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How to quickly clean the microwave at home for 5 minutes?

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Already after a few uses microwaves inside can be covered with a layer of grease and dirt. And if not immediately eliminate pollution, the later will make it a bit more complicated. But nonetheless, there are ways, helping to recover the microwave oven of the former type.

How to wash inside the microwave: simple tools and faster ways

After cooking or heating food in microwave ovens is a lot of fat and other food mud. but, do not despair, because there are many easy and fast way, helping to effortlessly cope with the problem.


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Household means chemical nature exhibit sparing composition, which carefully manages pollution, without scratching the surface with the microwave. Available such means exist in the form of sprays, are uniformly sprayed on the surface and are easily removed with a cloth.

Even quickly and effectively clean the microwave possible usual dish detergent. You can use it in two ways:

  • Drip a small amount onto a sponge and scrub stains
  • Dripping a small amount on the sponge, lather it and put it into the oven. Enable heating on 30 seconds, and then easily rubbed away pollution. The main control process, that the sponge does not melted

Folk remedies: vinegar, lemon, soda, water

Folk remedies have always been known for its efficiency. Plus as is their accessibility.

How to clean the microwave lemon? Citrus means not only coped well with different kinds of contaminants, but will also give the technique a pleasant aroma. The method of operation is very simple: lemon cut thick rings or pieces, put in a bowl for the microwave, is filled with water and put on a heating device 15 minutes.

As soon as the oven will inform about the end of the procedure, should not rush to remove the bowl from the microwave oven with lemon, let couples better soften the dirt. After, turn off the oven from the wall outlet, take out the bowl and wipe the inner surface with a damp cloth or sponge, and then with a dry cloth. Fat does not remain even a hint. Cleaning the microwave using lemon - safe, inexpensive and effective means.

Wash the fat inside the microwave possible and using vinegar. To do this, a couple of tablespoons of vinegar dissolved in a glass of water and put in a warm device 20 minutes.

Once the allotted time will pass, do not open the door of the microwave oven for at least 40 minutes. And after the procedure is necessary to ventilate the kitchen, as the smell of vinegar is very toxic.

Clear microwave using soda can be just 15 minutes. The procedure is: 3 tablespoons of baking soda dissolved in 500 mL of water and heated in a microwave oven for 10 minutes. At the end, soda solution was kept in a microwave oven has 5 minutes and then easily clean the microwave without effort.

It is worth noting, that cleaning microwave baking soda and vinegar toxic. Therefore, we must try not to inhale these substances.

As is easy to clean using microwave citric acid

Quickly wash inside the microwave possible citric acid. Cheap and effective. The method is simple: in a bowl with water, citric acid was dissolved packing, put in the microwave for 10 minutes to warm up (at the highest temperature). After that, as the device cools down, Cleaning the microwave takes 5 minutes.

How to deal with this old fat and smell

After repeated use of the microwave oven, Fat accumulates in the device, which leads to the appearance of unpleasant odors.

And to get rid of extraneous flavors, First you need to wash the fat from the microwave. In other words - eliminate the cause.

Can be used to clean household cleaners, which are sold in stores. Their action is also aimed at eliminating extraneous odors.

You can resort to the help and folk remedies. Cleaning the microwave using soda is effective in eliminating the unpleasant flavor.

Can be used and the salt, which particles are capable of absorbing the volatile compounds. All you do is pour salt in a saucer and put it in the microwave for a night.

In a similar manner the activated carbon can be activated. He will remove the smell of 10 hours.

How to clean the outside of the microwave: simple and effective

Wash can be outside the microwave several methods:

  1. Dense soda solution. For this purpose, mixed with soda water so, To obtain a slurry. Substance is applied over the entire outer surface of the furnace, left on 20 minutes, and then carefully wash all the sponge with water. Button clears cotton buds
  2. Special detergents for microwaves perfectly get rid of dirt from the outside. You just need to put it on a sponge and foam, and this sponge to walk across the surface. After rinse with water and dry towel

What if after washing, microwave oven does not work

It may also happen, after cleaning the microwave it stops working. The cause of the problem may be the ingress of water into the unit. Baking again earned, it must be disconnected from the power supply and leave be dried (It can be taken out onto the balcony) a couple of days.

If after this microwave will not work, then it should be attributed to the repair.

Safety measures for proper washing of the inside of the furnace

How to quickly clean the microwave at home and not to spoil the device? To do this, you must observe basic safety measures:

  1. Turn off the microwave oven from the mains, when the transition to the immediate cleaning with a damp cloth
  2. For, to clean the inside of the microwave, use tools, with the exception of: abrasive powders, chlorine-containing agents, strong acids

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