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Black and orange colors in the design of a modern kitchen

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How I would say one of the most prominent painters, Black - king of colors. And why not use it in the kitchen design, adding orange shades in royal bedchamber? Version of a combination of colors in the interior of the kitchen - interesting and unusual, for today, course. This scale can seem to someone ridiculous, however, the result of mixing these two colors really charming.

Orange and black kitchen design
Orange and black kitchen design not suitable for every person

This design is gaining popularity among young people and lovers of minimalist style, skilful merger creates a palette of unique interior, rich and at the same time simple. opposites attract, is not it?

And the use of opposite colors becomes the favorite method of both professionals in the field of design, and fans "something unusual". This design takes as its basis the color orange, and the black acts as a background and add-ons.

orange color elements is represented by the working zone, utensils and accessories, while coal is intended to maintain the color and create a clear contrast. But do not think, that this shade plays a minor role, his inept use can disrupt the harmony of the whole room.

To avoid a fiasco in the regeneration of the inner sanctum, you must pay attention to two facts:

  1. Black color always brightens other colors. White on the background will look sterile, Our second favorite - vividly and incisively
  2. shades of the ratio is not equal. One of the colors should be in the lead, the second acts as a supplement to it. The right balance is considered 70% base to 30% complementary color

Orange is considered to be the color of the sun, so use it without the support of lighting, including natural, inexpedient. Choose the correct lighting system - is half the battle. Besides the central lighting, You can use decorative light in the working area, arranging it so, to drop down it along the light elements.

facades headset
kitchen design facades using headset: black bottom and top orange

During the design phase of the project design question: what will be the background? You've got to understand, that black is able to "crush" the space, squeezing it visually. In other words, for small kitchens only correct option - to choose as the basis of the color orange. If, however, preference is given to black, the kitchen is necessary to fill the orange color is denser. Laying floor tiles dark, necessary to create islands of ginger around the room, with which could be curtains for the kitchen or orange small appliances like Electric kettle orange.

On the basis of the black do not forget about the next:

  • This color is love of light - prepare bright lighting system
  • Place the color of area and tiered: dark pull the lower part, complementary color top, orange to black in a ratio of brightness add style
  • If you want to see the black color in the kitchen design, But do not think on the second color, Consider options for black and white kitchen

Dilution third color

Of course, dyad selected shades of bright contact itself, but do not reduce the entire interior to it. Must be diluted with a combination of point-like patches of a third color. Determined, What furniture will stand in your kitchen, think, on which you focused. An interesting solution would be hanging shelves above the dining area, in which the plates will be drawn up. Under the orange color, select white ware, and if you have an orange with a black kitchen countertop, the addition can be used in engineering, having bought orange kettle.

The combination of the three colors
The combination of the three colors: the black, silver and orange

From acceptable additions selected following:

  • White, shielding coal pitch and lightening orange
  • Dark shades of gray, they can be used in walls and curtain designs
  • Metallic gray instead
  • shades of red, as a concomitant color

Wall as an element of style

Search our furniture exclusively shades not necessarily, in fact add "sun" can be on the wall. The most logical option - vystelit zone apron red mosaic, on top of which will go to a number of shelves, and across the bottom - orange and black headset.

With the dominance of the night color is recommended to use on the walls of bright accessories, and orange curtains hang in the kitchen, in conjunction with the orange suite, such a composition will look attractive.

Also, do not forget about the small details, which are involved in the creation of a general mood of the room:

  1. Make all the switches and sockets red box
  2. Using a decentralized light, use bright LED strip
  3. Keep a bowl of transparent door, and make it very colorful
  4. Connect the orange and black in the art: toaster orange on a black countertop looks to the site

High-tech style
The combination of orange and black tech in the kitchen

A combination of black and orange came to the design of the hi-tech style, so that no smooth should not be in the interior, matt black kitchen, filled with smooth transitions, looks pretentious, boundaries should be clear.

Although amateurs to experiment and manage to use squiggly lines in the decoration of this kitchen. It seems, that the interior of the Orange kitchen with black curtains and wavy bottom looks ridiculous and violates the initial severity of colors.

leaving, extinguish holy

Again, black-and-orange kitchen requires a lot of light. However, orange brightness requires scattered light, so use black color can be as a reflector for lighting. Kitchen orange with black top with indirect light is the best solution for rooms with a lack of natural lighting.

another idea, expensive, It says about the use of technology with its integrated LEDs. This is an interesting option, which creates a point and soft lighting, however, installation and purchase of such equipment will cost a pretty penny.



let us say, that the combination of colors of the night and the sun - and charmingly unobtrusive, that is a clear advantage in the design of the kitchen. In addition, even the orange kitchen corner with their angularity will look soft and in small spaces. But the final choice of style - it is the reader's hands, and we hope, that our recommendations help you.