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Arch to the kitchen: stylish design with their own hands

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Changing the shape and size of doorways become one of the popular ways to dramatically change the appearance of premises. Very often such a solution is used in remodeling or refurbishing of small apartments. The absence of the front door and expanding the input opening in the vertical and the horizontal plane allows to expand the space visually most kitchen and adjoining corridor.

Arch in the kitchen
Originality of design doorway makes kitchen design more interesting

Making the passage of the arch-shaped arch gives room original appearance and smooths sharp corners, In addition such a design is universal and does not get tired over time. There are many embodiments in the same style of window openings, Organization of the dispensing window of the kitchen into the room or combination of kitchen space with a balcony.

Simplicity of design allows you to make the arch of the doorway, this will require a minimum number of low-cost building materials and tools.

By making the arch to the kitchen with his hands is not necessarily exactly stick to standard designs. You can give full play to imagination, displaying their own tastes and preferences, and get a result of a unique and attractive design.

Types of kitchen arches

Variety of options for the arch designs for kitchen design allows you to choose, able to meet the exacting taste and in harmony with any interior.

Classical arch
The classical form of the arch passed and will pass through all times

Depending on the overall design of the kitchen choose a form of arch doorway:

  1. classical, round shape. The upper part is a half-circle, diameter which is equal to the passage width.
  2. Oval or segmental. It has a smooth curve and is part of a circle, whose diameter exceeds the width of the passage.
  3. modern. Body of an ellipse.
  4. trapeze. The easiest option, wherein the top portion of the passageway equip chamfered corners.
  5. Portal. The rectangular shape corresponds to the standard doorway, but it may be different from the standard width and height.
  6. framuga. Arch part is filled with glass (One can use a mosaic or stained glass), and he retains the original passage of a rectangular shape.
  7. curly. Equipped rooms in a large area and can have a complex geometry. Often, these arches to the kitchen equipped with autonomous backlight, decorate decorative glass shelves, set the bar or other original way decorate.
  8. asymmetric. One side is a straight passage, second rounded. Such an embodiment is suitable for the passages with a small width.
  9. romantic style. Direct set is connected to the passageway walls by means of rounded corners.

Combining styles and shapes can be achieved by a truly unique and unrepeatable effect. At the same time, do not get too carried away and forget, that the arch is part of the interior and overly elaborate design may look ridiculous in combination with other architectural elements or pieces of furniture.

Making a decision to issue an arch in the kitchen and choosing its form necessarily important to take into account the views of all people residing. You can consider several options and jointly choose the design of arches, equally satisfying all tastes.

Arch in the style of Provence
Style opening should be combined with the overall style of the room

Is it worth it ...

Before, how to make such a drastic change in the appearance of the kitchen and the whole apartment, should evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of such a decision. Thus it is necessary to take into account the tastes and preferences of tenants, architectural features and dimensions of the room, as well as other factors. In favor of the arch to the kitchen installation the following arguments:

  • Even for a small kitchen area looks spacious and bright, In addition to the kitchen arch visually unites the room with balcony or loggia, hallway or living room.
  • The spacious private homes arches in the interior perform the opposite function, sharing the space into separate zones (in this case, conducting conventional boundary between the kitchen and the dining room or living room).
  • Increasing the width and height of the passageway increases comfort housing, furthermore facilitated transport situation marker elements and household appliances.
  • Design arches plasterboard and other materials of diversity, that allows to produce variant, in harmony with any interior.
  • Simple manufacturing and installation process, installation of arches made of plasterboard with their hands do not take a lot of time and does not require a tangible financial cost.
  • The kitchen does not belong to the category of premises, It requires special privacy, so the doorway without a door will not bring discomfort to people living.

