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Brick in the interior of a stylish kitchen: 75 photo ideas

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The fashion for natural materials made popular in the decoration of the premises the use of natural brick. the, that recently was hidden behind a thick layer of plaster and wallpaper, today demonstrates kitchen with brick. Brick walls and decorative elements often become part of a stylish environment, equally well be used in city apartments and country houses to create a family atmosphere of comfort and relaxation and comfort.

Where appropriate brickwork

Barriers for finishing brick virtually non-existent. It is resistant to all climatic conditions, It has high strength, soundproofed, low thermal conductivity. The kitchen is in brick - the most relevant solution for this material.

Brick finishing kitchen - so stylish detail, which obliges to think the rest of the design to the smallest detail.

Styles kitchen with a brick

Brick elements will fit into any kitchen style. In most cases, a brick in the kitchen require a minimum of color selections. And with good material interior necessarily get a beautiful and functional.


Loft - literally "the attic" - suggests the presence of large open spaces. The loft harmoniously combines ultra-modern and deliberately coarse materials: aged floors, rough plaster, hand-molded bricks, Communications and pipes "in plain sight". Brick finishing in the kitchen is more than appropriate.


Brick in the kitchen in a rustic style - one of the fundamental elements. Country - is not necessarily a suburban home, where you can build a brick oven and fireplace, leaving without finishing masonry. And in rustic style is widely used.

Gothic and Romanesque

The interior with the atmosphere of the Gothic and Romanesque style fits perfectly into a kitchen with a brick finish. Door or window opening in the form of a brick arch, masonry wall with "antique", massive floors and ceilings, doors and other elements of medieval effectively combined with modern kitchen appliances and accessories.


And in a classic style kitchen allowed finishing of brick. This trick will emphasize the interior aristocracy, especially when using light material.


Brick perfectly supports the industrial style, which looks gorgeous in its original form. Naked brickwork kitchen harmonic with shiny metal accessories, It helps to emphasize the brilliance and beauty of smooth concise elements.

Minimalism. Scandinavian. modern

Modern minimalist styles also use an element for finishing kitchen brick. Monochrome pale walls, floors and furniture perfectly match finished with brick or a similar color shade material saturated with a contrasting color.


Enough popular in contemporary design eclectic style does not put strict framework, and it allows you to develop individuality. therefore, If you want to make the kitchen design with a brick - with this style there are no barriers!

Wall and apron

It is in these places the most demand brick. When the house was originally built this building and finishing material, then it remains only to get, removing plaster.

Otherwise - to lay out a wall in full or make a simulation. If the space is small, it is enough that there was a brick wall in the kitchen. And you can make a horizontal division, filling out the wall to half.

The apron of the working surface - something badly needed in the kitchen. It is advantageous to look at registration of a natural material in various combinations.

Stove and fireplace

Stove and fireplace by nature gravitate to the kitchen space, and thanks to the properties of brick involve the use of it for the construction and lining.

Fireplace not only warms and creates homeliness, but also is a luxurious decor. This brick fireplace is easy to maintain, easy to fit in all styles.

Brick oven logically set in a country house. Structure obtained durable and resistant to extremes of humidity and temperature. It has successfully embedded in the modern interiors of different styles.

Summer kitchen from brick

A popular vacation vacation often involves cooking at the summer kitchen. In this case, the brickwork in the kitchen in the open air is very appropriate because of consumer properties of the material. Open gazebo type building with a brick foundation of furniture - it's reliability and durability.

material options

On sale are offered a wide choice of the most ancient building material. Besides, There are various techniques, allowing to simulate brickwork fashion with less cost and effort.

Types of red brick

The most common brick - red or ceramic. it is produced, burning a mixture of clay and its. Available in shades of yellow, burnt red and brown. Ceramic clinker bricks from refractory layers of pure plastic clay without impurities - an expensive and high-quality material.

Fireclay or oven - made of "grog" special clay and some additives, for stoves and fireplaces.

