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Making the apron for the kitchen with his hands: basic techniques and modern design options

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Properly organized kitchen space has functionality and convenience. The choice of finishing materials, furniture and stylistic solutions reflected in the comfort of staying in the room. It is important to maintain a rational and thoughtful approach to the design of, paying close attention to every detail.

Kitchen set
In kitchen with an apron of the same color looks perfect with a chandelier

Working kitchen area allows you to perform important household tasks, therefore must comply with the maximum level of pollution load. The space between the upper and lower cabinets headset is called the apron.

The surface finish of the kitchen apron should be distinguished heat resistance, resistant to moisture and the possibility of easy cleaning. Today we learn, how to make Kitchen Apron their own hands.

Types of kitchen aprons

Kitchen Apron

Make an apron with his hands affordable and doable task. Due to the functional surface, perhaps to emphasize the individuality of the interior and embody original design ideas. Modern materials allow you to create different versions of kitchen aprons:

  • ceramic tile finish;
  • tabernacle;
  • mosaic apron;
  • coating glass;
  • plastic versions;
  • metal surfaces.

stylistic apron for the kitchen

Ceramic tiles - traditional option decor

A common material for the design of the apron is a ceramic tile. Decorative features and practicality of ceramics enables you to create high-quality facing surface of the stove, or washing. Aprons kitchen tiles environmental and safety, different heat resistance. variations forms, textures and colors are full of variety.

Apron for the kitchen ceramic tile is easy to operate, resistant to chemical and mechanical cleaning. splashes of water, hot fat, the couple did not have a negative impact on the surface. Time spent on styling and complexity of the process is completely compensated with the result.

beautiful apron
Very attractive option patterned seashells

Ceramic tile for kitchen under a brick in the interior will bring warm natural textures, will create a homely atmosphere. Some surfaces are difficult to clean and require additional processing to produce acrylic paint, or varnish. Tile under a brick apron for the kitchen harmoniously fit into the interior of modern style, country, loft.

Features stacking and milestones with their hands on the device of the apron of the ceramic tiles and decorative bricks

Installation work tiling will require accurate calculations, availability of the necessary tools and surface preparation. Previously painted wall oshkurivaetsya using large sandpaper. Communication tubes are covered with a film, or paper, avoid contact with their solution.

Installing wooden beams necessary for the creation of a number of lower support. Stack apron for the kitchen ceramic tile should be reduced. Paving the complete series, you can proceed to the next. Cement mortar dries, therefore apply only where the masonry. The optimal layer thickness - 6mm. After drying, the surface is performed grouting.

by contrast, the kitchen apron

Laying decorative tiles under brick on the finishing stage comprises applying a special solution for grouting. Excess amount carefully removed with a damp cloth, or sponge. Sometimes applied ceramic tile on OSB, that enables easy dismantling of the surface to change the interior design solutions.

It is important to choose the right face brick, quality of which provide further resistance to the effects of surface. Large pores of the material exposed to strong dirt and difficult to clean, due to which the surface will lose attractive appearance. Decorative masonry brick allows you to create original texture transitions.

Apron of flowers
Apron from original colors for the kitchen

The luxurious design of the apron of the mosaic

Mosaic surface looks spectacular and original. A unique pattern is achieved by a special method of laying. This type of finishing is the apron for kitchen tiles of small dimensions. Surface characteristics are similar in properties to the conventional one, resistant to thermal and mechanical stress.

Independently difficult to manufacture mosaic surface. Create content can be applied Tile of Bulgarians, their own hands by setting the size and shape of the tiles. Tiled kitchen apron of tile requires the preparation of a flat surface. Smaller elements are repeated during laying plane wall, therefore, the result depends on the quality and performance of finishing styling.

Apron for the kitchen with a picture

Properly selected composition grouts ceramic tile in the mosaic apron will ensure a smooth and level surface for a comfortable and durable operation. instead of ceramics, glass, You can arrange an apron of the disks in the kitchen with his hands. The resulting mosaic finish is interesting with an individual pattern.

The original versions of the apron of the MDF decorative panels, plasty, beautiful laminate

Decorative panels made of plastic, MDF, or an affordable cost materials and easy installation, no special skills required. Laying on the tile adhesive, or Mount using staples, screws, will quickly and securely attach the frame to the kitchen apron. Color solution can pick up the tone Headset, or create a vivid contrast.

Apron for the kitchen under the laminate

The disadvantages of panel surfaces acts to mechanical instability, temperature influences. Improper care can cause scratches. Installation of panels will require careful preparation of the wall surface. The plane should be flat, ensuring correct seating of the fabric.

MDF furnish Option allocated many advantages, among which note:

  1. Hygienic and affordable price.
  2. The panels are durable, different biostability.
  3. The practicality of the surface is a simple installation and convenient operation.
  4. Wanting to create a uniform texture and color of the work surface, available to choose an option similar to the suite, or counter top.

Furniture light
Furniture with bright green skinali - the original lightweight solution

Apparatus panel apron

install metal, glass, or 3D wall panels made from plaster with your hands, you can only after accurate measurements. Field of the apron is determined after installing kitchen units. Available perform easy division into zones, slightly extending the area covered by a hood at the stove.

Finishing material is recommended in order specialist workshop, where masters perform cutting and edge grout for a snug fit parts. Available to make the modular pattern with his own hands, which acted as an exclusive apron background glass.

Apron for the kitchen with a picture

Rapid assembly is achieved by using liquid nails, on which are mounted panels. This type of attachment does not require pre-alignment. MDF panels are also installed on the frame, with special brackets. Figured plinth complete surface finish, securely hide internal mounting.

Impressive finish apron made of glass

Gourmet kitchen apron can be made of glass with their hands. Modern impact resistant material, resistant to chemical and thermal influences. Variations of textures allow to choose a suitable texture, Colour, or put the image. Individual design surface design is achieved through the use of photo printing technology. Realistic 3D prints will perform original features.

Furniture with an apron
Apron in the kitchen surrounded by greenery with beautiful furniture

Manufacturing will require to perform accurate measurements of the field finishing, given the location of furniture and sockets. The use of glue is possible only with a perfectly flat surface. Installation with screw fasteners do not require alignment of the base and allow securely glass. Installation material is performed after pasting photowall.

Glass cloth has reflective properties, creating an additional visual effect space.

Secrets of the kitchen apron design: Master Class

Modern materials offer a wide range of variants of the working surface of execution. Applying professional advice available to create an original design and exclusive interior. Color solution of the apron corresponds to the general tone of finishing in the case of neutral shades, or at design walls in other colors.

Apron for the kitchen made of glass with a pattern of flowers

Selecting the color of the working surface can be identical with the tone Headset. The optimum combination of act:

  • white kitchen apron and bright finish;
  • pastels general harmony with the decoration contrasting colors working zone (countertop and apron);
  • kitchen in blue, or orange tone naturally looks to the apron of gray, permissible use of warm coffee, cream, beige colors;
  • contrast green and light green colors perform white, cream, or beige tone.

apron for a working kitchen area

glass, SLR, or metal products are appropriate in the interiors of modern styles. Proper and systematic care for whimsical surfaces provide an attractive and stylish kitchen view. Brick tiles in the kitchen is easy to care and are organically combined with traditional stylistic solutions.


Make an apron with his hands possible with basic experience in carrying out repair and finishing works. Choosing a kitchen apron in the first place depends on the overall stylistic interior solutions. It is important to take into account the level of operating room. The regular working surface can orchestrate decorativeness and practicality, ensuring complete comfort and functionality of the space.