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Kitchen design with cooker

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If there is a varied selection of kitchen appliances can be dispensed with classical cooker. Such an embodiment is suitable for young couples, who rarely eat at home and living in a studio apartment.


The family also requires the obligatory presence cooker, even in a small kitchen. It takes up less space, kitchen appliances, advertised in the commercial breaks.

If someone thinks otherwise, let's count up together, how many gadgets to fully replace conventional stove with oven:

  1. Microwave.
  2. aerogrill.
  3. multivarka.
  4. Bread.
  5. toaster.
  6. Elektroturka.
  7. Electric kettle.

Now imagine, where everything should be placed, how much will it cost and what will be the electric bills. succeed, that the stove takes up less space, It will cost less money and spends less energy. Therefore, the right choice - a kitchen with a stove. This will help ensure more photos kitchen with stove.

Which board to choose: electric or gas?

Selects each on its own based on the criteria: security, price, ease of use. Gas stoves cost less, disruptions rare gas supply, privately owned gas will be cheaper. electrical safety, have more features, do not emit combustion products.


Ceramic Glass

Modern electric stove with glass coated cause excitement among users. elegant, easy to clean, having a lot of features. one but: cooking is necessary only in a special dish, then the stove will last a long time. Colors for every taste battle. Impressive look black gas stove in the kitchen interior.

plate size

Plate size depends on the area of ​​kitchen area, design, common kitchen interior concept. Corner plate for food may have dimensions of 50 × 50 cm in the presence of the grill, oven, electric ignition.

Ventilation, extractor fan and an air cleaner

The modern kitchens are present all three factors, regardless of the type of the selected plate. Each has its own function. Ventilation provides access to fresh air. Extractor hood draws steam and smoke. The air purifier removes allergens, odors and dust. Choose from what's not. take all.kukhnya-uglovaya-s-oknom-15


Best kitchen ceiling - waterproof and washable good. There are materials for every taste and budget. Wallpaper, paint, plastic panels, plasterboard. The best reviews of the false ceiling.


Installation of built-kitchen

Developing design kitchen with stove, Feel yourself an artist. Installation best left to professionals. Not worth the risk, pretending to be a jack of all trades.

Design and interior decoration in small spaces

Kitchen depends on dwelling area. In the house with ten rooms, you can not afford a separate room, designed exclusively for cooking. In most cases, a small room combines the functions of kitchen and dining room. Kitchen design with corner stove allows compact place all the necessary details of the interior.

A small studio apartment

Enter a full meal in a small studio unit at first glance it seems an impossible task. One room should combine the kitchen, dining room, living room and bedroom. Many inhabitants of the studios cost electric kettle and microwave oven, giving up the good nutrition. for nothing. The problem is solved by installing a compact kitchen corner with an electric. If the cutting surface smoothly into the table, it will allow original save a little space.


Studio apartments

The owners of one-bedroom apartments usually arrange in a single residential bedrooms. Kitchen area must combine the kitchen, dining room and living room. Perfect solution will be built in kitchen with gas stove in the corner. washing, countertops, Lockers are located along two walls. On the remaining area will house sofa, square table and 2- 4 chair. A small kitchen with a stove in the corner enable to cook quality food, held a grand family dinner or hold a small party.


Let the refrigerator does not miss

There is a layout 2-room apartments, where and kitchen, and the room has a door, facing a loggia. The owners set the refrigerator on the balcony, freeing of the kitchen space, and makes it possible to keep the products at hand. Some owners go further - make of the loggia the kitchen, and vacated the room used as a dining room and living room.

Or kitchen extended by part of the loggia, the remaining portion is transformed into a cozy balcony. There are several options, the essence of which is, to get a light, easily ventilated kitchen. Along the windows built cabinets with floor surfaces, suitable for sorting, cutting products, Your meals. Plate appropriate to place in the corner - it will be convenient to ventilate. Get a handy kitchen with a stove and a corner window.

Model "Kitchen: plate with an edge "is also suitable for accommodation close to the window apertures. design kitchen with a stove in a corner suitable for rooms of various sizes and interior.

Kitchen with separate hob

Kitchen design with a separate stove requires creativity. It is necessary to choose the furniture to the existing plate color, width and height. It is much easier to make the built-in plate, choosing kitchen in the complex, according to their own possibilities. However, there are housewives, for which a separate plate in the interior of the kitchen - a mandatory attribute of successful cooking.

Or stove as liking, that is not going to change it. Then you better choose a separate kitchen with hob. The best way out - to choose a company with a wide range of cuisines and consult with a specialist, versed in the range.

Fitted electric oven or a gas, kitchen with hob in the corner, kitchen corner with a stove in the corner (all intricately))- take your pick. the main thing, that you are comfortable.

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