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Exclusive wallpapers for the kitchen: hands and imagination to help

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When choosing a wallpaper design prioritizes, the colors and only then evaluated the qualitative characteristics of strength, wear resistance. When it comes to the kitchen, the last two criteria are decisive, but practicality necessarily complemented the aesthetics. How to choose a good wallpapers for the kitchen?

Exclusive wallpapers for the kitchen
Clothing walls must be in the general style

Making the right choice

To kitchen area long retains attractive appearance, drape should be characterized by the following parameters:

beautiful kitchen

  • Splash- and svetostoykosty;
  • sufficient density;
  • water vapor permeability;
  • Resistance to frequent cleaning and washing;
  • It is also desirable, to the kitchen wallpaper can be repainted, if an urgent need to carry out cosmetic repairs.

The design of the walls is determined in its sole discretion, based on the total interior. Of course, modern style and classic require different approaches, so before going to the store should be carefully think through all the details. you can even draw a sketch if desired, working through different models and thinking up kitchen design. From an existing variety of wallpaper should stop at several different ways.

Appropriate solutions for the kitchen: Vinyl wallpaper are other options

Create a favorite in every household comfort room, original design the interior and simplify your life is possible when you select one of the options described below wall "canvases".

Vinyl wallpapers
The vinyl material is very easy to clean

The main characteristics are moisture, density and moderate cost. As a result, you can forget about maintenance for the next 10 years old. Typically, the design of wallpaper implies a relief texture, imitating decorative plaster, mat, cloth, vegetable fiber. On the wall is best to go to the wallpaper with non-woven backing, which can then be painted. Worthy embodiment are "hot stamping" model, stoically withstand any cleaning.

Non-woven solutions

Nonwoven get, cellulose fibers pressed together, so it is suitable for the main kitchen wallpaper. This choice is justified, if the walls are not staying in perfect condition (eg, there are cracks). Wallpapering manages his own even without experience in the field of repair work, the adhesive is applied only to the web.

fiberglass wallpaper

This idea for the kitchen also deserves attention. The obvious advantage of this embodiment is fire retardant and moisture insensitivity. Also, for fiberglass or glass fiber is characterized by the ability to mask the cracks and further reinforced walls. On sale there are models with an interesting relief in the form of geometrical, vegetable elements, frosty pattern. The result is a contemporary, minimalist interior, which you can change, repainted wallpaper (the number of cycles is not less than 10).


wallpaper silkscreen
Silkscreen gives wealth and bling room, only absorb odors

We are talking about varieties of vinyl wallpaper, having a paper base and finishing topcoat silk threads. Glue screen printing is necessary only on a flat surface, referring to the finishing material very carefully due to possible rupture delicate fabrics. In the care of such wallpaper unpretentious, therefore permitted wet cleaning. To the wall for a long time kept the aesthetic appearance, it is desirable to decorate the kitchen serigraphy, the smooth surface.

washable wallpaper

May have a non-woven backing and the decorative vinyl, easy to clean (You can even use detergents). In such an embodiment it offers not only the usual textural solutions, but popular 3d wallpapers for kitchen facilities.

When you select should be taken into account, that these types of photo wallpapers for the kitchen are made only with the use of water-resistant dyes for printing, characterized by a UV-curable.

wallpapers for the kitchen

Under these conditions the guaranteed continuous operation, color fastness and environmentally friendly wall decor.

Regarding the choice of pattern and color, today popular floral theme, Therefore, the bulk flowers on the wall underline good taste and follow the fashion trends.

finishing bamboo

Bamboo cover wall has a fabric basis, made in the form of stitched wallpaper, decorated with a picture. The convenient size of the rolls of the strip is placed on the wall both vertically, horizontally, experimenting with design. Humidity such wallpaper is not terrible, Cleaning only enough water. Especially appropriate bamboo, if the kitchen environment is executed in oriental style.

finishing bamboo
Natural materials are always in fashion

Kitchen desirable choose the fabric, treated silicone composition, warning absorption of odors.

unwanted options

This category may include the following types of finishing materials for walls:

  • Unacceptable paper wallpaper, even if they are treated with water-resistant impregnation. Rapid loss of appearance due to a tendency to burn, impossibility of cleaning. Besides, a finishing material absorbs smell of cooking;
  • Natural wallpaper based on plant fibers, cane should not be considered as an alternative because of their exposure to moisture and light absorbing odors surface;
  • acrylic version. When such pasting wallpaper kitchen wall plaque appears to them quickly, remove that is not always possible.

wallpaper in the kitchen

suitable shades

Considering options for the colors of the kitchen, The following points should be considered:

  1. The original and often unexpected result achieved by pasting texture color wallpapered walls, provides an interesting game of shadows.
  2. Interior color is selected from a range of eye-pleasing. Preference is desirable to give a beige, orange tone, yellow color and its shades. It is possible to use a combination of color and contrasting tones or close. The main thing - do not overdo it, that the kitchen does not tire the eyes.
  3. The red color in the kitchen helps trigger increased appetite, but it acts as an irritant excess, so the wall is better to issue in a calm tone, a red tone to provide for kitchen furniture.wallpaper in a modern kitchen
  4. Creating the kitchen in a modern style, selected shades of one color gamut, while allowing gluing several layers on each other to focus on zoning kitchen facilities. Impressive looks and interior, in which there is the main color on the walls and inclusions saturated or muted shades.
  5. Visually expand the long and narrow kitchen helps placement on opposite sides of the light and dark wallpaper (is chosen for greater lengths lighter shade).
  6. To smooth the "angularity" square the kitchen and make it a profitable focus, One way okleivayut saturated hue wallpaper.

Original wallpaper in the kitchen
The texture of the wallpaper can be completely different, choose to liking

Models with or without pattern?

As noted, the kitchen is equally relevant as the plain wallpaper, and variants patterned. The main thing - to choose the right decoration.

The collection of drawings is usually represented in the catalogs of manufacturers of wall decor. Looking through the possible solutions, should be aware of a number of recommendations:

  • If there is room in the kitchen low ceiling wallpaper with preference given traced stripes longitudinally. To achieve the maximum "lift" the ceiling surface helps the wallpaper with the narrowest pattern. For high ceilings used design with stripes in the transverse direction;
  • simple drawings in the form of small parts - the perfect solution for small kitchens;
  • If the room is spacious, bulk drawings on the Mural fill it with comfort and a little disguise excess space;
  • If desired stress continuity of the space and create a special atmosphere, You can stop the selection of the figure in the form of intersecting strips, ornament resembling Scottish kilt. Also, Wallpaper make kitchen space dynamic models at pasting of walls with diagonal lines, creating the illusion of movement.

As seen, selection of wallpaper in the kitchen is wide enough. When a thorough approach to the acquisition of a finishing material outcome necessarily meet the expectations and the kitchen will want to spend a maximum of free time.