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kitchen-living room design 20 squares: all the details of planning, room design, the pros and cons of combining

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Combining the kitchen and living room - a good design idea. Previously, such an option was considered only in the West. At present, our compatriots not against the use of such a wonderful idea, especially, if the size of the dwelling is poor.


Kitchen-living room 20 quarter. m., basically, found in the finished studio apartments. In this case, the landlord must think only about the design.

Types of premises for planning


To living room and kitchen looked harmoniously - to start demolished the wall between the rooms. Then subjected to demolition and kitchen door. The passage is usually laid, a niche is formed at this point, which is suitable for placement of the refrigerator.


There are some planning, when the size of the kitchen is much smaller than the room size. In this case, due to the demolition of the walls is increased kitchen area, to which is added a living room.

There are also conflicting versions. For example, the kitchen has a huge size, and living area leaves much to be desired. Here, the owners offer an opportunity to prove design skills, while increasing the size of the room.

It is worth saying: cuisine is considered wet areas, it is not recommended to transfer it to other areas of the apartment.

Remember: the combination will be successful if, If the kitchen-living room layout carefully thought out in advance.

Possible difficulties in combining

Before, how to combine the two rooms, should all be carefully considered, considering all possible details. And taken into account in this case, not only the future functional living room, but kitchens.


Special, many do not want to combine the two rooms because of possible odors from cooking food. We assure, in that there is no problem. In this case it is necessary to take care of ventilation, which blocks the penetration of odors in living. Important in the room and bathroom cleaning, which should take place after each cooking (so as not to spoil the overall impression of the combination).

The second problem, which is found from the owners, - the inability to create the desired design of the kitchen-living room 20 quarter. m. because of the old buildings house. In this situation it is necessary to obtain permission of relevant authorities. The document is not given in the case of, if the wall is load-bearing.

In this situation, the arch is done, which visually increase the room.

Zoning and planning subtlety

To kitchen-living room (20 squares) He looked visually wider, carries out the following.

  1. Furniture. Pieces of furniture are arranged so, to clearly delimit the kitchen from the living room. In this case, the bar sets, which serves as a table top, and dining table.
  2. Color spectrum. Interior Living Room 20 quarter. m. will look harmoniously, if properly consider the moments, concerning the selection of colors. In this case, fit only for the kitchen and lively colors, while the living room is decorated with neutral tones and calm (beige, gray, peach).
  3. Lighting. Working in the kitchen area illuminated with decorative lamps, and the total area is decorated with a massive chandelier or pendant luminaires.
  4. Shelves. For light zoning racks are used well. At present, it is very fashionable. In this case, the selected rack with inclined shelves, asymmetrical and rounded with mood lighting.
  5. Mirror. Add a space in the room to help a massive mirror, mounted on the wall.
  6. floors. Two functional zones and separated via floor. For the living room is suitable laminate, kavrolin, and kitchen - tiles. Different materials are used in the decoration of the ceiling and.
  7. Partition. living room design 20 quarter. m. It will look stylish, if the room isolate decorative partition. Especially glass is looked spectacular, plastic, wooden partitions.
  8. Placement of furniture. Properly apart pieces of furniture, you can always achieve the desired effect.



Interior Design

To determine the appropriate design, pre-designate, which zones will be present in the room. If the room is only for recreational areas, the Art Nouveau style and high-tech are ideal in this case,. Special, if the owners - the couple, who like to receive guests.

If in the same room you will need to hold a few more areas, the ideal option would be a classic or minimalist style. Use every centimeter of space for good purposes.

The interior of the kitchen-living room 20 quarter. m. most practical issue in a corner layout. It allows visually enlarge the space.

Furniture and other accessories are selected in the same style, so as not to disturb the spatial harmony. If you prefer mixed styles, then make sure that, that all elements of the decor looked harmoniously and in good agreement with each other.

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Furniture, too, choose carefully. In order to have more space, purchase hanging lockers and shelves. It solves the problem of shortage of space will help kitchen with sliding chairs.

Pros and cons when combined

Despite, that the combination of kitchen and living room is considered to be an ideal option to increase space and improve the interior, shortcomings in this hard work is still there. it:

  • can not be isolated from the noise of kitchen items;
  • smells of food is prepared;
  • the need for the regular establishment of order in the kitchen.

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Well, of course, merits of combining the kitchen and living room:

  • It increases the size of the room;
  • modern solution for design;
  • an opportunity for the whole family to stay in for a meal in the dining area;
  • improved natural lighting common areas;
  • a rational solution to the problem, associated with the reception of guests;
  • the ability to view TV and chat with other members of the family.

Generally, benefits cover the deficiencies. So feel free to improvise in his apartment, achieving the ultimate in convenience and comfort! 866552016-05-20-573eeca6c5b6cFoto-75-Dizajn-interera-sovmeshhennoj-spalni-gostinoj400livingroom4_dizayn-living-20-sq-m


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