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Tips and manual dishwashing machines known companies instructions

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What is the lesson of the house carries each of us on a daily basis? That's right - do dishes. And what brings the nostalgia of the procedure, especially in cases, when the family home to more than 3 people, there are small children or guests often visit.

But! It has long been known, that this problem can be easily solved, through dishwashers, who "came into the world", to save people from the "mountains" of dirty dishes.

And to kitchen assistant served faithfully for many years,, it is necessary to properly operate.

What to Consider When Buying Integrated dishwasher

If there is a need to buy a dishwasher, First you need to consider a few things, allowing not miscalculate with the choice.

  1. To start, should deal with the dimensions of the future purchase, and choose the place for its installation. Incorrectly calculated parameters will bring a lot of inconvenience when connecting and placement of embedded dishwashers
  2. second, thing to consider, This machine performance. This characteristic of the dishwasher specifies the number of place settings, it can wash at a time. 1 kit - it 11 objects dishes: 3 different plates, cup and saucer, glass, 3 tablespoons, knife and fork. It has performance among dishwashers by 4 to 12 cookware sets
  3. The amount of electricity consumed. This factor is taken into account thrifty consumers. therefore, If you are experiencing due to power consumption, then look at the economy class of dishwashers. them there 7 types, where A - the most economical, G - the most energy-intensive
  4. dishwashing Result. The most important indicator for dishwasher, which defines all her work. washing quality is divided into 7 classes, where A - the highest, determining the perfect result. Consequently, a class of dishwashers and the most expensive
  5. Should pay attention to the presence of an indicator of rigidity dishwashers. As hard water - not a rare phenomenon, and the shelf life of the art can be significantly reduced. A good dishwasher must present a kind of "litmus test" to determine the hardness of the water, that look like test strips. Using them easily determined level of water hardness, that will help to make the required number of emollients

What tools are used in the dishwasher

Neglect the quality of detergents for dishwashers are not worth, otherwise it will affect the durability of the technology itself.

What tools can be used for dishwashers:

  • In the form of gels. This type of detergent is the safest for both the device, and for most dishes, and even delicate materials. On the quality of removal of various contaminants gels occupy a leading position
  • Pills. This type of detergent is also not satisfactory for consumers. Cost-effective, efficient, it can wash 1 set of dishes with the full cycle
  • powders. This kind of money is in demand ever since the first dishwashers. Powder good fight pollution, economical in terms of price and in terms of the amount expended on 1 wash cycle

Besides, commercially available tools "3 in 1", which act as a detergent, rinse aid and water softener hardness.

That can not be washed in the dishwasher

Whatever it was not helpful dishwasher, Yet it has a number of limitations in the, some dishes can be washed in it. And not to be disappointed in the end result, better to see a list of dishes and kitchen appliances, which it is forbidden to wash in the machine.

Instructions dishwasher provides a list of unsuitable cookware.

  • Keep away from your dishwasher kitchen utensils made of aluminum. Otherwise, wait for browning dishes such, and return to her pristine shine no longer be possible. Cutlery, pans, pans, bowls, grinder - all washed by hand

Incidentally, aluminum cookware is better not to use, as the metal can react with the food and to penetrate into the body.

  • wooden utensils. Skalki, spoons, bowls, cutting boards do not trust your dish ware. From a long stay in the water timber swells, begins to rot

  • plastic tableware. Disposable types of dishes, plastic toys washed in the dishwasher is prohibited. But there are types of plastic products, It is still allowed to automatically wash. Such dishes are marked with a symbol
  • China. From the high water temperature porcelain, particularly thin, can crack and spoilage
  • Crystal also negatively reacting to the dishwasher conditions. therefore, better to wash it gently by hand
  • Cast Iron Cookware at "meeting" with dishwasher, soon, covered with rust
  • Thermos, thermomug
  • copper utensils
  • Containers with lids

How to place the dishes

To automatic dishwashing took place without any problems, must be correctly positioned in the apparatus of cookware.

    • At the bottom of the cleaning technique has compartments for placing plates. They must be installed "on the edge", inclining toward the center of the machine. Positioning plate must be so, so they do not touch each other
    • cup, deep bowls, glasses set so, that they washed the water from the lower device compartment. Bowls is better to put on a slight angle, to allow water and detergent to flow down their walls

Do not pile up the cup Department, otherwise it will affect the quality of washing.

