with patterns reigns in furniture, doorway and decorative details. Dark brown in the role of a clear distinction: dark plastic in the window opening, vases and a couple of shelves give visual clarity and completeness of design.

orange wallpapers for the kitchen interior

Bachelor kitchen can also be filled with positive "Orange", the main thing, correctly connect several colors. The room is obliged to repeat resistant male character and be as concise. The main color of the wallpaper should choose a muted gray, without metallic shades. Orange shade better allocate one open wall, where it will be visible from any corner of the room. The lower modules of kitchen units should pick up coal or dark brown, so space will "breathe" testosterone. The top cupboards and modules is better to leave a light gray or silver shades, so the room will be more spacious.


Orange wallpapers - profitable trump card of any room in the apartment, because a juicy shade is tempting with its frank positive. Cleverly chosen tandem of several original colors will help as much as possible to reveal the inner world of the owner and fill the atmosphere with good room and comfort.