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3 functional types of islands to compact and roomy kitchens

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An island in the kitchen - a multipurpose table, which is located in the middle of the room, making it possible to work on both sides. The table tops can be placed sink area, plate, microwave and other kitchen appliances. Islet used as an additional working surface, helps to save space without loss of function kitchen.

To illustrate based on the photo of the island in the kitchen.

Benefits island installation: increase functionality and to create a modern style

An island in the kitchen to help cope with the following tasks:

  • to create a modern kitchen design,
  • combine work surface and kitchen table,
  • opportunity to prepare facing the guests and members of the household,
  • combine a plurality of cooking zones in one portion.

types islands: small work surfaces, bar counters, islands Wet, stove, oven, household appliances

Dimensions and islets functions are different depending on the needs of customers and the size of the kitchen. All islands can be divided into the following types of destination:

  1. Working surface - looks like an ordinary kitchen cabinet, but not necessarily installed near the wall. Feature tables in the, that it is equally suitable for use with any party. Often, these islands have wheels, due to which it is convenient to move.
  2. An island with a sink - the size of a stone on average more than the previous one and is no less, 150 × 80 cm. Island will combine the built-in sink and work surface.
  3. Island with stove.
  4. Island with built-in oven and hob.
  5. An island with a built-in dishwasher.
  6. An island with a built-in microwave, mini fridge, a grill, etc..
  7. Island bar - cabinet, the surface of which is equipped, like the bar. Bailiffs to the island bar stools, You can use it as a kitchen table.
  8. Multifunctional island - building can combine the work surface and all of the above functions or only part of the functions on the choice of the buyer. If the kitchen is spacious enough, in the multi-island, you can combine all the missing appliances.

Island in the kitchen, combined with living in private houses and apartments-studios

Rare kitchens in private homes and apartments, studios do without islet. An island in the kitchen, combined with living room, usually, It divides the large room into two conditional areas.

The variety is marketed islands allows you to choose the product, It fits perfectly into the room design. Besides, Many manufacturers have ready sets of kitchen units with islands in different interior styles.

An island in a small kitchen gated gated kitchen (size from 10 – 14 quarter. m.)

If a large kitchen with an island always look nice and modern, when selecting furniture for small spaces should be guided not only the functionality and beauty products, but also their size. In the kitchen area to 12 square meters is better to do only kitchen tables near the wall, that there is free space for the passage and convenient cooking.

The slightly larger floor space can install a small island-worktop or even an island with a sink or stove. But multi-island in the flats with the standard layout is rarely successful post.

Small kitchen L-shaped layout

The L-shaped kitchen differ, that the kitchen to put them in both sides of the wall. Such planning can be placed diagonally island, forming a triangle, or the middle of the kitchen. Islets in the kitchen such a shape necessary for formation of an additional working surface, especially if the family can cook two or more people at the same time.

Provided a small area can not be established and the island, and a table in the kitchen, so you should buy immediately island with breakfast bar. The minimum size of such products - 80 on 60 refer to a single rack. For comfortable setting of the island must be, kitchen to the width equal to the minimum 300 cm. At the same time preparing a person should be easy to open all the cupboards and to miss with another person if necessary.

Despite, that lay with the island looks very modern, it is not necessary to sacrifice comfort or too much clutter of furniture small room.

The large U-shaped kitchen

U-shaped kitchen is usually set at a large area of ​​the room. Disposition characterized, that near 3 of 4 the walls of the room is a kitchen. At the same table for the kitchen island set in the middle of the room. An island with such planning must necessarily have the bar, to the kitchen was a place for eating.

A very topical issue today: Island or set the table in the kitchen? Definitely island looks modern and is more functional, than ordinary table. On the surface of the island can be a sink and cooker, and additionally in the product can be built appliances.

But, in the case of small kitchens, at the table, too, has its advantages - size. The islets are often more cumbersome, than a table and a kitchenette. The optimum width of the U-shaped kitchen to install a small island - at least 360 cm. If the dimensions of the room does not allow you to install an island without sacrificing convenience, you can buy the peninsula - the product, which on one hand can be put to the available cooking the pedestals.

Photo design kitchens with an island in the style of Provence, minimalism, Classic-style white kitchen

Consider different designs kitchens with islands:

  • Style "Provence".

  • Minimalism.

  • Classic style.

  • white kitchen.

There are other variants of the kitchen design with island and table. Large assortment headset from many domestic and foreign producers provides an opportunity not to limit your imagination.