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Choosing tile for the kitchen: 5 the positive aspects of the material

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Everyone, who has ever worked knows repairs, you need to select materials for the kitchen, which will not only visually pleasing, but also functional. After all, you have to use this room every day, floor material must withstand regular wash and a constant high level of humidity. known, that under these requirements is suitable tiles for the kitchen, This variant is suitable both for operation, and price.

Tiles in the kitchen
Tiles in the kitchen can be in the work area and on the floor

Thus consider, tiles in the kitchen is placed not only on the wall, but sex. Separately laid and the surface of the apron near the work areas in the kitchen. Some also make a concrete countertop and spread on top of tiles, then it depends on the individual wishes of the owner.

Types of offered tiles

Kitchen Tile It is a natural material, which is based on a mixture of sand and clay. From the natural point of view, it does not carry the danger to people and is suitable for wall coverings and other coverings. If you are in doubt with the choice, the note, laying tiles that is most suitable for this, other material with similar properties not found.

Tiles in the kitchen
Tile is very good material for kitchen design

Positive and negative aspects

The tile floor in the kitchen has gained popularity because the current, that possesses these characteristics:

  1. Resistance to moisture and the ability to retain fluid is not flowing through. Because of this tile does not rot and does not change the appearance;
  2. Dirt and odors are not absorbed;
  3. synthetic chemistry, Use for cleaning do not harm;
  4. Apron, Laid plate protects the wall from the pair;
  5. A tile is easy to follow - it is washed with pure water, used detergents.

tiles in the kitchen

It is important to say, the tile with a picture for the kitchen is also due to shortcomings, at what some of them are easy to nullify. For example, many people are afraid to put the tiles on the floor due to the fact, This material is cold and do not walk on it comfortably. But that this was not just need to put a tile on the floor on top of floor heating or any other heating system.

After this release is still negative - if a tile drop something heavy or sharp cleavage remains or scratch. This can be avoided by purchasing the tiles, film-coated, but such a pleasure not everyone can afford.

Tile coating film
Tile coating film dorogovata, but very high quality

The proposed finishes

Going into the pro shop you will find, that the ceramic tiles in the interior is sold whole collections. A difference between these:

  • Facing tiles for kitchen is classified by the physical nature: roughness, strength, shock resistance;
  • Classic tile for walls due to lesser thickness, what options for sex;
  • Glazed tile floor tile. This embodiment is coated on one side of the glass layer, which gives the outer surface of clarity and gloss. For this smooth surface is easier to care;
  • The classic version. This floor tile decor is not equipped with a layer of glass, but from this does not become less strong. This embodiment is not as smooth, therefore well suited for flooring.

tiles in the kitchen

Besides, important parameters have external: dimensions, color and pattern. There is another way, by which it is convenient to choose a tile floor: icon on the packaging. If the box is painted hand, then this option is ideal, to put the tile on the wall. Accordingly legs image means, that this option for the floor, and if the picture is painted, this model is characterized by a high resistance.

Kitchen tiles in the decoration
Choose quality materials based on the object of his appointment

Making the choice of tiles

To choose and stick tile is pre-selected for quality and reliability, otherwise, then the operation you will have problems. In addition, it is important to, to selected materials combined with a solid interior. We single out the main points, related to the choice of materials:

  • To properly replace floor tiles first of all pay attention to the samples, the surface is flat and smooth, without cracks and chips;
  • When you purchase should pick up the tiles in the kitchen of a single party;
  • In terms of pricing policy affairs situation is ambiguous - is a good option can really do is cheap. On the other hand, laying tile on the floor of this type can be difficult;tile flooring in the kitchen
  • Considering that, that the tiles do not get put without cutting, to follow, to tile enough with a stock. Otherwise, then look for the same party will be problematic;
  • If you are going to do an apron, then to the surface, do not select a tile with a rough surface, it is difficult to clean;
  • When laying tiles on the floor on the diagonal one tone, the dirty and greasy stains will be well marked on it, chipped and impact sites. If you the option of a daily cleaning is not to their liking, it is desirable not to make one-color tiles;
  • To the layout of tiles on the floor failed, choose tiles from the famous producers. In this regard, countries are leading manufacturers of Italy and Spain, although it will have to pay for this design a lot of money.

Kitchen Italian tile
Italian manufacturers are renowned for their quality and range

Acquiring tile patterned edge portions, which would have cut off the reserve duplicate.

Decorating kitchen tiles

Advance before, embarking on a tile lining the walls take the time and make the layout.

Often, large stores offer this service for free, if you buy goods from them. First, choose the right material and the collection, and then offers to see, these models will look like, if you decide to put these options on the wall and on the floor. If you decide to neglect the services of designers and plan to make repairs yourself, then starting to work, consider these important points:

  • Small tiles look good on the wall and visually increases the surface, the greater decreases;
  • If you have decided to impose a tiled floor and, and rock, these two coatings are required to be combined with each other. it's desirable, to tiles bought from the same collection;
  • If you want to use a bright tiles, then try not to go too far with this, this should be in moderation. If you are interested in monochrome version, then choose a single tile range with a small pattern. Note, that bright decor quickly bored;
  • For small spaces strict rules - not to lay diamonds, otherwise the room will be visually more less;beautiful tiles in the kitchen
  • When the decision to put an apron not forget, that for him the tiles need not necessarily be uniform in color with the rest of the walls. To create a beautiful decor make the apron of the same color, as well as of furniture in the room;
  • Mural or stencil for the apron is not the best solution, because too many seams make work on a regular cleaning. But if you really want to highlight the apron, then take on arms artistic images, not mosaic.

Generally, it is important to choose a tile, which would not go beyond the general interior, but otherwise it is an individual matter.


summing up

Choosing tile for tile important, the end result made it possible to comfortably spend time and train here. Each function room must be at hand, here should be comfortable. In addition, the colorful space will cheer up one of its kind, so try to make repair qualitatively.