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Wooden furniture for your kitchen

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Development of industry and ecology deplorable already rather tired human body. Therefore, it would be desirable, that there was something alive in your own home, which will bestow a daily comfort and warmth. The offer wooden kitchen as an example, because the tree - a symbol of the natural and living. It forms a painless and relaxing homely atmosphere.

Wooden furniture in the kitchen
Wooden furniture in the kitchen creates a unique interior

Buy stores in their respective kitchen wooden furniture is only recommended, when you are sure that there are no deficiencies in the room. Or brought before a number of problems on the placement and installation of furniture. And since bezizyannaya kitchen room - rare, then it is appropriate, that wooden kitchen furniture It was made to order, then it is possible to take into account all of its special properties.

Varieties of wood furniture

For several centuries, the most common material for furniture was wood array. Even in the era of the latest set of construction processes, wood is the preferred raw material acts. The characteristics of virtually all existing on the planet tree species, to find the best ways to, how to process wood and manufacture of solid wood furniture of all shapes and orientation.

Wood varies between an individual properties, they caused quality headset. Kitchen made of natural wood made from hard and soft species.

Tverdoporodisty material

On tverdoporodistyh trees broad leaves of various shapes. Representatives of the most sawmills, used in carpentry - a birch, beech, oak, larch etc.. Kitchen made of oak, beech, hazel and other hard rock allocated strength, durability, resistance to deformation processes. Therefore, they are durable:

  1. Tverdoporodisty representative in the Russian Karelian birch is characterized by brown or white color with pink or yellow hue. It is used in combination with other expensive rocks and jewelry work ( manufacturing veneer facing). In texture such birch sometimes like a stone or marble it has its own special patterns. Solid birch easily processed and stained in any color. Despite the hardness undergoes putrefaction.
  2. Oak - the most in demand in the Russian rock. She characterized by whitish-yellow or yellow-brownish color with a touch of gray-green tone. Tables and chairs of solid oak array, resistant to putrefactive transformation, mechanical damage and deformation processes. Bend, gluing together surfaces, drill, subject grinding, dry up, overpainted oak wood easily. Considering this, in cabinet, he is the favorite.
    wooden furniture
    Classic wooden furniture for kitchens

When you - head, and by occupation often becomes necessary to make important decisions, then a round table made of solid wood - the most perfect in the meeting room, as oak power helps people courage.

  1. Beech - solid and pliable breed. plastic properties successfully taken into account when creating the original bent furniture for kitchen interior (tables handmade from wood). He is characterized by shades of yellow-pink to purple to brown. Most often it is used as an array, much less - as the veneer for facing furniture facades. Beech wood is easily processed, polished, bleached, beautiful and toned. Furniture made of beech wood turns the original, and the cost of such sets is less, than oak.
  2. Larch - a rare hard rock, there are about twelve soft shades. The uniqueness is manifested in MEDICAL PROPERTIES (vaporizes volatile), the acquired exclusively on the climatic habitats. In the interior of timber accumulates a huge amount of biologically active substances, which in turn prevent the occurrence of free radicals. Furniture made of larch will be for the whole family a major component in the prevention of viral and bacterial diseases.

Larch used in the manufacture of kitchen furniture and as a finishing material for kitchen facilities.

  1. Birch wood typical white with yellow or red hue. Birch extremely susceptible to moisture, for this reason is related to "moody" materials. Kitchen of birch met in interiors known and rich.

soft rock

furniture in country style
Wooden furniture in country style for your kitchen

The main characteristic feature of soft wood - narrow and uniform width needles and cones (on some). Resinous - also refers to the distinctive features of softwood.

By detachment of softwood include pine, Spruce and fir. The best-known representatives of the conifer stands yellow and resinous pine, white and red fir and spruce. For hardwood apply lime, alder, poplar, cherry, etc.. They are not typical characteristics of strong, but aesthetically not yield hardwood.

  1. Dining table made of pine, which has a soft light color, create a comfortable atmosphere in the kitchen. Pine wood inherent moisture- and gniloustoychivost, resistance to temperature extremes. It can not withstand external damage. Important advantage - it attenuate the pleasant pine scent, and pricing is available to all buyers.
  2. Lipa is characterized by a white color, it is characterized by suppleness and strength, and so successfully used this material for carving and construction of turned furniture accessories. The coloring process complicated due to poor permeability. In this case, any color can be achieved by pre-stained wood. lime wood inert to moisture, but it is easily exposed to various pests. therefore furniture made of linden It recommended to treat the protective substance.
  3. Cherry - ideal timber for the creation of an exclusive suite of furniture. It is characterized by an orange-red or pinkish-brown palette, the cut has brown stains. But during the operation some dark cherry furniture. This wood is great bend, readily undergoes polishing and lacquering.
  4. Alder - known for two varieties: black and gray. This timber is subjected to fungal attack. Consequently, before, as it will be made kitchen made of solid alder, wood is subjected to pickling, and then - the processing means vlagoottalkivayuschey (especially black).

Terms of care for wooden furniture

Which it is made of wood or headsets, for wooden furniture care causes difficulties. Because the timber is sensitive to moisture and cleaning agents. To wood furniture (including dining tables and chairs, and hanging lockers) It pleased the master's eye with its high cost and durability, it is recommended to learn a number of requirements:

  • Leave the kitchen container with water to maintain optimum humidity in the air and to avoid cracks of the array.
  • Prevent the penetration of direct sunlight on the surface of the furniture, because fever adversely affect facade Headset. The same rule is applicable in respect of hot cooking containers - use stand, even, if - Dining oak table, no matter how strong it may seem.
  • The process of removing traces of various genesis requires the use of rags solely of soft tissue or suede. Otherwise, the plane headset is riddled with defects - scratches, stains, etc..
  • How cleanser is recommended to use polishes with wax. Strictly forbidden abrasive cleaners!
  • Cut, beat products recommended only on a cutting board. In this regard, the most vulnerable tabletops, regardless of, it - top made of solid oak, most durable of the wooden material used, or top in larch.
  • Stains from the dye liquid (wine, juices and so on.) It recommended to wash immediately, otherwise the high probability of divorce, changing the surface color.
  • Chemical substances (household chemicals) recommended immediately flushed with soapy water to avoid damaging the surface.

Kitchen solid wood furniture требует бережного отношения к себе, but it's worth it: proper and due maintenance will enjoy its elegance, Natural and unsurpassed aroma of a generation.