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How to equip a kitchen, to not be ashamed: nuances and secrets of the process

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not important, how many people live in the apartment, what their hobbies or lifestyle, The main rule - a functional kitchen, in which it is pleasant to spend time cooking and dinner. With this article we settling the kitchen with you.

Fitted kitchen
In the kitchen everything is good, It means the owners have tried to

planning Square: zoning kitchen and not only

For the convenience of staying woman in the kitchen area is divided into zones. Approaches highlight many areas. Each of them with features and help equip the kitchen.

Simple and clear separation into zones:

  • working. Territory, which serves, clean dishes.
  • Seating. A place, where there is a table and chairs.
  • Free movement for family members area.
  • Some designers add more windows and entrance area.

The most important food items - table, stove and sink. Their location depends on the alignment of the rest of the furniture and equipment, zoning kitchen area. Properly equip the kitchen - so create the conditions for a comfortable stay in it all family members. The most common version, when the plate is part of the kitchen units. He vymeryat size wall, where it will be installed.

Calculated in detail all possible built-in appliances. Size matter countertop width. It is aligned with the plate dimensions. Imagine the kitchen furniture, you can explore the shops offer or call the master, which will offer a variety of options for furniture sets. Then choose a table size. To him matched chairs, sofa or kitchen. Furniture is thought out to the smallest detail and the details:

  1. The height of the cabinets;
  2. functional furniture;
  3. The number and location of closed and open shelves;
  4. Making windows and facades;
  5. separate shelf;
  6. Corner cabinet and form of furniture;
  7. Niche for refrigerator.

Consider the following embodiments and forms of storage cabinets saucepans, durable products, spice.

Wardrobe to store spices
Storage Cabinet is an essential spice in the kitchen room furniture

To equip the kitchen with his hands easy, We need to plan, where they are installed home appliances. They are necessarily tied to sewage networks and electrical lines. Strategically located it is important to advance, because such equipment, as a refrigerator or oven difficult to move, transpose.

In addition, be sure to consider, where there will be design elements, eg, aquarium, bar or corner fireplace. If the hostess - a lover of flowers, you can imagine, where it will be located stand under them. If you have any items, who want to show off, better for them to think in advance the installation site.

Council: future plan kitchen depicted as a sketch or drawing. Even if you do not go according to plan, gradually change the picture, adjust. The plan will remain unchanged and will get the desired result.

Machinery and equipment

Technical assistants is growing. Major household appliances, without which it is impossible to imagine the kitchen today: fridge, oven, microwave. Most of the housewives prefer to still multivarku. The largest of them - the fridge. Fitting Position try to choose it initially, that he does not occupy a large area, not blocked the passages. The best option - a special niche. Any electrical equipment requires setting, desirable constant. Such equipment is difficult to transport and frequent pulling out of the utility rooms or cabinets. If you think about and build some of them in a furniture cabinet, use will be simple and convenient.

Beautiful kitchen
Functionality, beauty and design - it's just your imagination

Niches and shelves need for food processor, that replaces a large number of other techniques. Another equipment, It becomes necessary for the modern housewife, - Dishwasher. Her feature or under the sink, or near the. Plumbing the system is less, if their position as close as possible. Of the value of the necessary devices for the kitchen has a hood. Types and designs of its many.

It is considered the most common - an electrical device, which is located above the slab. Designers help hide, hide exhaust system, so as not to spoil the look of the entire kitchen this device, but from the work of extraction depends comfortable stay, as the room, where food is prepared, accumulates large amounts of odor. Designers think through the possibility of filling any vacant space.

Council: More functional than thought out kitchen, the easier it cook and entertain.

Storage space

The kitchen is always accumulate different amounts of food, equipment, crockery. For their storage need furniture, kitchen equipment. Part of the reserves fit into a cell headset. For accuracy acquired containers. Dishes, cutlery are placed in boxes and furniture niches. In the secret place hides the kitchen bucket or container for rubbish. It is better to use them for a drawer with a slatted bottom for easy cleaning. Close to the bucket put cleaning products and supplies sanitary facilities. Large kitchen equipment is located in a variety of convenient cupboards. Chooses a place to store most of the hostess. Therefore, each kitchen is individual and unique. Even with the same headset, things are kept in different ways.

Every kitchen is individual in its, 2 the same you will not find ever

Decorating and Design: materials

Kitchen matched practical and resistant to temperature and mechanical shock materials. This is especially true in the working surface of the wall surface of the furniture, where the cooking of food, favorite foods. The material must withstand constant wet processing. Any kind of wallpaper, even washable will not be protected. The best option - ceramic tiles, glass, plastic. They are not afraid of contact with hot, easily washed from the oil, inadvertent splashes and other possible everyday situations. Another place, It requires a special approach, - a zone in the plate. Here you can select the same materials and any metal surface with a water repellent. Today, there are interesting wooden panels with special impregnation, laminated chipboard. Consider several possible materials, choose the best opportunities for family and desires.

The rest of the kitchen walls can be designed classically: wallpaper, tree, the cloth, panel.

Council: do not leave without finishing the walls of the equipment and furniture.

Walls without processing exposed dampness: appears black or mildew. Also sometimes there is a desire to change something in the room, vidoizmenity space, then we need to fully glue the kitchen, hide empty seats, not furnished before. You can pick up an interesting combination of wallpaper, and this, that will be for furniture, selected less valuable, more modest.

Fitted shelves
Simple shelves can become a part of the style and particular design


From kitchen lighting depends on the convenience of cooking, free movement of floor space, a family vacation. Artificial lighting - not an option permanent light entry. Favorable option - the right combination of natural and artificial lighting. It is different by level, capacity and location. Consider possible such embodiments:

  • Chandelier and lights over the table;
  • Lamps on the center and the corners of the ceiling;
  • Chandeliers and lamps, located in the upper part of the furniture.

Inclusion of the light will vary, kitchen space requires a different light. Cooking - bright, for a family celebration - from the original light fixtures above the table, for a romantic date or dinner for two - a muted glow lamps. Such variations will help create comfort while dining and cooking culinary.


If the planned repairs of apartment, issue, How to equip a kitchen, Take the main place. We'll have to become a master of all trades: designer, architect, decorator and hostess.