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What better extraction? Top 5 producers

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Hoods are an integral part of modern kitchens, they help cleanse the air and eliminate unpleasant odor. Choosing the hood for the kitchen - responsible occupation. Before buying you need to study the types of equipment and their features, to decide what is better to take the hood for the kitchen.

What are the extracts

Extractor fan in the kitchen helps to get rid of unpleasant odors. The fact, that the ventilation system does not eliminate all the consequences of burning food or any other odor. Help her in this extractor to the kitchen. Which is the best of them can be determined, only to understand all the intricacies of the device.

types of hoods

The devices are different, different in appearance, according to the method of fastening, by the method of air purification, Technical specifications. Which is better for kitchen hoods? There is no simple answer, because when you buy the device you need to take into account the size of the room, possible way of fastening, dimensions and design of the model.


Depending on the attachment

Each species has its own characteristics, Advantages and disadvantages. Besides, hoods are installed in different places and in different ways. According to the method of attachment they are:

  • embed
  • suspension
  • domical (mantel)
  • corner
  • insular


How to determine what a good built-hood for the kitchen? Should be considered, that the more powerful model, the more it makes noise during operation. In spite of this, built-in hoods are the most common. They are easily mounted in a cabinet and are suitable for any interior style.

Recessed hoods for the kitchen in the sale are of different sizes. Hoods include, usually, from 1 to 4 metal or carbon filters. What better built hoods for kitchens? If in doubt, It can be purchased as a variant of the device with a sliding panel. This contributes to an increase in the working surface 2 times and the air intake area.


Good for a small kitchen range hood. The device is the most common in the interior. This model does not take up much space and can be easily installed under the cabinet. Suspended hood, usually, cost cheap. The only drawback is, they are not suitable for large premises.

Dome (inclined or horizontal)

Dome model is also called the fireplace. The device is fixed on a wall or ceiling and has a dome shape, resembling a fireplace chimney. Work dome models are also similar to the exhaust chimney system. The air above the cooking surface enters the apparatus. Later, he goes into the ventilation shaft or clean the filter and back into the room.

Sloping hood for the kitchen are convenient, thing about them is almost impossible to hit. Available design presents a variety of devices. Look beautiful pattern with glass or wood trim.

The island

When the kitchen furniture is located on island type in a spacious room, you need to take care of fixing the air directly above the stove. In this case, a special device island. They are mounted on the ceiling above the working area. This type is the most expensive and is used in the design of luxury kitchens.The island


Good for a small kitchen range hood can be installed in a corner. This model allows you to save a lot of space and the already small space. Used corner unit is not as common, as they acquire only a small area of ​​premises.

Types depending on the method of air purification

Such models can be composed of replaceable or disposable filters, be duct or without it, as well as interact with the ventilation system or not. What hood select for gas cookers? It should also eliminate odors, contaminants. Depending on these criteria are divided into two types:

  • circulation
  • flow

The circulation without duct with filter

Circulation device less expensive, than the flow. They are one budget. As part of these devices do not have duct. The air passes through the filters, purified and returned back. Circulation models are easy to install and do not interact with the ventilation system. Their drawback is considered to be a high level of noise during operation.


Flow are more expensive. Work flow model on a similar principle, and that the circulation. Inexpensive models can be without any filters, and expensive hoods equipped with additional means for soft and hard air purification.

What are the filters

As the reviews of cooker hoods, better to buy a model without air. They are easy to maintain and should contain two filters: carbon and washable.


washable fat

To eliminate air from odors and grease and soot particles using various filters.

They come in disposable and reusable. The former are used only once and must be replaced regularly. Reusable filters - removable cassette, which may be made from different materials.

As they say on the reviews hoods for kitchens, non-woven and sinteponovye filters require frequent replacement. This is not an economical option. In this case it is better to give preference to the metal filters. They are easily removed, cleaned and inserted back.


Carbon model eliminates unpleasant odors. Very convenient appliances, having a system of necessary filter change warning. Failure to replace the device facing the deterioration of performance and increase the load on the engine. Learn carbon filter replacement timing can be in the instructions.

It is recommended to know in advance, whether replacement filters are sold in local stores or service centers.

carbon filter

What better hood - wide 50 cm or 60 cm?

When purchasing be sure to consider the size of the hood and the plate. If you pick up the hood of a small size, she can not cope with its functions. It is recommended to choose the device, whose width is slightly larger plates.

In this way, wide devices 50 See more suited for small kitchens. Typical dimensions of the plate 60 are considered × 60cm. In this case, to ensure high-quality air treatment is better to buy a model, wherein the width at 5-10 cm greater plate width.

How to buy a good quiet hood: Rating & Reviews

What is the best extractor? It will help you choose the most suitable cooker hoods ratings and reviews of this product. During operation, all hoods make noise. Just some models run much quieter than the other. Absolutely noiseless devices not yet invented. Consider some of the popular models of Russian and foreign manufacturers.


Reviews of extracts on Kuppersberg firms kitchen attest to the quality of household appliances. Model of this manufacturer is always stylish, durable and will last a long time. They are manufactured in factories in Germany and Italy.



Russian manufacturer Elikor came to an adequate level in comparison with European companies. Reviews on the hood for the kitchen Russian manufacturer suggests, that the company is for sale model, which have all the modern requirements:

  1. The presence of lights and timer
  2. Different methods for cleaning of air
  3. The ability to use different types of filters


The Italian firm Lex developing devices for high quality air purification. At the same time, the equipment is not expensive. Advantages of these goods in their compactness and ergonomics. The manufacturer took care of the development of extracts, suitable for small spaces, and rooms large area.

Price range is diverse and depends on the type of device and additional functions. Reviews on the hood for the kitchen Lex manufacturer suggests, that most of the models are very convenient and compact. Besides, They feature a stylish design, blends into any décor.


German KRONE Hoods are reliable and attractive appearance. Brand produces a huge range of different types of air purifiers. German household appliances company Krona is in great demand, because it is durable and comfortable.

How to determine what is best for the kitchen range hood? Rating popular manufacturers will help you choose the appropriate model. You do not have to analyze the huge amount of equipment manufacturers and waste time.


Before purchasing you need to pay attention to the performance and appearance of the goods. In this way, hood will not only functional household appliance, but also a real kitchen decoration.

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