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Arch as an element of decor and zoning kitchen facilities

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Once the decision to combine the living room and kitchen made, You can think about, how to visually distinguish between two zones. Again install the partition - the wrong option, because the construction will take the necessary square footage. The most optimal way to visually distinguish between two functional areas, According to the designer, - the arch between the kitchen and living room. This design is easy to fit into the interior, suitable for any design ideas, as well as serve as a substitute for doors.

Kitchen arch
Arch in the same style with the room - the original design course


Make the arch in the doorway not difficult, especially, if they will be engaged in a professional, but to determine the appropriate stylistic trend will not be easy.

so, Designers offer two types of arches between the kitchen and living room. it:

  • in style - simplified (minimalism, classic, hi-tech), decorated (with numerous decorative elements, patterns);
  • to size (extensive, narrow);
  • depending on the form (symmetric, rounded, assimetričnye).

With regard to simple arches, the active variant is used as zoning member, so many people do not resort to overly artsy design. the, who love luxury and splendor, you can use mounts in the form of decorative elements.

Interior arch made of plasterboard, which is ideal for this purpose.

It is worth saying, that the structure carries not only dividing function, arched openings perfectly conceal construction flaws (ceiling beam, for example). Besides, this design can be used as an excellent choice for the installation of shelves, niches, which are various decorative elements.

Relevant today and interior arch made of plasterboard with backlight. This design will perfectly fit the interior of the apartment and two further illuminate the room.

Arch made of plasterboard with backlight
Opening backlit serve in some cases, additional lighting

Which arch to enter the kitchen to choose?

to determine, which arches in the doorway should be, should think about the style of the interior apartments. It affects not only the proper demarcation of the two functional areas, but the consummation of design ideas. Another thing, if it is decided to make the arch to the kitchen instead of the door. In this case, a completely different view of the structure.

In a situation, When the arch is done instead of the door, often used the classic design, which is executed in the form of a semicircle. These arches are used in the apartments of modern type.

With regard to the studio apartments, in this case the scope for design ideas is much more diverse.

For example, Arch in the "modern" style, ideal for the interior of the apartment. This design has a large size and is often used for the passage from the kitchen to the living room. These arches are not "eat up space" visually and do not constitute an obstacle to the free movement of the apartment.

The design in the "modern" style is used as a visual delimiter between the living room and kitchen. These arches are divided into two types:

  • in the first case the corner of the form structure;
  • Second - there are no corners.

Another view of the arch, which is used for the passage from the kitchen to living room, - "Romance". This type of construction is used for large openings. The sides of these arcs Direct, and the upper - forms a semicircle. This option will fit into any decor. This model is made of different materials and decorated according to the preferences of the owner of apartment.

If we talk about the passage from the kitchen to the hallway, the arched doorway to avoid the monotony of everyday life and environment. This decision carries over a lot of positive sides. Especially, this applies to housewives, whose children. When the arch their parents have an opportunity to follow the child, in another room. Besides, similar design fits into any interior and complements any design idea.

It is worth saying, that the interior arch of his hands looks none the worse, than professional.

Arch Art Nouveau
Even the most complex arch can be made with your own hands

self construction: Step-by-step instruction

On plasterboard today - the hottest materials for finishing. Using this material makes the partition, ceilings and arches. About tom, how to make an arch made of plasterboard with their hands, we now tell.

To begin expanding aperture, which will be built arch design. This is done, that the future arch eventually visually did not reduce its height. Once the work is done, dust from the surface carefully removed, dirt and plaster.

The next step - the side panels. That they do, measured via meters width of the opening. From the data obtained calculate the desired radius.

Then, the sheet is taken plasterboard. At the ends of cord yarn, equal to the radius of the resulting, two tied the knot. The first knot is placed pencil, and the second - a thick needle. The plasterboard sheet stuck needle, and, pulling thread, held a pencil line round.

Carved arc applied to another sheet and then outlines a pencil line.

Make archway in the apartment with his hands easy. For this is done one more step - to set the profile frame and attachment of side structures.

To do this, take the dowels. Using them attached in the upper part of the doorway guide the metal profile. Then the same is done on the wall (from both sides - from the top corner to the point, which ends with the roundness of the future structure).

Further cuts are made on the metal profile. Profile is bent in accordance with the side portions, made before, and attached using dowels and screws.

The next step - to mount a flexure. For accurate registration of the end arch area, located at the bottom, Drywall is cut from a straight line corresponding to the size of.

Arch with their own hands
Plasterboard frame make very simple

Important: do not forget to increase the length of the strips on the 10 cm.

The strip is wetted with water, then spiked roller is pierced and allowed to air dry for. Then the curved member is fixed to the adhesive strip on the arch form of the future. Next, the strip is attached to the drywall screws and left for 10 hours to complete drying.

What is the final stage of the construction of an arch made of plasterboard?

  1. FIELD arch purified by nazhdachki from irregularities and defects.
  2. Installation joints are filled with material bonding agents.
  3. The joints are glued serpyanku.
  4. Perforated metal or plastic profiles are attached putty.
  5. After that, as the plaster dries, surface treated nazhdachkoy.
  6. Apply the primer layer.
  7. Arch puttied and sanded again.

You can then arrange in a flat arch.

Decoration and decoration for the finished arch

Interior arch in the interior looks original, especially, when she gives in decoration.

It should take into account, that make the design fulfills the function of the passage from one room to another, therefore, it is fraught with her injury and pollution. To avoid this, should think about, what arch decoration in the apartment will be as good.

Decoration with traditional wallpaper

This option - the most common among those, who thinks over, how to decorate the arched doorway. The more so because today the market offers a huge range of choice - in color, in Figure, the texture. As for practicality, in this case it depends on the chosen material quality, its strength and durability. Therefore, the best option in the selection of wallpaper design - vinyl and non-woven wallpaper.

Wallpaper on the arch
Everything is done in the same style through wallpaper

Making water-based paint

Door arches can be painted with latex paint. This option is the most practical of all the proposed, since such a construction is easily amenable to the sink, as well as protected from any kind of damage.

Important: because the arch need a little paint, the choice of the buyer must fall for the expensive and high-quality tool. This will make the structure safer double.

Finishing with stone and cloth decoration

Decorate the arch in the apartment is possible and with the help of stone. This design will add to the interior of originality and sophistication. Especially that service life of such a finish is limitless.

arch decoration in the apartment with his hands and carried out with the help of decorative fabrics. For this purpose, the atlas, flax, jacquard, brocade, viscose. This alternative design is suitable for every interior and will make its own distinction in the style of the apartment.


Finish arch with their hands can be very diverse. It all depends on the preferences of the owner of apartment and its stylistic direction.