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Microwave oven does not heat food: We are looking for causes

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When the old microwave to heat food stops - a few people are surprised, but, Yet it becomes unpleasant situation. Even more frustrating, when it ceases to fully operate a new microwave. Let's deal with the, the reasons for not microwave heats food.

microwave device

before, than to raise panic and run to the store for a new microwave oven, It can be sorted out with a broken. First, We need to understand, How does the microwave.

The main elements of the device are the following items:

  1. Transformer
  2. Magnetron - furnace element, which emits high frequency
  3. Waveguide - radiation transmitter to separate (isolated) chamber
  4. Camera microwave - compartment, which placed and in which the food is heated
  5. Mica plate serves as protection against contamination of the waveguide

So if a microwave oven is not heated, it is likely that any defective microwave device element.

What kinds of fault

What could be the reasons, that the microwave oven does not heat food?

  • Insufficient supply of power
  • Blown fuse
  • Fuse casing spoiled
  • A fault in the transformer: spoiled fuse
  • faulty capacitor
  • The high-voltage diode has failed
  • No transformer transmits the voltage at the control panel of the furnace
  • The coupling capacitor faulty
  • Magnetron does not heat up
Ascertained the damage it can be easy to fix or replace the damaged item.

How to find fault

The easiest way to find out, Why not warm microwave, - read this instruction. Usually, On the final page indicates the possible causes of the microwave oven malfunctions.

But, if the instruction is lost, then it will have to seek out their own damage, doing inspections microwave.


First things first, worth checking the power supply to the microwave. slight variations (5-10 AT) from 220 In may cause the, that ceased to warm microwave.

If the problem is not the, then you should start searching the inside of breakage. For this, de-energize the device, inverted back side and remove the back cover, unscrewing the screws.

  1. Check the fuse functioned well, because it can cause a malfunction of the microwave. Damage can be seen visually (if it is) - fuse may become black, wires and blown. But, if there is no visual signs, the special tester, measure the resistance
  2. tester (ohmmeter) Resistance was measured on the casing. If it is, the fault is not in the
  3. The same instrument check the resistance of the transformer
  4. Further, measured resistance of the diode and capacitor. If faulty capacitor, then on the tester needle does not deviate from the normal limit - it occurred open contact. If the tester has been a slight resistance - it is defective capacitor. After breakage detection is necessary to replace the diode
  5. After checking the filter capacitors and communicating electromagnetic lamp, but before that they need to discharge the electrical screwdriver. For this, one part is mounted on the tester output capacitance, and the other - on the metal housing
  6. Using the ohmmeter measuring transformer primary winding. When you turn in the microwave network, supply voltage must be 220 AT

The oven does not heat but much abuzz. The high-voltage diode. magnetron

Microwave can not warm up due to a malfunction of the magnetron.

The cause of breakage of the element can be in contact with or detached oxidized terminals. And troubleshoot this problem can be easily self.


Then, using an ohmmeter, checked tester magnetron resistance index. Normally, it should be 2-3 ohm. But, if during all seems integrity check, the, probably, a problem with the magnetron and change it yourself should not be.

Problems with the mica plate

Another reason, Why poorly warms microwave may be the fault of the mica plate. But, how to recognize the breakage of the furnace member?

  1. Visually, it is possible to determine the appearance of the plate - a fault it is either dark, or the deposition of the spots
  2. By its breakage can lead thicker fat layer, or deformation of its shape
  3. Faulty mica plate "give" a crack or fallen off part

Identify the reasons for the microwave can damage yourself. In this case, it is not necessary to buy a new, because you can extend the "life" of the old microwave.