However, the installation of arches made of plasterboard and other materials are not justified in all circumstances and in certain circumstances is not possible or can bring a number of inconveniences:

  • the kitchen door cut off the penetration of the other rooms noises and smells. When poorly organized ventilation of cooking odors will penetrate into the living room.
  • We do not recommend installation of construction with a ceiling height of less than 2,5 m, a doorway - 2 m. Installing arch doorway can make extremely low or narrow. In this case, the best would be a slight rounding of the corners of the doorway.

Bright kitchen with arch
The bright colors can not even see the outline of arch space

manufacturing processes

Make an arch with their hands can be from a variety of materials. used to make:

  • Brick.
  • Solid wood or wood blocks.
  • MDF.
  • Plastic.

but, due to the ease of processing, the possibility to create complex geometric shapes and affordable price, the most popular drywall. Another advantage of this material is the ability to bend the drywall in the home. To do this, the following methods are used:

  1. dry method. It is applied at a maximum bandwidth 20 cm. On one side of equidistant (1-2 cm) sharp knife cut through the cardboard covering and the layer of gypsum on half depth. Then you need to bend the drywall for arches, placing incisions in the part adjacent to the ceiling (in places slits are formed during bending and the sheet fissuring takes the desired shape).
  2. wet method. With the pinion on one side of gypsum board made small punctures, whereupon it is moistened periodically with a sponge over a half hours. The moistened sheet acquires plasticity and, laid on a prepared plywood or cardboard template, It takes its form. After drying over 12-15 hours sheet retains the shape imparted.

Depending on the selected design, the materials used and architectural features of the room arch with their hands made in several ways.

Arch brick
Brick naked - a certain style, it can be said not everyone loves him

Cutting arches in the wall

This method is suitable for the concrete piers are not load-bearing walls. Make the arch in such a way simply, However, the disadvantages of the process include its labor intensity and large amount of debris.

On the surface of the walls partitioning the circuit configuration desired future arch, after which excess concrete is cut using grinder. To reduce the amount of dust in the cutting process, can be pre-drilled hole puncher on the intended contour. The result is a completely finished construction, It remains only to decorate the arch decorative materials.

Classical arch made of plasterboard

To carry out the work will need one sheet of drywall wall thickness 9,5 mm and a sheet thickness drywall ceiling 12,5 size 2500 mm × 1250 mm. Still need a galvanized profile frame for manufacturing. Mounting arch plasterboard is performed in the following sequence:

  1. To begin to make a doorway without doors and architraves, in case of the need to expand the doorway and to clean the surface.
  2. Galvanized arched profile is cut to the desired length and using bystropodvesov installed in the upper part of the opening.
  3. On each side of the opening with screws fastened profile.
  4. Referring to the drawing of plasterboard sheets raskraivajut. Cut drywall can be a hacksaw or jigsaw.
  5. One of the ways described above ceiling folded sheet to the desired radius.
  6. Using screws drywall sheets attached to the profile, wherein the screw head must not protrude beyond the plane of the sheet.
  7. Sheathe the front and back of the arch.
  8. joint space paste serpyanku, set at angles perforated angle.
  9. A layer of putty is applied and after drying polished.

In the same way it is possible to make an arch of complex configuration plasterboard.

Classical arch made of plasterboard
Drywall is the easiest material for woody arches, it is possible to easily embed the lighting elements

Variants of wood

Working with wood requires certain skills, so the manufacture of wooden elements recommended in order specialized companies according to the required size. In this case, the finished door arch is arranged in the same, as well as usual door frame.

Another option of manufacturing the arch with their hands from a tree - assembled structure of the sawn pattern bars. When this preform can be made independently, and they are bonded together by means of adhesive.


Decorate arch in the doorway can be such materials:

  • ceramic tiles, mosaic.
  • Painted or pokleit wallpaper on the arches.
  • decorative brick (while taking into account the weight of the material).
  • install mirrors.
  • Hollow doors arch made of plasterboard provide the ability to install recessed luminaires.
  • Bas-reliefs and other moldings can be made from plaster with your hands.

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