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Design house: kitchen with a plastic window in the wall

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Interior design in the apartment each owner sees in his own way, and sometimes it is difficult to determine the choice of design, especially when it comes to not quite the usual areas, such as a kitchen with a view through the window. How exactly should issue such a design kitchen, in which zone should turn a place at the window, and how best to decorate the window itself, we'll talk with you today.

Design with one window

Kitchen with one window are quite common in conventional apartment buildings, especially since a large kitchen space in these homes have not. but, even one window opening still creates good lighting and some visual effect of spaciousness, even if not in such large numbers. That is why it is so important to allocate window, harmoniously fit it into the interior and allow him to let light into the vastness of the apartment.

Kitchen design with a single window requires increased illumination. To do this, you can decorate the window frame with a garland of lights around its perimeter. Should choose bright and colorful small bulb.

First, you need to consider, What will happen to the kitchen window is your idea, because this will depend on the overall design of zone. If you are going to put in the window work area with worktop, Think, what do you do with a radiator, if any there there, as well as pick up a form of drawers and shelves, that would be a good fit in this area.


A good option, which allows the kitchen with a working area by the window, is the placement of kitchen utensils parallel to the window frame on the wall. This is a fairly new and original version, which is present only in the interior design.

Interior with several windows in the middle

If options kitchen with a window in a number of fairly common, then two or three windows to find it harder, Although this plan looks a lot more impressive and allows you to use lighting efficiently, reducing the amount of artificial. but, to issue such a large screen is difficult, but the designers have some ideas for the kitchen with a window of this size:

  • I would like to advise not to touch the wide double windows in any decor and design. It suffices to choose a window frame in the desired color, under suitable rest of the interior width and texture, in order to achieve that you need to brevity and Minimalist, inherent in a truly stylish design.

  • Kitchen with high window always mean, that it will be difficult to hide from the eyes of the people, even if your apartment is at a high altitude. To solve this problem you will help Japanese blinds or roman blinds are small.

  • maybe, your two window openings are quite far from each other or are located on the corner of, then the area around each can be used for different purposes, put, for example, in one part of the sink, and the other let a dining table top. IN the window in the kitchen many different functions, so you can pick up and something different.

Multiple windows is quite fortunate for the room design, but difficult to repair, so think through your idea in advance.

The window in the area of ​​private recreation

Despite, it is a working kitchen and a rather important place in the whole house, seating and relaxation may be just a kitchen window. The apartment is sometimes not enough beds, which could be organized exclusively for relaxation after a hard for, and it is a kitchen with a large window in the floor can be a solution to this problem. In this area, you can organize a small bar table with drawers and a soft pouf, where we could relax, watching the view from the window.

If you can not boast a window opening in the floor, and besides, under the window frame you have is the battery heating system, you can set the bar, shelves for strong drinks, and one or two high chairs, which do not incur the removal of the batteries, but allow to rest, looking at the stars of glass.

Soft furnishings in the kitchen - a serious step. You will have to carry out daily cleaning material, for example, couch from dust and possible pieces of food. Therefore we advise you to buy a small dark leather chair, or other well-cleaning materials.

The angular space with a window

In some of the apartments found a rather unusual layout of the kitchen, when the window is in the corner of the room, like figuring on two different walls. Such interior kitchen with one window in the corner is always interesting to designers, since it is possible to create something extraordinary from such a plan, and most importantly it helps to visually expand the space. And here are a few variations of this design the kitchen area:

  • The most obvious idea is the location of the sink right in the corner. Kitchen furniture in the window is always much more advantageously used due to good lighting and a pleasant view onto the street, which can be enjoyed while working. Can be positioned near the working table top and a plate, that the entire work area is concentrated in one place.

  • Corner window can be an excellent seating and lunch break, if placed under the window not long sofa and small round table. The larger the aperture, the greater can be the size of a sofa and table.

  • As you know, most efficiently furnished room in the house have to be a kitchen. Direct window, that is why, It should be framed useful home furnishings, like kidney for cereals, drawers for spices and other important details.

We strongly recommend hang curtains or draperies corner windows, because they are not too large, and light level is important to us, they give.

Making radiators

In any room, where there is a window opening, even if this is the kitchen with a window, the room must be supplied with heat via heating. Radiators are always located just below the window, and often it becomes a problem of interior decoration.

To cope with this is not very difficult in the kitchen area, in fact enough to work directly on those elements of the interior, that you would like to see in place of batteries, making them special holes for ventilation. When cleaning, you can make them yourself, that many modern plates included a special grill.

and heating system can truly disguise, to harmonize the interior, concealing her work area drawer, or by making a separate broad extension, which can be issued under the recreation area. One option is to get rid of these batteries in favor of a warm floor, in order to make room for the kitchen view from the window and leaving room, for example, dining table.

Removal of heating systems and installing underfloor heating - a very complex and costly, not only in terms of money, but also for the work time, which must be performed before the pre-setting rest of the furniture.

Decor curtains windows, curtains or blinds, and its price

Without forgetting the important role of a kitchen in the apartment, with a window we have to work, issued it is equivalent to the rest of the design.

  • first, what you should pay attention to - the window frame. It is one of the main components of the window, and nowadays almost always made of plastic. Of course, Glazing - a very convenient object of modernity, but, If your kitchen interior is made in house, slightly vintage and peaceful motives, we advise you to pick up plastic, wood effect with the effect of antiquity.

Such an option would be perfectly combined with the set and other furniture, and will also allow you to save on the curtains or blinds.

  • If the style of your kitchen is more akin to a high-tech urban focus, then you can leave the white plastic, or else choose a monochromatic color, making a bright accent in one of the most interesting areas of the kitchen. Colour, of course, It is to choose one of those, that are already present in the design.

  • Pay close attention to costs and the cornice, if you do decide to hang curtains. Cornice must match colors or frames, or kitchen units, or, properly, curtains. With broad eaves, you can visually enlarge the space of the window area.

  • Your curtains or blinds should approach the color and theme of the picture under the rest of the interior of the kitchen. by the way, watch and length curtains, as located sink or kitchen table near the window in the operation certainly stain fabric. That is why preference is to pay blinds.

What to do with a small window between the kitchen and the bathroom?

Windows in kitchens are completely different, and we have already seen in this, but, if the kitchen with a window in the room or other room can still be defeated by any means, what to do with a small opening between the kitchen and the bathroom? In fact, the kitchen design with a small window can remain completely unchanged and holistic, if simply to close up disturbing window. It is not too difficult process, and received a "patch" from the kitchen can be hidden hanging cupboard for spices and cereals or shelf for utensils.

You can apply a less radical option, inserting instead of glass in the window opening interesting, suitable for any style of kitchen panels picture. On the part of the bathroom should be a different panel, to comply with the harmonious design.


If the window frame is completely clean, the opening can become a good niche for pots or jars, type mezzanine or embedded locker. If the opening is large enough, putting the fence it can be converted into a nice window sill on both sides, bathroom accessories and cookware.

We hope, Our article was interesting and informative for you. More useful stuff look at our website. Do not forget to leave in the comments your opinion, What do you think on the subject of Article.