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Harmony in Red: bold solutions for the kitchen

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Shades of red - the color of passion. For this reason, many women have in their wardrobe a decent amount of things wine shade. After all, everyone wants to be a vibrant and valued. But, it would seem that, What is the ratio has to design kitchens? And as if it did not seem strange: direct! Since women are still more likely to spend time in the room, then the color began to penetrate and to. After striking design pleases the eye and animates the space. The tone of this is present not only as the leading wallpaper, but in headsets, cutlery and Technology.


Design approaches and erroneous opinions

Just say, that even if you resort to the services of design agencies, whatever decision they were not offered, you have to approve them: because to live in an apartment you. Therefore, before going to the guru of the business think carefully, Whatever design you like to see in your kitchen. The final decision is always yours. so, Now about the delusions and ideas:

  1. Tone should be as bright. Not, this is not true. bright red background with other "acid" shades is not the best combination. Only the bright colors in the design of visual overload space, constrict it and quickly get tired of trite. Moreover, This fatigue affects the physical level: eyes are corny begin to hurt. Therefore, we recommend to dilute the bright colors somewhat calm, eg, red set will look beautiful on a beige or milky white. Yes, and such combinations are opening space for creativity;
  2. More radical point of view: red tone has no place in this room, Red - the color of aggression. certainly, If everything will be red, You will quickly begin to irritate it. We're talking, that red can be used in the kitchen, but in moderation;


Additional colors for the red kitchen

so, we see, the red kitchen in the interior today - a widespread phenomenon. Kitchen furniture manufacturers increasingly bring to their headsets reds. According to the chain reaction of the hardware manufacturers including manufacturers of building materials and the market began to get large quantities of goods, gamma which is combined with a red.


But such a choice should not confuse: all the basic layout options can be summarized in three major groups. It is through these groups and create a design.

style first: Red - the color of accessories

Red furniture then selected, when the background color of the room - soft. for example, beige or light gray. This is done, to furniture in red colors stand out against the background of the walls and delimits the space: so zoning is achieved in the room. To the background color combined with red in furniture, Follow these tips:

  • Acceptable blacks used in the kitchen. These shades perfectly complement each other, black with red as if "fight" for space, where black takes itself wall, and the red: furniture and fittings. Red brings a black background looks crisp and catchy, but not dramatically
  • To create a soft atmosphere is selected tender, pastel shades. Soft interior ideal for families with young children, as the combination of calm bring peace to the apartment
  • We will submit a separate paragraph itself kitchen accessories. Red - youth, so you should use it in modern styles, like hi-tech, minimalist or futuristic

What more color can be a wall in the kitchen with shades of red? Again, you can add gray palette, light tone. Here you are killing two birds with one stone: gray tones are not so clearly expressed itself on kitchen dirt (by cooking, etc.), and emphasizes the brightness of the furniture.


Wallpaper red

Important! If you decide to choose the wallpaper that color, then pick up the furniture in advance and estimate, the red background will live with furniture.

  • Designers pay attention to, it is not necessary to use natural materials when working with red: because he-color is not the most common in nature. Such combinations are simply ridiculous, so the red furniture is better to use in the "Youth" styles, we have already identified;
  • If you decide to pokleit vinyl wallpaper monochromatic red, it is against this background will be a logical addition to the white color of the furniture. Prefer light tones countertops, add the white specs in the door and shelves: you get a memorable result;
  • Yourself wallpaper should not be bright, is the best approach: game with two shades, like pink or wine-burgundy. These solutions are considered to be acceptable to Wallpaper, because they do not strike the eyes;

Choosing the wallpaper in the kitchen, Consider the following parameters:

  1. The aggressiveness of the environment - in the kitchen you cook, wash the dishes, etc.. Therefore, non-woven wallpaper option here would be the only correct decision, if you do not use the tiles on the walls
  2. Resistance to moisture and the ability to wash wallpaper

The combination of furniture from the background

Regardless of, you use the black and red background or a white-red background, the choice of such a combination - a bold decision. That nothing will spoil it for you, let's look at the latest design tips:

  • Use small pictures in design, monochromatic pictures kitchen background brightness slightly dilute the wine tones. Yes, and not to leave the bare walls?
  • Avoid reflective surfaces, and give preference to matte surfaces. Once reflected light will hit the eyes;
  • Do not make a third color bright - on red almost any bright hue will look ridiculous;
  • No need furniture and walls the same color, but in different shades. This, too, will saturate the room, and not to be divided by background / furniture;
  • To prevent merging of the colors, add transitions between the dark zones. For such purposes suitable black;


Creating a final decision, Do not forget about the details of. If the kitchen in red colors based on the furniture, then add red in possible secondary decorative elements. They will be curtains for the red kitchen, are made of material iridescent. And then - in the same spirit. But the main thing in this matter: to begin!

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