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The main principles of kitchen design in Art Nouveau style: secrets designer

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Modern interior combines functionality and modern design solutions. It is difficult to determine the precise boundaries of style in the use of materials, shapes and colors. Among the major stylistic differences distinguish originality, parts and processability freedom open space. Kitchen in a modern style does not tolerate unnecessary items, convenient and practical.

cuisine in a modern style
Modern - contemporary style, is very popular not only among young people

The main features and aspects of the kitchen space in Nouveau

The room must fully comply with the requirements of solidity, conciseness and order. Reasoning and precise approach in selecting elements create a cozy atmosphere and stylish. asymmetry smooth, gently curved lines is the main feature nouveau cuisine. No sharp corners, ergonomic furniture arrangements will create an original and comfortable environment even in small rooms.

Interior in modern style implies a certain type of furniture arrangement. In premises with restricted area is applied in a straight line alignment, or L-shaped, for spacious options will suit island, or peninsular layout. Repair in modern style provides a choice of conventional and low-cost finishing materials. Style will require to abandon bulky items of furniture, elaborate decorations.

It is important to preserve individuality in interior design, to choose the right colors and accents.

Beautiful kitchen in a modern style
In the kitchen, there should be nothing superfluous , everything should be done with taste

Key Features of Art Nouveau

Kitchen design in Art Nouveau style, despite the variety of bright and unusual solutions, It has the characterizing features:

  • Latitude and visual lightness space;
  • a large number of reflective surfaces;
  • design of the facade material - metal, plastic, glass;
  • monochrome colors;
  • the-art appliances;
  • bar, island layout;
  • minimum number of decorative elements.

The modern view of the facade of kitchen unit is achieved through the use of various technologies decorating. glass Processing, Photocopying, inlay, curly or milling the surface will give an original look . Art Nouveau design means that there is sufficient space and lighting. Not recommended overly decorated window openings, blocking the passage of sunlight. The best choice will be the design of windows blinds and shutters.

kitchen lighting can serve as an interesting reception space zoning. Central chandelier may be decorated fine crystals, soft light scattering. Original lamps in the dining and working area are aimed to create a uniform soft lighting for a comfortable cooking and family dinners in a cozy atmosphere.

lighting Modern
The lighting should match the style of the room

Colors and colorful mix of Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau design of the kitchen can be designed in different colors. Monochrome range has traditionally been a topical solution. the presence of metal as parts of household appliances and furniture is quite enough, so do not overload the interior dark, gloomy tones. Art Nouveau interior shading appears combinations White, brown, gray-pink, rich purple, red and light green colors.

A few bright accents enliven the prevailing pastel colors. Game shades of one color from light to rich, dark tones, environment will give the desired visual effect. Combining classic white, black and steel colors will be the original decision in the Art Nouveau style. Limitless versatility of style allow combine original features, highlighting the personality and unusual design features. It should focus a sense of proportion, avoiding unnecessary frills and details.

The harmonious combination of shapes and textures of furniture set finished flat surfaces creates a refined and atmosphere.

Kitchen island - a stylish and functional element

Nouveau style kitchen interior manifests itself in various parts, enhancing the ergonomics and functionality of the space. Nouveau tables for kitchens advantageous to replace a kitchen island - roomy and functional design element. Proper organization of the details in the space saves space, serving as a place of storage of kitchen utensils, worktop and dining table.

Availability of the island from different angles increases the ergonomics of the room. Use kitchen island can be a treat for the decoration of fourchette. Bar in this case will be the area offers drinks. set, tables and modern chairs should always be combined with each other. Textile items are missing, that allows you to emphasize the smooth texture and mild forms. Round tables Nouveau through smooth lines organically fit into the interior. Minimalist decor detail focuses on order and cleanliness.

kitchen island
Kitchen island - looks nice in a modern kitchen

Actual modernist trends

When planning a renovation in the Art Nouveau style is easy to implement new designs, harmoniously combining innovative technologies and materials:

  1. The combined kitchen living room in Art Nouveau style will create an attractive functional space.
  2. Cleanliness and tidiness. The desire to create a spacious, light room, without overloading the interior small details.
  3. Compact and functional appliances. Preference is given to cutting-edge technology.
  4. Traditionally, fashion monochrome colors. natural colors, proper lighting and metal details create a sophisticated atmosphere.
  5. Ample practical furniture. The trend woven door, thanks to the ease of use, environmental friendliness.
  6. Proper zoning area.

Furniture - main interior accent

Kitchen furniture in the Art Nouveau style is characterized by smooth glossy texture and practicality. The facade is made of high-quality sustainable materials, maintaining an attractive appearance even under high humidity and temperature. Kitchen sets in modern style with simple and flat shape of the projections the best solution. Facade design by means of various surface treatment methods give ease and elegance.

Nouveau dining tables are selected, focusing on the overall decoration of the room. glass, or plastic products do not look awkward, creating a visual effect of space. Used pieces of furniture made of natural materials. Wood brings warmth and comfort, wonderfully combined with technologically advanced kitchen equipment. Technology built into the kitchen, but not decorated facade, Speaking refined interior;.


Modern Art Nouveau interior allows to enjoy unlimited comfort, tech novelties of home appliances and the lack of spare parts. Each element of the kitchen environment has forethought and functionality, making the performance of household tasks in a fun. Modern corresponds to the dynamic rhythm of life, It is harmonious epitome of stylish and original ideas in the interior.