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The color orange as a reflection of lifestyle: fun and provocatively

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The change of mood and behavior patterns through the color design, psychologists believe the standard method - warm shades relieve symptoms of depression, cold can temper the appetite. But over one tone, and not fit for the purpose room will stand bad service. for example, purple in the bedroom is difficult to sleep and relax.

Color can visually change the geometry of space, that actively use in their work designers. Orange tone actively manifests itself in influencing the human psyche, and the geometry of the room. But that means only one thing - the right to use it can change your life for the better.

Orange color
Orange is perfect to create a cheerful mood

Orange wallpaper: Let the joy of the house

If the yellow color is called the solar, Red - festive, then there is an orange named "color of joy". And indeed it is, so that he is gaining in popularity for use in the interior.

However, this shade refers to the extremely active, and to use it should be with caution. Orange walls can:

  • visually reduce the space, that allows you to make a large kitchen space a cozy place for cooking and eating, but the small kitchen will turn into a small closet with an excess of orange;
  • have an impact on increasing the appetite in living in the house;
  • the shortage of sunlight to enhance the attractiveness of the room, bringing brightness and a reminder of summer days;
  • remove bad mood - this kitchen in the morning will prepare you for a hard day, and the room in the evening will be a cozy area for communication, relieving tension.

But even in a large room not be too zealous with filling, This beautiful color is best to dilute the other colors - and then settle in your home harmony.

Very important, creating a kitchen design with orange color, exactly accents - to choose curtains, chairs, countertop, pictures on the walls, taking into account the color gamut. Making the window plays a huge role, it will allow to neutralize excess monochrome.

Orange color for the kitchen
Orange color for the kitchen - not an easy decision for the designer

It is not necessary to make a fully orange curtains, they must present a different color. And it is desirable, to be as light and transparent - as far as you can afford it, taking into account the room viewable from the street. For curtains shade orange perfect peach-colored tulle or traditional white, especially if there is already a white color in the interior - such as, in the design suite of furniture or walls.

Pros orange wallpaper

The benefits of orange shade wallpaper concerns primarily the, with the proviso that intolerance can choose bright color such shades of orange, when he was at the same time will be muted, and will continue to bring you joy. Note the following colors:

  1. Coral color;
  2. peach;
  3. Solid beige;
  4. tyerrakotovyi;
  5. carrot;
  6. apricot.

Monochrome design will lead to, that being in this room will annoy you. So pay attention to another advantage of the color orange presence - it can be placed in the room, using Mural.

orange wallpapers
orange wallpapers- harmonious combination of colors in the kitchen

Another important advantage: any shade of orange to easily change the geometry of space. Often found layout, when the kitchen has a view of the long foam and one wall is too stretched in relation to the perpendicular. But if you make it an orange, and the edges highlight the white stripes - and the room will be transformed, become more compact.

With a small kitchen room orange fans can give advice to buy orange kitchen, but set it on a light background. To do this, select the most neutral color - white or beige background negate the small size of the kitchen.

Good effect with a small kitchen facilities give 3d wallpapers for the kitchen - they are visually deepen one wall, extending the entire room.

We note with regret, that wallpaper orange rarely seen even in the large store. But the increasing demand for such clearance has an impact on the industry, and the choice of getting bigger. Mural Oranges remind us of the summer vacation and even in severe winter cold, Orange, even if non-woven, background uplifting during the autumn rains. This means, worth the effort, to give yourself a bit of summer.

the combination of orange
A small re-planning and a combination of orange gives a great result for kitchen design

successful combinations

Not every color suits to orange. It is very important to keep a sense of proportion and be able to correct accents. Perfectly shows a combination of orange with white, beige, light green and even black.

Black and orange background, combined with black or white suite will remind you of the hot sun Africa, a light green hue furniture, installed in the kitchen with orange wallpaper, present recollection of the cool Spanish orange groves.

If you wish to arrange the kitchen with the inclusion of an orange, but fear, that the background of the walls will be too aggressive, then pay attention to the furniture. Stranded color orange is usually available in combination with other colors. professionals believe, It would be ideal kitchen design with an orange suite, if the background color to make a beige. Saturation beige shade may be different, the main thing here - to get away from the excessive aggressiveness of color.

When selecting a color design should be guided by the following principles:

  1. the desired style - orange color is undesirable to use the style of Provence, country and retro. All other style decisions are subject to it.;
  2. the geometry of the room - a small kitchen area has restrictions on the design of the walls in the color orange. Or it should be a little, or the emphasis is made on furniture;
  3. psychological impact of color choices - you will not be able to follow strict diet in kitchen design with orange. But children maloezhki will be a great pleasure to eat it;
  4. light side, fronted windows, and the amount of sunlight, penetrating into the room - sunny side restricts the use of the orange color in the design of the room. It is better to use more quiet shades - peach or terra cotta.

Kitchen orange with white - the perfect choice for those, who is not afraid to use white color in a food premises. Some housewives believe it is not too "sick". But combined with a touch of orange that feeling goes away, and there is only a sense of purity and joy.

Do not be afraid of contrasts and unusual design - with their help, we are able not only to change your home decor, but also a little bit yourself.