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Choosing tile for the kitchen floor: 2 indicator, to which we should pay attention

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Arriving at the hardware store or a big market you will find a lot of material, which are offered for the walls and floor of the apartment. But if they wanted to finish the floor for some beautiful rooms of our house or apartment have to choose such a coating material and, which primarily will be practical and reliable. First of all we are talking about the kitchen, room, which for the house is of particular importance and is visited much more frequently than others. Taking into account this factor in the interior of this room should be thought through in advance, to choose the right tile for the kitchen other materials, required to carry out repairs.

Tiles on the kitchen floor
Floor tiles should be of high quality

It is important to understand, that in order to achieve an effective repair does not require any special knowledge and tools, almost every element of this puzzle is present in most people. The quality of materials above the current, than previously and, therefore, the final result will come out much higher quality. But there is one fact of which can not escape - to select a tile on the floor in the kitchen you need to properly and since, so you do not regret. Let's see, how to choose tiles for the kitchen on the floor.

tile kitchen floor

The positive qualities of floor tiles

People, that decide to make the kitchen attractive and set the goal, and laying floor tile is one of the first tasks, which should fulfill, for walls and components other rooms need to take then. Note, that the floor tile is the most perfect coating, since it does not pass through the moisture and easy to clean with detergents. Tile has a peculiar only to her qualities, that the operation shows a high level of.

For example, floor tile is capable of withstanding hot steam or detergent, while, wallpaper, even washable in a few years will begin to flake off from the wall and slezut.

Tiles must be durable
Tiles must be durable

In this case, in order, to sexual tiles remained the same, as it was the original do not have to put a lot of effort - this floor material is easy to keep clean, It does not absorb dirt and even the most corrosive substance will be able to wash away. However, the use of abrasive detergents with no hands, as they may leave scratches on the smooth surface.

In addition, the kitchen regularly carry dishes and sharp objects, however Dressing materials must possess high strength, to endure the hardships of life on the kitchen floor. therefore Floor tiles white It is uncompromising material for this business. But before, how to choose tiles for the kitchen floor note, the tile must have the following characteristic parameters:

  1. The strength of the upper layer, It must withstand the shocks and cuts;
  2. resistance of the surface, to resist bullies and daily use.

tile kitchen floor


Considering that, what floor tiles for the kitchen and has unique inherent characteristics for it to determine visually the strength of these elements is difficult. therefore, when selected for the floor tiles in the kitchen in the first place, pay attention to the information contained in the information box with tiles. It describes the performance properties of the goods, and other useful information for you. To tile for the kitchen on the floor to select the right before, how to go shopping, it is desirable to see the average parameters of tiles. After reading this information, you then do not blundered in the store and pick up suitable materials.

Tiles must be strong
We have the strength 5 classes

Analyzing this classification, you will learn, that the tile is classified according to the system set out below. There are five such classes:

  • The first - a thin tiles for walls, not used for the floor;
  • Second - ceramic tiles for the kitchen on the floor, It is used in bathtubs or smokers, where barefoot and living people walk;
  • Third - this type is suitable for use in each room, except guest rooms;
  • Fourth - a floor tile is suitable for use in each room, suitable for indoor and, in which people are constantly present;
  • Fifth - the material of this type is used in buildings, which are regularly visited by people and are anadromous. When used in such rooms the tiles easier, it will quickly deteriorate.

Using the above information we can say, that the floor tiles to treat 3 class and above, and the quality in this case depends on the value.

Floor tiles in the kitchen

Resistance to household chemicals

worth knowing, that the tiles on the floor in the kitchen must have also such an important quality, as the resistance to household chemicals, which you will wash the floor in the future. Note, that in most cases washing detergents used cheap, which can harm the surface of the floor, and it may already be a problem.

Simply put, the tiles on the floor in the kitchen spoil, if the wash, that falls under the arm. Therefore, in advance, before taking some looks nice option read the information described on the box. There, there, and the place, which indicates resistance to chemicals. The most resistant are materials, signs marked A and AA.

Cleaning tile on kitchen floor
Cleaning does not kill the tiles quickly, if quality

security question

Floor tiles for the kitchen in the interior in addition to the other qualities have to be still and safe. And this quality is every bit as important to everyday life, some consider this moment the most important. It turns out, that put the tiles on the floor so you need to, that on it was not slippery travel. If you understand this, we will see, that there are four main categories of security, which we present in this list:

  • Minimum - here the friction level is determined in 0.8;
  • Medium - friction 0.4;
  • Dangerous level - 0.2;
  • An extremely dangerous level of danger - 0.1.

tile the color of the wood

When selecting floor tiles in the interior of this factor can not be discounted, because it is really important.

the right size

When you select a note, that the floor tile size matter, large format tile laying easier and faster, than fine.

In addition, the tiles of small format has a higher price, that virtually everyone is a defining concept in choosing. But looking at the problem from a different point of view, the designers say, that the small size of the tile floor makes the elegant and beautiful.

Floor tiles
In the combined embodiment is different tile size

However, it is desirable to make a choice in the professional shop, to explore the whole range of products offered. In addition, trained counselors will help to understand the choice of faster. While the market will try to sell you, horrible.

important points

Before you put the tiles on the kitchen floor it is important to pay attention also to features, set out in the list:

  • First of all talk about the wear resistance and hardness. It is also important to, that then was simply to cut tile;
  • Security. This is an important factor related to the daily use, and this property is provided roughness - at the expense of the feet do not slip on the floor, and the dirt can not be forgotten;
  • Fortress, This factor is an extension of longevity, starting from the choice of tiles do get faster. Determine tile castle can be also on the severity of the material. In addition, heavy tiles on the floor dries longer, it is not necessary to forget;gray tiles in the kitchen
  • Important factor and colors, because the, what color you will be floor or wall affects the choice of the interior as a whole. This factor depends on the private person's wishes, only need to keep in mind, dirt and grease on surfaces much light will be visible immediately and will be evident;
  • actual size. When you select a tile, then pay attention to the dimensions stated on the box. Take a ruler and check whether they match the dimensions on the fact;
  • The manufacturer. Everyone wants to save money, but it is not cheap, since low-quality material and then play a cruel joke. But anyhow, and take that three is not worth the price;beautiful tile kitchen floor
  • By purchasing take care of proper stock, so that in case of what not to run and do not look for the same version, to report the missing square footage. Note also that, even buying exactly estimated force majeure occur during operation, and no one is safe from accidental errors.

Catching choice tiles consider, that you need to pick up the right, otherwise it will create the desired warmth and comfort in the room. Laying tile is not the year, but for decades, so do not hesitate to ask questions and consultants in appropriate fora on the Internet.