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The basic techniques of design and expansion of space in long, narrow kitchen

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Custom geometry space required to pay special attention to the selection of furniture and decoration materials. Smooth the scales of the long, narrow kitchen you can, applying proven design techniques clearance. The original rectangular shape of the room will turn into an advantage when properly selected stylistic decision, and the organization of space.

The alignment of the kitchen
Too small narrow kitchen arrangement does not provide a dining area

The design of the long kitchen can be designed in a Scandinavian style, country, It applies minimalism, high-tech. Warm colors and soft lines are able to create the necessary visual effects. Metallic colors in the style of hi-tech open up the possibility to use modern technology as the original decor.

Modern stylistic solutions and decorative techniques will help to create a stylish, practical and functional design of the narrow kitchen.

Options for placement of furniture and equipment

The main criterion for the selection of furniture for the kitchen is a narrow area of ​​the room. Too small narrow kitchen arrangement does not provide a dining area. In this case, the best solution would be to use the living room as a dining room. The narrow kitchen require to give up additional parts of furniture, opted only on necessary items.

Create a comfortable design long and narrow kitchen It helps built-in appliances. The compact size and functionality of the device will save valuable centimeters. Built-in kitchen appliances is almost not visible, creating a sense of freedom and purity.

Shiny reflective surfaces have the ability to, visually expanding the space.

Arrange the furniture in the kitchen to help narrow some basic design options for placement:

  1. single-row. It involved only one wall, along which is installed in kitchen and appliances. Dining table located in the living room. Free wall decorated with mirrored elements, or decorated with bright prints.
  2. distichous. It is used in large rooms, two narrow sides are not involved. Furniture and equipment located in two rows.
  3. L-shaped. practical option, providing the balance in one long wall and windows.
  4. U-shaped. Location will create a comfortable and ergonomic space, installing all the necessary equipment and kitchen units along the wall. Dining for this layout is transferred to the canteen.

placement option
Option arrangement of furniture in a small kitchen

When designing a kitchen design long and narrow, it should be remembered, that the furniture should not look awkward. Inserts made of glass, mirror elements create a sense of lightness and weightlessness. Sliding mechanisms for opening lockers will give extra space for placing frequently used kitchen appliances. The narrow kitchen, furnished and folding sliding constructions, filled with ergonomics and comfort.

Design techniques at a width of less than 2 m

The interior of the narrow kitchen, no more than two meters, It requires the use of single-row arrangement of equipment and the headset. With this technique you can save space for a comfortable stay in the room and cooking. long kitchen layout provides the location of the working and dining area on the opposite wall. Small-sized equipment is recommended to be fixed to the wall. Kitchen utensils can be placed on the shelves above the dining area.

Particular attention will need to be paid to the shape and size of furniture set. When, if the kitchen 2*4 m, should choose custom options, or take the opportunity to custom-made. Refrigerator better place in the corner, in order to avoid too much attention to its size. Small species art is desirable to establish in the cabinet, having protected space of small details and to reduce the working zone.

Stylistic solutions with a width of more than 2 m

Planning narrow kitchen, greater than the width of more than two meters, It opens the possibility of a full choice of options for placement of furniture and equipment. Elongated rectangle with sufficient space will create a stylish and comfortable environment.

Two-row arrangement of the work area provide ample space for dining, the separation of the room into two parts. In kitchen and appliances, located along the opposite walls, make room for a comfortable and functional furniture dining area.

Decorative techniques and visual effects of expansion space

luxury kitchen
Two-row arrangement of the work area provide ample space for dining

Interior long kitchen provides for the use of visual effects with the game colors and textures. Changes to the geometry achieved through contrasts and elements of decor, eliminating the impression of an elongated space. long kitchen layout provides for the use of decorative techniques:

  • short wall can be visually closer, using saturated bright colors;
  • horizontal pattern, or stripes will be the best one for finishing the wall surfaces;
  • the color of the furniture is recommended to choose to match the wall design, or a little lighter;
  • wall cabinets, if possible, should be replaced by open shelves;
  • dining area in the spacious long rooms should be placed at the short wall;
  • seamless floor covering is in the form of diagonal, or transverse strips;
  • one of the long walls may be advantageous to decorate, Using Mural expanding space, or items with reflective surfaces.

Particular attention in a long narrow space need to be given clearance doors and proper lighting. A sufficient amount of light will enhance the room, making it more spacious and comfortable. Original lamps harmoniously divide the room into zones. Mirrored apron will correct geometry facilities. Sliding glass doors in the kitchen headset will bring lightness and airiness, save space.


Small touches recommended pick in tone with the overall interior, creating a harmonious and functional space. Applying proven stylistic solutions and design techniques, easy to organize a stylish space with a touch of individuality. Here such it is a long, narrow kitchen.