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What to choose for the interior in the kitchen 10 m

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Kitchen with an area 10 sq m is hardly small, but problems with the design and planning occurs over. Multi-storey buildings with standard layout leaves little opportunity to make a kitchen interior 10 square meters of such, as you want. This applies to the size and location of kitchen units, Furniture and household appliances.

design kitchens 10 m2
Thanks to an impressive area you will be able to realize almost any design

To make the kitchen design 10 sq m usable and original for little money, continue reading this article, which will be very useful to you.

Re-planning of premises

plan kitchen depends on the structure of the house, mostly rectangular or square rooms, which can be reprogrammed if necessary to more convenient and functional.

design kitchens 10 square meters

Before, begins remodeling, definitely need to know, What you want to see the final result of the kitchen:

  1. Combined with a loggia.
  2. Studio with the demolished wall.
  3. With doors, carried over to the other side of the wall or door-coupe.

When the idea of ​​re-planning, consider the total squaring, and the number of people, who live in the house. If the apartment studio, and live in it 3 man, I venture to combine the kitchen and living room is better to leave.

Council: rebuilding the wall, be sure to set some column or arch, which will support the building structure, and will reduce the load on the walls.

kitchen interier 10 square meters

We combine the kitchen with a loggia

Some people think, the balcony in the kitchen - this is a misunderstanding, but this option can only play into the hands, and significantly expand the space at the expense of a few square meters.

First thing, planning the design of the kitchen 10 m, place on the balcony lockers, where the products are stored and rarely used items - this is important, because so space is not converted into a warehouse, and accurate full space. Select a small furniture, which did not take place. Pick these chairs and table, which are often found in outdoor cafes or terraces.

kitchen, combined with balcony

Council: dismantling the window opening, make sure that, to the special column or arch were installed, it is best to cope with this issue Architect. In this way, food 10 meters will be planned correctly.

Another option cuisine combined with a loggia is a bar, where it is possible to arrange a modest gatherings with friends, or together in a romantic setting, while sipping wine or tea and enjoying the city views from the windows.

Kitchen Studio

Modern kitchen design - a rescheduling of two rooms, who are near, basically, this is the kitchen with living room - studio. This type of redevelopment came to us from Europe, and now enjoys great popularity in our country. These stylish kitchen perfect for a young couple or a single person living.

kitchen studio project is possible in such styles:

  • Modern and high-tech;
  • Classic England or France;
  • Minimalism, other.

Kitchen Studio
These stylish kitchen perfect for a young couple or a single person living

Council: reschedule only the kitchen, which is rectangular in shape. In the square walls of the kitchen at this type will not work, So, it is impossible to correctly and functionally to put furniture and equipment.

We transfer the door to the narrow walls of the wide

This type of rearrangement is often used in the case, when conceived design corner kitchen 10 sq.m. Because of, that the door is located in the wrong place, corner kitchen is not put out, therefore, only a rectangular furniture put in the room.

To take as much space, you must move the door to a wider wall, and thus can plan kitchen 10 meters with a fridge, not transferring him to another room or corridor, and not taking away from the rest of the furniture.

Council: to the kitchen more space, doors in the interior is made in the form of vertical blinds, or opening in different directions-door coupe.

Design and interior cuisine 10 square meters

interior styles

Design square cuisine 10 sq m can be made in different styles, this also applies to rectangular. On this quadrature can put large furniture and necessary appliances. Among the major fashion trends in kitchen interior use direction:

  1. modern.
  2. historic.
  3. rustic.

current trend

This style differs from others, that it is more functional, concise and executed in different colors.

Kitchen-style hi-tech
The kitchen in high-tech style - ideal for those, who love restrained tone

Council: if your idea corner kitchen 10 sq.m in a style, here are ideal for headsets and sofa with rounded forms.

  • It looks great interior square cuisine in New Wave. Unexpected colors and slightly curved corners furniture sets make the room an original and bright. Add an interesting touch to this interior help ceiling in two levels with LED lights. Pick furniture blue, olive, raspberry and peach color with white tops - it succinctly fit into this version of the interior.
  • Hi-tech - the strict style, which has a low-key colors. Among the basic shades: gray metallic color and black-and-silver. Decor quickly remembered by eccentricity and technology;
  • ethnic spirit may be present in minimalism. So, for example, it is worth noting kitchen design 10 meter sofa bright colors, zebra stripes, leopard print and other colors. Also interesting is Japanese design in white and pink colors with cherry decor;

Council: divide the kitchen into two zones - a dining and working, and set the woven bamboo or partition therebetween, appropriate to the style.

Modern kitchen design ideas different, and may depend on the preferences of the owners or the selected style. the main thing, nothing are mixed, stand furniture and design as a whole, then the idea comes out amazing.

Historical interior style

Recently, historical styles in interior design are popular, they are transferred to a different era and give a sense of lightness and tranquility. Among these styles is isolated:

The kitchen in the old style
Historic design is ideal for those, who appreciate brevity and restraint

  • Baroque. This style is ideal for small spaces. The combination of bright colors and light texture makes the space visually larger and brighter. If the decor help with gold-plated elements on the chandeliers, sconces and mirrors, room becomes a festive and elegant;
  • kitchen design project can be carried out in the classic version, arrange a corner suite and sofa. Strict classical lines with natural materials and subdued colors create a kitchen presentable and expensive form;
  • French cafe. This style allows you to divide the room into two zones: dining and working. As a septum therebetween serve bar with high chairs, or islet.

Council: Do not overload the kitchen decor, a pair of bright and stylish fixtures, antique clocks or lamps, antique - it all, what do you need.

beautiful kitchen design

Country style interior

In a room with a small quadrature country style with ethnic elements or simply flawless. The originality of this style gives furniture and original features. The wall of the working area of ​​white brick, a small table on the center of the room, primitive furniture and decor is not flashy - that, which corresponds to this style, Besides, this option is available to anyone who wants to design.

Square kitchen in rustic style make in two rows, One working surface and appliances, on the other - cabinets for kitchen utensils.

Council: so the kitchen was spacious, order furniture to fit their square footage, experts good use of every free corner of the room.

Kitchen with a small quadrature performed in any your desired option, and each of them will make your room comfortable and attractive. You can do it with his own hands armed with their own imagination, or seek expert help.


We hope, Our article has helped you solve a problem with the kitchen layout and choice of styles.