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Orange kitchen by the rules: cozy atmosphere secrets

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Orange color in nature dominants. In composition it does not set off, and lead. Positive energy orange with its excessive use is transformed into a negative, accumulated irritation, an abundance of color tires. They have the same qualities and aggressive similar colors - red, pink and purple. How to use color as a mature orange, developing the interior of the kitchen, to not overdo it, but, at the same time - get daily share good mood, increase the tone and performance, enjoying the bright tone of its nutrition unit?

Orange kitchen
Orange kitchen uplifting and creates comfort

kitchen, Made in orange

Developing Kitchen interior in orange colors, should pay attention to the shades. Soft colors are suitable for walls, bright - accents on details. Acid Orange - simply created for high-tech style, Lovers of classical interiors fit kitchen yellow-orange color, dynamic and at the same time does not cause - salmon. Self contained color looks aluminum orange modular kitchen furniture With such a garniture no additional color accents.

Orange kitchen

Furniture muted tones (beige, light gray), contrasting nuance serve orange table or chairs. In rooms, windows facing the north side, kitchen orange metallic looks the most advantageous.

If such a solution seems too bold, should consider this option, as an orange kitchen with wenge. Wenge - a trendy and popular color. Surprisingly, it combines aristocratic and asceticism - a luxury and not overloaded with semantic meaning. The name is associated with the breed of African Wenge wood and its popularity is due to the proximity to nature and natural ethnic motives. The orange-brown kitchen combined according to the principle: the brighter the orange, the darker the color of the wood:

  • dark oak;
  • wenge;
  • zebrano;
  • Italian walnut.

Kitchen in orange
Orange color is better to combine with bright tones

Kitchen with orange light brown wood varieties looks sadly, as the light brown to orange background is lost.


It must take into account the natural level of illumination, Orange does not like sunlight or in combination gives the feeling stuffy atmosphere. Compensate the lack of light:

  • Spotlights;
  • lighting over the stove;
  • sconces in a dining table;
  • a large central chandelier.

Mounted around the perimeter hanging lockers fluorescent lamps - a great way to solve two problems at once. Work light makes cooking comfortable, and "cold" light is too bright orange mute. The original orange chandelier in the kitchen with a white top and white ceiling and orange curtains in the interior - on the contrary make nice cold environment.

light-orange kitchen

Sources of illumination cuisine for groups:

  • overall. Room uniformly illuminated lamps, located on the ceiling. In humid used fluorescent lamps with special protection from moisture level;
  • special. Spotlights mounted under the modules, over the hood or in other places only illuminate the surface, where at the moment there is a need in the coverage;
  • accent. Used as additional lighting. Illuminated inside hanging cabinets and floor units sometimes seem overkill, But this is only at first glance. Ease of inner illumination and soft light streaming owners will appreciate the full.

Lighting on the orange kitchen
Lighting is an essential element of any kitchen

Orange color visually expands the space, so, Contrary to popular belief, not white, and orange ceiling in the interior of the room with low ceilings, visually raises it. Glossy surface modern suspended ceilings reflect light ceiling chandelier, thereby create a mirror effect, pushing the boundaries of catering. Unconventional and bold decision - orange ceiling in the kitchen the same color, and that the facades of modules on a background of white and neutral walls.

kitchen ceiling decoration technology

Consider some techniques facing ceiling surfaces in the kitchen, - zone with an aggressive microclimate:

kitchen in orange

  1. traditional. Surface thoroughly plastered, puttied and polished. By decorative design can start only after obtaining a smooth plane. Further selection varies between whiting, pokleykoy oboev, decorative plaster and paint in the selected color;
  2. "Ceiling" technology. The ceiling is set on the frame, to which are attached sheets of plasterboard. The next step is similar to the plastered surface decoration: painting, whitewash, finishing plasters, pasting wallpapering cloth. false ceilings technology differs from the conventional, that is able to hide flaws floors, while plastering involves their removal, it takes more time and does not always produce the desired result;
  3. "Modular ceiling" technology. The structure consists of individual elements, does not require additional finishing, tk. they themselves are part of the decor. In turn, subdivided into rack, plastic panel and modular false.

kitchen ceiling
Of the several otdelnovisyaschih lighting can achieve the perfect light

Modular ceilings look impressive, can radically change the look of the room, protect from leaks from above. The disadvantage is it that the high cost of materials and installation works.

Council! Stopping the choice on one of the technologies, should be considered, that the orange ceiling of glossy materials picks up the room, and from matte - visually lowers down. It is important, if the ceilings are too high and make easting like a well.

The use of orange accents in design

Despite the many advantages, the main drawback of orange - it bothers. For this reason, the hostess avoid using this color in the interior of the basic subjects, such as kitchen or painting walls. In this situation, help create a joyful mood bright accents, eg, - orange apron neutral tones in the kitchen. In sum, with orange apron kitchen table will help complete the interior look. An excellent solution for those, who keeps up with the times and loves high-tech style - orange glass table for the kitchen. In addition to the aesthetic load the apron and an orange table very practical, since orange is not visible spots of fat, divorces and water vapor.

simple orange kitchen

A separate theme - Orange Apron Kitchen with facades of furniture of various solar shades. With him are combined:

  • Ceramic tiles or bezel neutral colors: cream, the color of coffee with milk, beige, shades of gray, cream and milk;
  • Black interior. beautiful combination, brings passion, but not recommended impulsive nature of his aggressiveness;
  • contrasting colors. With juicy orange shades facades are combined apron soft tones cold gamma: blue, fistashkovый. bold, but risky decision - purple.
  • complex textures. It includes a set of colors with a splash of orange. Made of mosaic, tile, tabernacle.

The choice of material is the apron for the hostess, the main thing, that it texture and color combined with the kitchen design.