Expensive hand-molded brick and shaped brick of any shape, textures and colors used for decoration and masonry fireplace.

white brick

White brick in the kitchen - elegant material, which designers use in different embodiments. White, it can be in nature - if it is a silicate material, consisting of purified sand and lime. There may also simulate silicate by staining and other methods. Having a kitchen with white brick in the interior design adds lightness.

What to buy material to simulate bricks

If for some reason you can not use a natural brick in kitchen design, then there are options to use the following materials to simulate:

  • decorative tiles;
  • Wall panels;
  • foam and drywall;
  • decorative plaster;
  • Wallpaper and paint.


There are different varieties of decorative tiles - clinker, gipsovaya, stone. All of them are easy to care for, durable, moisture resistant, resistant to chemicals, are of low cost and mass. tiles production technology can reliably simulate brickwork.

Wall panels, foam and drywall

Can simulate a brick wall using panels of plastic or MDF, which have little weight, easy to install, easy to clean and replace. It is better to have them on the surface, not adjacent to the plate - the source of high temperature.

Foam - light weight and the material. Allow their own hands to create an imitation of brickwork with a characteristic rough surface. Drywall - easy to process, but not water resistance. But from it we can make any design form. Economical replacement of expensive natural materials.

Decorative plaster

One of the simple ways to finish - plastering walls with imitation masonry. Plaster is easy to apply and repair, durable, It has the property to save heat. The drawback - the instability to dirt.

Wallpaper and painting under a brick

Wallpaper - the most affordable way to decorate the wall in the right style. Because wallpaper design with simulated masonry popular in decoration and different from the brick wall just to the touch. Drawback - fragility.

On a flat wall can be drawn desired pattern with latex or acrylic paint, that by using a roller or brush to make a snap. This unique option will look modestly, but the painted walls easy to clean.

Bricks with their hands

You can save on natural materials, having made his own. This will require: extract clay, cook clay dough, make forms and fill them with clay. The obtained preform to dry and burn in a special furnace. Having in mind the clay quarry, you can take a chance and to organize a small brick production.

What to consider when a brick finish

If we consider the pros and cons of the material, it all depends on the type - Ceramic, silicate, Klinker - they all have different sound insulation, thermal conductivity, strength. But there are common for all kinds of moments.

Pros and cons of brick

Positive traits:

  • durable material out of time;
  • with a volume effect practical decor;
  • resistance to mechanical damage;
  • resistance to temperature extremes, fire, moisture;
  • environmental friendliness: It does not emit unpleasant odors and harmful substances;
  • excellent thermal insulator: It accumulates and retains heat for a long time;
  • It insulates sound and noise;


  • great mass;
  • optical reduction space;
  • high price.

Decide, how to use the material: natural or imitation, It should be on the basis of budget and personal preferences.

We make beautiful

Skilful selection of original furniture and exclusive decor creates a truly unique design kitchen facilities, issued via simulating bricks or masonry.

Interestingly brutal brick combination with other surface finishing materials: tiles, wood, glass and metal. For a variety of life-clutch can be tinted in an unusual color.

Sometimes enough to decorate the interior of open shelves made of wood or metal.

Increased emphasis on the brick kitchen wall lights designed to help: combined with a matte finish will make the room cozy and maximize domestic.

How to care for decorative masonry

Kitchen with brick, Despite the seeming simplicity of the material, It requires regular care and attention. If you have over the stove hood, it already provides less pollution and walls of brick apron.

It requires careful care kitchen of white brick - it is better to put on a light-colored walls special impregnation. Practical for the plate on an apron to install an optional transparent glass, which will provide protection from grease and dust not only on the white material.

Natural brick can be further impregnated with a special compound, which will protect it from damage and destruction. To be safe, we recommend laying seams fluff hermetic structure and lacquered. When using these simple techniques, kitchen, decorated with natural material, It will last for many years.

Skillfully to create a kitchen design with a brick in a modern interior can be different.

The main thing - to use it in moderation, seemingly simple, material, that the kitchen area did not resemble the non-residential premises.