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Fitted kitchen in a private home together: Secrets ideal premises

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The kitchen in the house belongs to a specific premises. It contains water and sewer systems, ventilation and gas communications. Some private houses located in the kitchen oven, serves to kuhovareniya or heating the entire structure. Fitted kitchen in the apartment varies with the same process in the house. Regardless of the size, kitchen in a private house to be comfortable and functional. The main feature is, there focused communication systems, can not do without.

kitchen in a private house
In a private house, you can turn in your fantasies of design

Fitted kitchen in the house

The process of this type of arrangement space is expressed in the creation of the project and its subsequent implementation. And it includes detailed planning of a private house, layout of all, without exception, life-support systems, their arrangement, and assembly. In a private home kitchen and large meets, and miniature. Often in individual houses irregularly shaped kitchen, and sometimes even through. This affects the design inside the private house and the style of the interior.

kitchen in a private house

Designing of houses with their own hands - this is an extremely important moment, which requires scrupulous and responsible approach. Not all allow such a procedure, relying on their own knowledge, if a, of course, you do not have special education. Usually this question apply to the special company, based on the activity of this kind.

Before the beginning of everything is recommended to consider every nuance, especially, when the kitchen is small in size, and she set aside a set of home functions: living room, heating, etc.. Kitchen design in the house is very different from that in the apartment. Bulky space should be efficiently divided into sections, considering input circuits engineering.

Driving in a private house
The scheme is much easier to plan any work in the room

The structural intricacies

special drawing right is issued for drawing up the plan (sketch). In future, taking full account of the project requirements, given the opportunity to organize a communications system with their own hands in a private house.

Initially, the paper is fixed kitchen floor plan with the features of the communication elements:

  • A special requirement is given to the arrangement of niches and ventilation systems. For efficient operation of the ventilation system in the planning is not recommended blocking access to it.
  • The house kitchen serves location with a lot of it is not relevant to the technology, which endows it with additional functions. Speech on boilers, and gas water heating devices, etc.. The right design allows placement of these devices in a separate part, if there is no opportunity to place in a separate
  • In the kitchen with ovens for heating is allowed to place a fireplace for comfort and pomp.
  • Terms of placement of furniture for kitchens united. Given the size of the room, first, it is recommended to visually divide the kitchen into sections - working, dining and recreation. When buying is recommended to pay attention to the built-in furniture for a more rational use of space. Work area is allowed to beat without regard to standard requirements.
  • Often kitchens of private homes of all shapes. This is - an advantage, which is not limited in the choice of style design.
  • Often the kitchen - passage room, which combines the living room, boiler room, kitchen and dining room. Consequently, it is necessary to spend excessively moral and physical strength, to rationally design.

Sketch show skilled recommended to further adjust.

kitchen in a private house
The kitchen is in the house may be the epicenter of the location of all its inhabitants

If all the details of these premises will be properly taken into account, later to repair the kitchen in a private home will be much easier.

Putting life support systems

Entering the life support systems in space requires compliance with a set of rules:

  1. As mentioned in the previous section, kitchen in a private home - the concentration of large number of electrical appliances and Byttekhnika, sometimes misplaced, but are forced to specific engineering solutions. Gas stove and heating device (Autonomous boiler) It recommended to place next to the inlet pipe, and vice versa, which will eliminate the wiring space on the perimeter.
  2. With these devices are inextricably linked to the ventilation system. You can not move it, but, so, placed near the devices you want to.large kitchen in a private house
  3. Entering the water and sewage systems are allowed from different directions. Water pipes and sewage systems should enter in close proximity to the sink and dishwasher (or washing). With proper planning sewerage scheme involves the consumption of a minimum length of sewer pipe. It should be noted, that in the future to decorate the kitchen in a private home must be so, to hide visible vodogony.
  4. Electrical networks are calculated based on the estimated power consumption of electrical appliances. It is recommended to put on a sketch of the future kitchen outlet and switches, given the location of fixed appliances. When organizing wiring gas- or water-consuming appliances recommend they follow the appropriate instruction, due to the intricacies of the connection of each model separately.

Placement of furniture and kitchen equipment

Modern homes have a kitchen, exceeding 10 m2, because the project is executed, taking into account the preferences of future residents. It allows to organize separate work area and a dining area. If the alignment process is a suite of furniture and equipment will be held personally hosts, it is recommended to take into account a number of rules:

luxury kitchen in a private house

  • It is necessary to visually distinguish between the work, dining area and resting place.
  • Despite the high cost of, it is built-in appliances is recommended for a comfortable and rational organization of space (it topically with small squares).
  • It is not recommended to place next to the kitchen sink and hob or refrigeration equipment and plate. This can lead to damage of household appliances.

Kitchen in a private house should be large priori, Of course if you have a big house and.