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Curtains for the kitchen: 165 photo kitchen curtains

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It is difficult to imagine a modern interior without curtains. They perform practical functions: protect the apartment from the street views, close the room from the sun, but also decorate the room. Curtains and other textiles - one of the main elements of many styles of interior. Will give tips on choosing curtains and consider the best options

Recommendations regarding the selection of curtains and drapes

If you are unbearably boring to look at your windows, do not despair! Make them interesting and stylish, it is not difficult. To begin, select a room. It is the, where you are often, but, so, and your mood and inspiration depend on the level of comfort in it. On paper, make a detailed plan of the window, and, maintaining the relative proportions of all sizes. "Grab" a little of the surrounding space. maybe, You will want to install window sills of granite or replace the wooden cornice on metal.

Now we must decide, Are you satisfied with this window size by the number of the transmitted light. BUT, can, should close the window denser curtains, not to see the dull wall opposite the house? Do not be amiss to think in advance about the color scheme, which is able to animate interior unrecognizable. If the room is used by other members of your family, consult with them, possibly, they also have some ideas on this subject. Record estimated, you can spend it on the window.

design theory

Now, to solve problems, You need to view as much information as possible in magazines, in the Internet. Even, kind of, old editions and books can be useful, prompting some classic options window decoration. Take the time to read the section on metal-plastic and wooden windows, about window sills made of natural marble and granite, familiarize yourself with the applicable regulations and standards.

Keep an eye to the design of the windows with friends, in showrooms or offices. Compare and try to understand, that is closer to you all. In the sale of fabric stores, you can get acquainted with the assortment of curtains, curtains, etc..

Be sure to consider not only the color, but the texture of fabric, whether it will fall heavy waves or stretch out on the perimeter is almost completely. See samples Oracal and various finished drawings, which instantly glued to glass and plastic. Thus you can inexpensively change the color of the inside of the window.

Tips on creating comfort

If you are in a room dominated by a classic style, see catalog of articles made of marble and granite. Now you can begin to write a clear plan. To paint every detail. maybe, the, which of course is now for you self, next week will be forgotten. Obey Making plans.

Now you can tell the whole picture of your new window, because you learn a lot of material on the design of windows, interior and curtains. In the course of implementation it may seem, you can think of something better. Do not be tempted, value your work and trust yourself and your taste. maybe, artistic decorative panels, you hang, when everything else is already done, will give the room a finished look and will place the final accents in the decor of your room.

Be very careful when combining various styles and colors. If in doubt, always best to lean towards the classical trends. new same, not proven life of the host for the purpose of, Only if this idea is really causing you a lot of enthusiasm and vdohnovenie.Uspehov you and homely atmosphere!

Current models of curtains in the kitchen

Curtains in the kitchen should fit into the overall design. They should be in harmony with other objects not only in color, but also in texture, mean tissue, figure.

To choose curtains for the kitchen, you can use an interior designer or self. The main rule - the fabric should be easy to wash and iron. It should not absorb dirt and odors. Therefore, the expensive, luxurious materials should be abandoned. Cotton is well suited for the kitchen, linen and polyester.

Since the kitchen has to deal with an open fire and hot splashes, We need to think about security. Some companies manufacture specifically for the kitchen curtains with flame retardants.

design new items: photo and video

There used to be popular long curtains with drapes and lambrequins. Now this trend is rooted in the past.


In the fashion of light curtains, with funny drawings. Of course, should take into account the style of the room, not all such blinds are appropriate. from ryushey, frills, Brush is to give accurate, such details are long out of fashion.

Interior designers call to abandon the usual curtains, to increase the brightness of the room. This will make the kitchen bright and spacious. If you're used to window curtain, You may prefer roller blinds for the kitchen and close them only in the evening.

short curtains

Short curtains for the kitchen - a feature country-style. Until now, the village residents homes can be found stretched wire in the middle of the window and the curtains are short on it. If your interior is a lot of wooden parts, open shelves, decorative plates, short curtain perfectly fit.

Special chic - or hand-stitched curtains connected. You can order them in the manufacture of textile shops or at home seamstresses. They will cost inexpensive, thanks to its small size. As a result, you get the interior in the style of hand-made, Shabby-chic or country.

Beautiful curtains for the balcony

If the kitchen you have access to the balcony, you can do without the usual curtains. The balcony structure and so protect you from excess light and prying eyes from the street.


In this case, curtains and blinds in the kitchen do not need.

You can sew small curtains for balcony, to close them in a particularly sunny weather. Good fit blinds or shutters, depending on the style of your balcony.

How to sew roman shades

Roman blinds are sun blind. Conventional blinds look bored, since they are usually monophonic. Roman also made of fabric, so you can choose any pattern or design.

Roman blinds in bright white kitchen diversify the interior and will make its own distinction. How to sew:

  1. You will need: the cloth, Tape Velcro, metallic or wooden rods across the web, plastic rings for kulisok, 2 wooden slats for bottom and top, nylon cords, nails and screws.
  2. Measure the box and find details. Leave allowances for 10-15 see below and above, 5-7 cm on each side.
  3. Calculate the number of folds depending on the height of the window.
  4. Mark on the fabric folds and places mounting rings.
  5. Treat the side edges.
  6. Furniture staples or nails to the wooden lath nail Velcro.
  7. To the upper edge sew another part of the Velcro. Wooden plank will serve cornice.
  8. Bottom to make the curtain drawstring casing and insert the wooden bar.
  9. On the wrong side of fold lines Sew Drawstring, insert the pins. Sew rings to these sites.
  10. Put the curtain on a rod and hang it on the window.
  11. Pull cords through the rings, output cords on one side. Try to lay down the curtain. Make a handle for lifting.

Finished blinds

It can be difficult to choose the curtains to a white kitchen in the style of minimalism. It is best to not use any curtains or blinds to hang, that will not distract the attention of. The main rule of the interior - leaving plenty of open space, do not clutter the room plus textiles.

Advantages of roller blinds:

  • They are easy to care for;
  • The material does not absorb odors, fat, mud;
  • The material does not fade in the sun;
  • There is a free access to the window sill, roll does not take up too much space;
  • Curtains do not interfere with the opening of the window, even in ventilation mode.

How to sew curtains with his hands cheaply

Before sewing curtains on the window in the kitchen, decide on the style and fabric. You can see pictures of various interiors and a range of materials in stores. But first of all we need to focus on the color of the walls and kitchen cabinets.

To sew curtains with his hands, you need to measure the desired width and height. Also determine the type of curtain, who hang out in the kitchen. Put in a small percentage of the width of the fabric in the fold. Buy The material and tape, which will be attached to the hooks.

Soak cloth in warm water and treat with steam iron, to avoid shrinkage. cutting material, hem side edges. Hem upper section and stitched thereto tape. Bottom hem can be typed or hand.

Pull the tape so, to form a beautiful coat-tails. Hang the curtains on the window. Additionally, you can decorate them with tassels, finishing fringe, bows. Consider the picture and trends in the design of design in the kitchen window.

curtains in the kitchen are endless ideas. You can be inspired by other people's versions or make up your, unique. If you have sewing skills, it can be implemented independently or prove the project the designer.