  • Plastic utensils are placed on the uppermost compartment. Some manufacturers set water heater at the bottom of the dishwasher, and so as not to melt the plastic, it should be placed as far as possible from high temperatures
  • trays, cutting boards, wide dishes better positioned on the sides of the lower divisions
  • Wine glasses advantageously mounted on a plastic pallet of the upper compartment

How to care for equipment during operation

Any dish washer in Cleaning and Care Instructions warns, how to take care of his assistant,.

    • After each session dishwashing, dishwasher door must be carefully wipe the moisture. AND, at least a couple times a week, We need to wipe the surface of the equipment from the resulting dust
    • must use the appropriate care products for engineering
    • Filter cars - this is the part, which should be washed weekly. To do this, it needs to get and rinse under running water

  • Do not forget about the care of the soul blades. They can collect food debris
  • 1 every six months it is necessary to clean the dishwasher door seal. For this procedure, you need to buy special cleanser

Instructions for different models: Bosch, Ariston, Candy, Electrolux

Guide to the dishwasher is included together with the technique. Do not ignore her reading, as this will help prevent problems in the operation of equipment.

Built-in Dishwasher Bosh 45 cm

Bosch dishwasher model SPV43M00 width 45 See equipped with capacity for 9 cookware sets. The device has a cleaning function of half sets, 3 temperature regime and protection against leakage.

Guide to the dishwasher Bosch universal machine for all types of dishwashers. To see specific model instructions can thenпосудомоечные-машины/bosch

  • Consider the equipment for defects
  • Read the instructions and dispose of the packaging

  • Do not allow children to play with the device
  • Call the Master for, to properly install car
  • Use the unit for its direct purposes
  • Avoid contact with corrosive fluids and abrasive means on the surface of the device
  • Never open the door dishwasher during operation


Before using the technique, First it is necessary to protect from hard water. To do this, you need to pour a special compartment emollient. For machines Bosch is done as follows:: In a special compartment added 1 liter of water and 1,5 kg of salt to remove water hardness.

Further, unscrew the cover of the detergent, fill in necessary quantity and tighten the cap until it clicks,.

Select the desired mode and turn on the dishwasher.


Guide to the dishwasher Hans contains a section on loading the dishes, which is universal for all models of firm. To see specific model instructions can thenпосудомоечные-машины/hansa

  1. At the top compartment are, cup, glasses, stemware, Porcelain products, glass, and between them can be arranged cutlery
  2. On the lower section of a pan, pans, deep bowls and plates, cutting boards
  3. department is present in some models of cutlery

Hansa ZIM 414 H - machine dishwashing, which seats 9 cookware sets, It has 4 washing program, and it provides for a system to prevent leaks.


  • Intensive
  • A half-hour - a brief wash of light pollution
  • ECO mode
  • 3 at 1


Instructions for dishwasher Electrolux contains the following sections of the equipment:

  • accident prevention
  • Appearance and Control Panel
  • Installation and Connection
  • Softener for water and its use
  • Section Detergents
  • mode selection
  • Loading dishes
  • Caring for the dishwasher
  • Operation Tips

To see specific model instructions can thenпосудомоечные-машины/electrolux

Dishwasher Electrolux ESL7320RA: Video instruction


Candy CDP 4609

on the use of the dishwasher Candy CDP instruction 4609 inform the buyer of, as: comply with safety measures, It looks inside the equipment, and that is a control panel; starting the wash cycle, how to fill in detergents and how to care for dishwasher. To see specific model instructions can thenпосудомоечные-машины/candy


Guide to the dishwasher Ariston fully inform customers about the rules of using technology.

  1. Installation and Connection. Ariston manual describes in detail the, how to choose a suitable location for installation and how to connect the dishwasher
  2. start of operation. On several pages of instructions is a description of, how to start washing up mode. It is important to consider what kinds of dishes which mode suits, This will extend the life of your unit
  3. Salt and savings. Do not ignore this section. he will tell, how to save the amount of electricity, as well as how much salt to soften the hardness of the water should be used
  4. Technical characteristics of the specific model
  5. Recommended dish detergent