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How to choose furniture for the kitchen several times faster than other

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Proper selection of furniture for kitchen leads to the comfort of being in the room. So before, you choose Furniture for kitchen, It recommended to carefully study the recommendations of the experts.

Furniture is better to choose as, whatever it was combined with the color of the kitchen

The principles of selection of kitchen units

To best meet the needs of family members in the process of selection and planning of kitchen furniture must be approached carefully, Thoughtful and preliminary answers to the list of issues:

  1. Number of family members, living in an apartment.
  2. Who is more likely to be in the kitchen space?
  3. The most comfortable arrangement of kitchen equipment.
  4. What kind of supposedly anticipated future kitchen.
  5. Type of raw materials for the manufacture of furniture

Rigorous approach will allow to choose the right furniture for the kitchen.

When choosing furniture for the kitchen, it is necessary to take into account the wishes and preferences of the main prepared food. Height tables and wall cabinets is recommended to select according to the growth of a family member, who is busy preparing. The discrepancy in height lead to premature fatigue cook.

In the case above or below average height cook, it is recommended to resort to custom-made kitchen furniture due to non-standard sizes. With regard to countertops recommended to decide, that the owners prefer to work - kitchen or dining table.

The family has a juvenile, it is recommended to choose furniture for the kitchen so, them to make room at the table. As an option - a chair for feeding, or ordinary, but high chair. Unlike small children old people to comfortably sit on a soft corner to execute certain actions cooks.

We design the future kitchen

To create a comfortable environment in the kitchen is very important to pay attention to the quality of kitchen units and arrangement of elements of kitchen furniture. For this reason, it is recommended to carry out all measurements parameters, determine the interposition of furniture and communication structures. At this stage, effectively portray on paper the planned model, and in several embodiments, then to choose the right kitchen to order.

Furniture to the kitchen to pick up easily, if you have design talent

At the stage of kitchen equipment should be closer look at the work area, rather than to the dining. Triangle rule or relative position of the cooking surface, washing and refrigeration equipment, It must take into account when planning. Variants of arrangement of furniture:

  • linear type. This type is optimized for small size kitchens and provides the relative positions of the triangle elements in one line, that is, on both sides of washing placed refrigerator and stove.
  • Two-line type. Chastoispolzuemy embodiment in kitchens transmission type. On one side of a stove and sink, and on the other - refrigeration equipment with a minimum distance between these lines about 1,2 m. Under this option, it is recommended to choose a table for the kitchen by sliding or folding type.
  • corner type. This type of placement of furniture is suitable for any kitchen, except for narrow and long. two walls used here. This is a good option for the maximum use of space in the closets (corner shelves or drawers, rotating and sliding). Dining area to allow a free passage, Located in a corner. Under this option, you can plan to choose furniture for kitchen size.
  • U-shaped type. Ease of use is shown the, that passes through the kitchen pass-through is not possible. The distance between opposed walls should be within 1,2- 2,8 m
  • According to the "island" type. Comfortable accommodation option furniture, because the "island" table may be used for work and dining area. This layout requires a minimum area 16 m2 avoid intercepting movements. On the island is allowed to place the sink or hob.

Raw materials for kitchen furniture

No matter how different elements of furniture set with each other, a list of the raw materials used is not very extensive.


This part is invisible to the common eye. Choose furniture for kitchens from solid wood, It means to purchase business class cuisine, hallmark advocate sustainability and quality. However, such materials calls for a special approach in difficult kitchen conditions (increased evaporation, etc.).

Option wood kitchen
Option wood kitchen

Because of the high price of such a policy of kitchen furniture is more commonly used analogues:

  1. MDF. His, like a tree, characterized by environmental friendliness, but unlike - simple care. Since these plates are pliable and flexible, Furniture is of any form and is available at a cost. The disadvantages are low durability and a rather big risk of detachment of the covering layer.
  2. DSP. operational benefits: The latest processing techniques make furniture of this material is capable to resist the negative effects of humidity and temperature. This furniture belongs to the low-price segment, but in the form of an order of magnitude inferior MDF furniture, since the material is not as ductile. Kitchen made of chipboard can be made on their own. Here all the details needed size kitchen boxes and explanations for sawing. Due to the self-production is significantly reduced price Headset.
  3. Multiplex. This raw material is obtained by gluing thin sheets of wood of different breeds. It is inert to the deformation processes and high humidity.


The range of raw materials for the fronts of kitchen unit is expanded in contrast to the carcass. To the list described above is added:

  • Wood, processed by a special technique, resistant to humidity factor, plastic, Glass and metal insert parts.
  • MDF, enamelled. In this way, it becomes resistant to the effects of moisture and deformation. A longer period to maintain the original appearance. There is a diverse range of options for the exterior design - color palette, patent and matt surface, etc..
  • PVC film. In this qualitative description of the method suffers. This will manifest itself in places, subjected to the influence of negative factors (humidity at the sink, the temperature of the stove, and so forth.).
  • Plastic. It is based on chipboard or MDF, and the top covered with plastic. Qualitative characteristics of furniture depends on the type of plastic and processing method. Advantages - a varied appearance, resistance to sunlight, aggressive household chemicals, moisture, etc..
  • laminated chipboard. It refers to a budget option, short-lived. This kitchen furniture is better suited as a service or a temporary option.

kitchen renovation
kitchen renovation

The design allows to combine Science aluminum profile with other materials: plastic, wood, plates, glass. At the end comes a stylish and original furniture option. A glass elements, Easy to combine with different material, in popularity over the years,. They create an easy and original appearance.

Color kitchen design

This selection factor recedes into the background in the case of, if the right kitchen made of solid wood, it is not necessary to hide the natural beauty of a coat of paint. Breeds also differ in color. Here now the freedom of choice for the buyer

If you decide to choose furniture with a film or plastic-coated, it is recommended to pay attention to several tips:

  1. If it provided a shady place for a headset, then it is recommended to opt for bright shades. And vice versa, a sunny place - dark shades facades, Avoiding this lacquered surfaces due to glare.
  2. Avoid too saturated colors. Furniture in the kitchen should complement the style of the kitchen facilities.
  3. When excess weight is recommended to owners kitchen blue tint. They will not give extra time to get into the fridge for a sandwich.

recommendations, how to choose furniture for the kitchen, darkness, several thousands, but remember - the one correct opinion do not exist. The best source of advice are practical and individual taste preferences!