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How to combine the wallpaper in the kitchen

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Wallpaper - a common material in making repairs. Many are able to paste over the wall, and tips will roll nicely combine different colors. The combination - a bold step when using contrasting colors. And whatever it was named the most popular kitchen color 2016 of the year, original combination will not give him. Some manufacturers produce special wallpaper options for combining, but often have to choose their own.

a combination of wallpaper in the kitchen
monochrome color- a successful combination of the wallpaper in the kitchen

What used to combine

  • hides flaws and defects in the walls of planning: a small area of ​​the room, incorrect proportions of length and width cuisine, insufficiently high ceiling or vice versa, And so on;
  • possible to make a visual separation of the working area and dining area, as well as the best option for studio apartments;
  • a combination of wallpaper two rooms combined with preservation of individuality of each of them;
  • add "flavor" of monotonous kitchens;
  • you can visually make a special emphasis on the kitchen wall;
  • select design elements, such as niche, bay window, columns, etc..

design kitchens
design kitchens- combination photowall, painted walls and glass blocks

combining rules

On the Internet a lot of photos of design combinations of wallpaper in the kitchen. Professionals can even make a small room visually larger and more dynamic. If you are dealing with this issue on their own, is to get the result, Observe the following rules:

  1. It is not recommended to use the wallpapers of different price categories. Acceptable difference - the color and texture. for example, gloss and matte, black and white, two-color and monochrome, and so on.
  2. Much easier to assemble strips of the same length.
  3. 2 or 3 types of wallpaper should be combined well and harmoniously fit into the interior of the kitchen.
  4. good option, when the walls correspond to colors of furniture or headset.
  5. You must combine the balanced. Use bright colors with pale and large patterns with fine.

In addition to combining all the rules, Do not forget, bright wallpaper that visually enlarge the room, so use them as one of the wallpaper companion.

combining ways

Ideas beautiful wallpapering the kitchen can be divided into several ways. Not so much, so consider every detail.

color separation zones
design kitchens- color separation zones

Vertical zoning walls

Striping of wallpaper on the wall and called the vertical combination. It is widely used for the disproportionate rooms and can visually increase the ceiling height.

Vertical zoning is:

  • Symmetrical - on two walls of the center of the room are glued wide strips. For them, better to choose a contrasting color of the wallpaper. In this way, get visual deception. it seems, that the width of the room bounded by the edges of the bands. This technique is best suited for a disproportionately wide rooms.
  • Asymmetric - one of the walls in the center of the strip is glued in a contrasting color. On the opposite wall using different bandwidths. Such a method is relevant for elongated and narrow rooms. He visually change the proportions of the kitchen and give a dynamic look.

Vertical zoning is able to dilute the monotony of food due to the sequence of contrasting bands. They are glued via one, and it is possible, and one in two.

However, be careful with the combination of contrasting colors. If you are unsure of what colors to get the desired result, Choose one of the classic options like black and white, black and red, blue and gold and other.

A method of combining the horizontal

Horizontal color combination in the interior of the kitchen is used for rooms with high ceilings and are suitable for any style.

Most often it is chosen for the visual correction of elongated up rooms.

horizontal combination
A simple method for selecting the wallpaper in the kitchen- horizontal combination

By combining the horizontal wall is divided into three parts, the lower of which is glued a first color wallpaper, and the top two - the second. However, used in other proportions, equating the border to the window sill, working surface or other furniture. Only horizontal acceptable combination of different thicknesses with wallpaper. Since the joints between the wallpaper can be decorated using curbs, moldings or patterned ribbons.

The combination of colors can be combined on their own or use one of the classic versions:

  • the upper part of using large images, geometric shapes or strips, and the bottom - monochromatic or with fine print;
  • Now at the bottom of the massive ornaments, color or pattern, and pick up monochrome;
  • striped bottom, and the upper part is selected monochromatic or patterned with fine.

Anyway, but the kitchen - it's workroom, so horizontal combination will help to make the lower part of a strong and secure, and the top beautiful and original. Therefore, you can use the below not only more dense wallpaper, but plug, wood and even panels of plaster.

Almost all interior styles will look harmonious with wood paneling and a stopper.

Select accent wall

Accent walls - one of the most popular types of decoration. Designers love to create dishes zoning. Accent wall can make dining or decorative with a niche or projections. To draw attention to the wall, use more bright and colorful wallpaper.

Choosing bright colors for the walls, Do not forget, the furniture and the headset must be calm and plain colors.

With contrasting wallpaper room becomes an original and attracts attention to the headset or furniture, if you select a wall near them.

Wallpaper for decoration

Mural in the kitchen
Use wallpapers in the kitchen should be only, when the dimensions of the rooms offer a look at the picture from a distance

To accent the walls are suitable and beautiful wallpapers. They are used in niche, on the wall, and even on the ceiling. Nevertheless, it is important not to overdo it, because it is a major emphasis in the kitchen. Therefore wallpaper to pick him similar color, to a little shade or continue drawing.

The most popular images on wallpapers: poppies and other flowers, nature, view from the window, or something from the kitchen theme.

Decorating details

This gives way to accent a wall,, and part of the kitchen interior. The idea used to:

  • selection recesses and protrusions using wallpaper other colors or textures;
  • the creation of the decor of the wallpaper with a pattern, such panels are glued on beige abstract background or just plain options;
  • difficult to combine in the form of geometric shapes, waves and other types of decoration;
  • used as a decorative element and stucco on the walls.

If you use one of the proposed details of the interior decors, it is advised to choose bright colors to match the kitchen furniture or headset.

The combination of patchwork technique

patchwork technique
Wallpaper in the kitchen in a patchwork technique

This so-called patchwork method, when the registration comes from pieces of wallpaper. Use geometric designs and patterns in the form of houses, trees, animals and other.

Important, used to color patches combined, a value dependent on the pattern size. For small prints, choose small segments, and if large pictures - large parts.

Insertion of wallpaper

Such decoration is performed on the already sticked plain wallpaper or painted wall. Preference is given to bright pattern of large size. Inserts made of all shapes and sizes. The number is also on the owner's taste. The only advice - Wallpaper must either contrast, a match in color on some elements.
Most of these inserts were framed, to get a picture effect.


Combinations of colors and patterns

Contrasting colors in combination give the result of the original, but you need to choose carefully. Kitchen - a place where the family gathers for 2-3 times a day, and the woman there is much more often. Do not want, so bright walls strained or irritated eyes.
How visible, combine the wallpaper in the kitchen easy. the main thing, observe the color combination on the rules and seeks to get the original design of the room. Now you know, how to combine the wallpaper in the kitchen.