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Sets of furniture for kitchen: each style its

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If you want to, to your kitchen stand out among others and unique look, then choose a decent furniture for her. Even if your house a small kitchen and lay her unsuccessful, the sets of kitchen furniture for the kitchen can remedy this situation, important to choose the right option and to arrange furniture. Right to pick up and arranged furniture can help reduce the effect of an enclosed space, so thoughtful design in advance.

Case furniture
The refined design of kitchen furniture in the yellow-orange tones with bar table and chairs

Types and location of kitchen furniture sets

A set of kitchen furniture can have such an arrangement:

  • One or two rows;
  • A form of "L or R", depending on the scale of the room.

a set of kitchen furniture

It all depends on your imagination and on such factors:

  1. Available room size;
  2. bends the walls, the form;
  3. wish, that you want to translate.

Choose factory kitchen is not random, and pushing on the choice of gas cookers and sinks. Even for a small room furnished turn divide the room into a dining and work area. Note the individual nuances of each of these areas in your room, perhaps a classic set of furniture will help meet the needs of your environment. Placing elements to think through each step, so you do not disturb the people sitting, do not get the dishes out of the cabinets above the heads, etc.. it's desirable, to the closet and shelves to place in such a way, then to get them turned out without much fuss. Do not forget about, that a set of kitchen furniture for a small kitchen must provide the place and under the small household appliances. So before, buying furniture need to prepare the room and sketch a plan of arrangement.

Kitchen wood
Corner kitchen with carved wood handles and open shelves just perfect

Sets of economy class

Now let's deal with the, that includes a set of kitchen furniture sets:

  • Hanging wall cabinets, which are hung from the ceiling, and the upper edge of the suspension height define the overall height of the headset. There are indoor and outdoor options;
  • outdoor tables. This is the main subject of kitchen furniture, which internally stores a supply of food and kitchen utensils;
  • Cases, which gradually go out of fashion. This furniture was relevant in the Soviet era, It looks like a column with a plurality of doors;
  • Often Sets of kitchen furniture for a small kitchen, and include non-standard elements: tables, pedestals, bar counters and tables, are placed on trays and used as a replacement for the dining table.

a set of kitchen furniture in the same style

Identifying with style

Choosing furniture Vita not forget about the overall style of the interior. In this regard, first of all pay attention to the material, material of the facade of furniture. For example, If you prefer a modernist style, but the kitchen you have warm colors, That will make the facade of the tree get very elegantly.

Before, How to choose the kitchen Linda, let's see what styles dominate today in kitchen fashion. Manufacturers offer three basic styles:

  • mod;
  • Classical;
  • Country.

Furniture is dark green in color matches perfectly with the tones of the walls and floor

Consider classics

Furniture of this style appeal to many manufacturers, and they try to make the elements of this style. This is because, that the classic wooden materials are cheap and easy to get manufacturers and then make furniture. Alpha Kitchen in classical style became an example of elegant and simple furniture for a long time, small kitchen with them to become comfortable and pleasant for the people.

a set of kitchen furniture classics

Furniture, in the manufacture of which the use of warm and soft wood looks great in large rooms and bulk, and in small kitchens - a versatile material. In the classic style furniture recovered and some features:

  • Kitchen Dolce Vita classical style made from solid wood or framed, often used thread;
  • There are also decorative elements: arched curves, cornices, pilasters, and so on;
  • Suspended cabinets rare open, Increasingly, they are covered with stained glass doors.

Kitchen Dolce Vita

Outdoor tables are performed with wooden doors, in this style in another way it does not happen.

modern style: Christie, table convertible Spring, Diana tables, Syktyvkar, Victoria

Nouveau style in furniture encouraged those, who are trying to move with the times and can not tolerate antiquity. People, that furnish the house in such a way, as if trying to tell all, they challenge. Complete sets for the kitchen with his hands in this style include a lot of glass and metal. Allocate such features of this style:

  • Materials used exclusively modern: metal and wood covered with lacquer paints. Less commonly used for making plastic cladding facades. The ends of the pedestals and cabinets are made of metal profile;
  • each line, no matter what it is part of the element does not belong strictly performed without unnecessary elements;
  • Suspended cabinets, Unlike classic made horizontal, a door with a large number of windows open upwards, and not in the hand.

Kitchen in the Art Nouveau style
Kitchen in a modern style in red and green tones with beautiful lighting

Pedestals and cabinets on the floor made without doors, but with suction boxes. These boxes make bulk, to meddle into the dishes, pots and pans. Important, that in terms of elements combined symmetry and rigor. Component manufacturers Nouveau furniture built-in lighting, it is convenient to use the work of cooking zones.


Kitchenette alpha country style often found. Such a set of household became widespread thanks to features:

  1. at the level of quality;
  2. Reasonable cost;
  3. Ease of everyday use.

beautiful set of furniture for kitchen

Now pay attention to the specific distinctive features of this style. For the production of pedestals and hanging cabinets used MDF wood, attachable to a frame design - it reduces the cost of. Often more attractive to add to woodwork and stained glass.


The shape of furniture mostly simple, though not as strict, in modernity, but also to classical away. The decoration of this style is not, as such,: It's simple. Wall cabinets are performed again vertical, using hinged doors. Using the built-in equipment is not excluded, but it is desirable, so it was combined with the interior color.