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Kitchen with tiled wall: how to choose the best for repairs?

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In the renovated kitchen of one of the most important tasks is to finish the apron. When parsing a variety of options for that gets a large number of different issues. What material is it worth making? In what style? Whether or not to issue the kitchen tiles and how to look tiles in the kitchen? Or should do nothing at all? All these and a few more questions we will consider and analyze in this article. We will deal with on the shelves and show you, how to make a nice kitchen interior with tile walls with no problems and great material and physical costs.

Requirements for finishing materials: from PVC to tiles

Today, building market is replete with a wide variety of finishing materials. Resist the dizziness of a given variety, you need to immediately clear, that will be the most functional and practical for lining apron. The kitchen is the most visited place in the house, and a work area, where is located the apron, and all constantly exposed to any effects.


decoration on kitchen wall tiles will help you in this situation, because often only she can cope with the work environment in the room. That is why, If your choice was the tile in the wall in the kitchen, then under it to choose the highest quality material. And below, we'll show you, how to do it.

Why is it worth it to put decorative tiles?

First, it helps to understand, why wall tiles in the kitchen can perfectly cope with the task. First of all, it is worth noting its durability. Whatever material is used for its production, namely wall tiles in the kitchen will be stronger, than the apron of plastic or a bay window. Besides, Tile is much greener than the same plastic.

In terms of aesthetics,, this apron far outperform their metal counterparts. He will be a welcome addition cuisine, in fact it can be made using a printing or styled any other material. Better than its competitors, and it is to care for a, and that we will discuss later. Kitchen with tile on the wall perfectly fulfills its essential function as an apron, protecting the surface of the walls of the fatty plaque and water, coping with changes in temperature and preventing occurrence of bacteria and mold. Well, the latest design features an exceptional durability.

How to choose the appropriate option for finishing?

Now, when we found out, what is the difference kitchen wall tiles other options for lining, should understand, how to choose a suitable for your particular kitchen tiled finish.

The main recommendation of the Board may be called to buy the tiles exclusively in specialized finishing stores, allowed on the market. The fact, that products in these places really tested on steam- and moisture resistance, and also has a strength guarantors. The remaining aspects worth investigating separately.


In the manufacture of the kitchen tiles patterned or not may or may not be proglazurovana. matte, Unlike glazed, It has no glass deposition. And that should be the deciding factor in choosing a, since it affects different aspects. Glossy tiles due to its deposition makes the visual effect of the expansion room, while the matt on the other hand it is illusory narrows.

Glossy abhors dirt on themselves, because even a drop of oil becomes visible once the, however, it is much easier to clean. If glazed accounts every time to polish to a shine, then on the mat on top does not even be seen, but soon begin to clog the pores of the tiles fat, which is difficult to clean.

Also it should be noted, that the glossy tiles in bright kitchen interior will look like a worthy addition, and Matt is well suited for dark room.

tile size

Having dealt with the views, should pay attention to the size of the tiles. It depends on, which way you are going to coat your apron. On the way, we will tell later, but you can add, that large elements of the format allows for a quick and easy styling.

In this small plitochki have a higher cost. But it should be noted, that the stacking of small items will look much nicer.

price, the corresponding quality

You can not ignore the fact, that the price for many is the most important factor. However, if you have already gathered to hold the trim in the kitchen wall tiles, it must have not only a good price, but also some very important additions.

These include special protective enamel layer, necessary for convenient purification of the apron of dirt and for environmental safety. Also, when choosing a cheaper tiles be sure to check its impact resistance. It must be spelled out in the certificate.

Basis material selection

The material is also a factor in the choice of wall cladding tiles for kitchen, perhaps even the most important. That is why it is necessary to allocate a separate and a great item, and discuss in detail.

ceramic picture

Even a simple lining kitchen tiles will be the best choice for repair, but you can specifically select and ceramics with an interesting pattern. Tiles can be performed specifically with the smallest size of the gaps and seams, to figure, that you want to play, He does not lose its aesthetic appearance. Among other things,, You can find us, performing printing on tile. agree, to have a whole picture of your family much more interesting, than even the most beautiful designs for the tiles in the kitchen.

tile mosaic

Tiles for the kitchen walls is really a very suitable material, because it is very convenient to carry out in many different ways, to achieve the best aesthetic effect. Mosaic tiles - one of the most popular material for the cladding of kitchen facilities.

Mosaic is made of a large number of small squares or lozenges, thereby already making an interesting pattern. The design of the tile in the kitchen can be very different, because the elements are made from a variety of colors.

Such parts are made easily even the whole picture, which leaves much room for imagination and creativity. However, this mosaic is quite difficult to clean due to the large number of stitches.

Stylized brick or wood

In addition to tile, apron may be made from its counterpart - clinker. It is different from the process of its manufacture, but the property is almost the same, however, it is much easier to style for different material.

Part of a clay, which gives an interesting effect. When choosing a clinker bricks can do a matte finish, but still better to choose glazed bricks. The advantage is the possibility of staining in any color. The main drawback - the price.

Methods for laying tiles on the wall working

Tile in whole kitchen wall can be stacked in any way, that you feel is appropriate. I especially want to note the following popular options:

  • Checkerboard pattern is an excellent option for rooms with interior, playing on contrasts. If you want to, that the working of the kitchen wall tiles fit into the interior as original design course, this is the option for you.
  • For bright and unusual dishes in rich colors it is recommended to choose the style of patchwork. The plurality of elements with different patterns and colors to create a dynamic effect of the manifold materials. The main base should choose yellow tiles in the kitchen.

  • Plitochki can be laid and "herringbone". This is a very cute and pretty budget, but a quality option.
  • rectangular tiles, laid horizontally, create the visual effect of the wall extension.
  • It is worth noting and mosaic, about which was said above. This method of decoration is original and is found in the kitchen is very rare, so it's worth it to try out faster than others.

How to care for tiles?

When caring for your apron, it is important to remember a few tips. Tile working on the kitchen wall does not tolerate frequent mechanical action, so brush with hard teeth should be postponed forever.

Tile needs a gentle cleaning with soft sponges and special detergents. They, by the way, also can harm your tiles. You should choose those chemicals, It is specifically designed for cleaning tile.


However, the best recommendation is to choose tiles, resistant to such means. It has a class "A" and "AA".

Latest design trends - like tile glue?

Of course, its fashion trends are in any field, which in any way relates to the design,, and the walls in the kitchen of a tile is no exception. Basically, the most popular trim apron presently considered to finish plitochki small size.

With the latest innovations, manufacturers are able to create a lining technique, in which no longer need to bother with cleaning the welds. The truth is the splendor will cost a considerable cost.

Also housewives recently really like to decorate your workspace in the Mediterranean style. Here he comes to the rescue that same clinker tiles, made by sand texture with clams and mussels.

Choosing juicy and bright colors of blue and green, you will create a beautiful sea design, which will pleasantly calm at work behind the stove or sink.