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Composing furniture kitchen: why they are popular

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Kitchen space is considered one of the most important in the house or apartment. Here the food is cooked, going family, It occurs guest reception. And to make beautiful and functional room, leaving space to move - the main task of the mistress. Run it helps kitchen furniture, which are selected according to taste, color and funds. Special, if you use the modular options, placed in the premises of any dimensions. Dialing kitchen furniture is gaining popularity among people with average earnings.

Composing furniture kitchen

Forms of modular kitchens

Currently, the kitchen walls are divided into 2 categories. The first - the ready set, buy at the store or the catalog. Second - projects, made to order. Each has pros and cons.

Composing furniture kitchen


Advantages of the kitchen headset are purchased at once, Firstly, in the cost and time. Option is cheaper, and once installed in the kitchen. Even more so that even a type-setting furniture is going according to the requirements of the remaining space in the room and the need for cabinets, but a variety of modules allows the creation of unique interior.

Offered in catalogs composing kitchen furniture consists of different size and function elements:

  • table;
  • shelves;
  • lockers.

The kit also includes modules, intended to be embedded appliances - refrigerators, microwave ovens, dishwashers and washing machines. BUT, apart individual elements, version with modular walls allows you to select the facades, doors and filling.

For a full-size kitchen fit-open service doors, for a small-sized version - sliding.

Standard kitchen furniture
Choose furniture, depending on the size of the kitchen

The facade of the adopted depending on the design of the room. And inside the finished modular suite accommodates drawers, racks and space for appliances.

For spacious kitchens are choosing more furniture, to accommodate all the equipment, crockery, tables and chairs arrangement, easy cooking and even recreation. It is even bar and dining table. Lack of space requires careful placement of devices and save space. A washing machine cast shell or enclosure inside, if space permits. Table selected compact, chairs - without backs.


Sometimes the kitchen kit size and configuration ignores the characteristics of the premises. In this case the furniture is ordered according to individual parameters. Most often this involves non-standard dimensions, gleaned art under dimensions and distances between the walls. In this case, between the cabinets is left too much space.

Furniture for kitchen

When ordering a kitchen wall, pay attention to the following:

  1. Quality manufacturing materials. Tabletop selected stronger, and housing - affordable;
  2. accessories (sliding system, loop, pens);
  3. The sequence of installation art. Standard filling cabinets - close to the water and are dishwasher stiralka, mounted on the stove and refrigerator. A distance between the cooking surface and at least a sink 60 cm.

Important benefits of choosing custom modular kitchens:

  • texture and color panels better match conditions (wallpaper, gender and other, not modular, furniture), than selecting a preset;
  • color options more than the ready-made elements;
  • there is a choice of high-quality materials;
  • available to buy furniture on credit, which is typical for kitchens, made to order. For finished wall is less likely to be allowed.

Custom furniture type-setting
If you want a customized solution, then order custom-made furniture

Lack of modular custom sets - high price, the complexity of the selection of suitable components and long-term. But the possibility to buy furniture, it is suitable for your kitchen, taking into account all the nuances of the room, outweigh the cons. And another embodiment is permitted only in the absence of time and means.

materials of Construction

For kitchen furniture producing a wide range of suitable materials, quality and inexpensive. Choosing the right depends on the customer's preferences for durability, performance and price. Most often composing kitchen furniture made of plastic, MDF and DPS. Lucrative option - Frame fronts.


Plastic do not module frame, which would lead to a reduction in strength, Floor and facade panels. The most popular material, successfully combines an affordable price, wide choice of colors, resistance to mechanical stress and moisture. The disadvantage is considered a minimal design.

Kitchen furniture made of plastic
Plastic panels are very practical in cleaning


The basis of the body of furniture chipboard material is, first film-coated, then - a varnish to protect the surface. Affordable leaves the possibility to choose different options. Film, made to order, performed in any style. The main disadvantage, except for a small strength, - the toxicity of the material, in which the composition has a formaldehyde resins. Although modern fabrication techniques involve the use of chipboard material categories with the E0-E1 class environmental, to emit 10 mg 100 g pollutant.


Previous version of the more expensive. Manufactured from plates melkodrevesnoy fraction, coated with liquid PVC, veneer and acrylic. ADI differs from the method of manufacture and the absence of harmful adhesives. The material is popular due to environmental, range and affordable prices.

Frame fronts

Choosing this type of facade provides high versatility and is in the manufacture of frames, to which is attached the right material - glass, MDF or SAD. Option is more profitable opportunity to change the facade after a while - and, not entirely, and in parts.


removable panels, made from aluminum or the same MDF, transform a room. The disadvantage of frame structures called opportunity lag facade material from the frame, thus eliminating selection of quality manufacturer.