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Cozy small kitchen with his hands

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Proper organization of space will create original and functional interiors, even in small spaces. cozy kitchen It is a cooking place and serves as a living room, gathering at the table of guests and households. Modern design solutions style and practicality combine organically. Individual features of the room are an important reference point for the creation of an ergonomic and comfortable environment.

Small white kitchen
A small kitchen - not always the tightness and discomfort

Cozy small kitchen will require a simple and rational solutions. The main task is not to overload the room with unnecessary details, keeping the space for work areas. It is important to keep the organic combination of decoration and furniture, completing the interior in the same style. Harmonious appearance small kitchen depends on the color palette and the use of visual effects for the expansion of space.


The main parameters of the arrangement of small kitchens are the functionality and ergonomics, thoughtful zoning area.

design secrets: modern ideas and effective methods

A small kitchen to make comfortable will use proven design tips:

  • sliding design, or accordion door to the kitchen can significantly save space, by eliminating the need to open the areas;
    kitchen with table radvizhnym
    Sliding design in the kitchen - a super idea for saving space
  • spacious and designed kitchen utensils storage vacate the premises by unnecessary details;
  • maximum use of the area of ​​the corners of the room will allow practical use even the hard to reach places;
  • the use of tile is only recommended in the work area, reducing the amount of cold surfaces;
  • multi-level lighting naturally divide the room into zones;
  • technical equipment must be carefully thought out and functional;
  • small cozy kitchen will require special attention to be paid to the decor, giving finality of the situation, placing emphasis.

cozy kitchen

Stylish and practical furniture for a small kitchen

Interior of a small kitchen should combine comfort and functionality. The choice of furniture takes into account the layout and main tasks premises, operational level. Small space to visually appear larger thanks to a bright glossy surface. Contrasting color negative impact on the visual perception, visually compressing space.

Glass round table on metal legs does not look cumbersome, creating the effect of airy lightness. Straight lines with smooth transitions give weightlessness. Picking up the main elements of the kitchen furniture, it is recommended to give preference to the most capacious subjects, without using a lot in the interior of small lockers.

Glass table in the kitchen
Glass table in a small kitchen looks almost air

At the top of the elongated room furniture parts, visually raise the ceiling. Products Transformers allow the use of the furniture in the assembled state, if necessary, increasing the dining area. Kitchen corners with comfortable niches for storage of various accessories differ ergonomics and operating comfort. A harmonious combination of materials serves wood and glass, creating a home-like warm and cozy design.

Optimal stylistic solutions

Creating a cozy kitchen, design and stylistic trends in the interior can be made in different embodiments. Main recommendations and advice of specialists are in strict accordance to the selected solution and specific design small spaces. The optimum solution for small food stand:

Cozy kitchen with his hands

  1. modern. The main task of the style of performance is an unusual combination of elements. Soft flowing lines, asymmetries embodied in the spectacular bends and forms. It is important to keep the balance of design, without overloading the space.
  2. High-tech. The absence of excess small parts and adaptability is the basis of style. Surface finishes should not attract undue attention, by focusing on the major parts of furniture. Art technology and maximum functionality of kitchen appliances provide progressive interior orientation.
    a small wooden kitchen
    Small wooden kitchen - beautiful and practical
  3. Country. Interior with notes of provincial romance will make a small kitchen cozy, concise using composition and organic materials. Natural textures create a warm and comfortable environment.

Finishes surfaces

Modern materials allow to perform high-quality design surfaces, creating the necessary visual effects. Invested in a cozy kitchen with his hands is able to save space, practical to divide the room in the necessary areas. Smooth transitions tones on the walls separate dining and working area.

kitchen with frosted facades
Kitchen with matt-gloss fronts

Visual extension of the space is achieved by reflective surfaces a glossy texture.

The main principles of the functional arrangement of a small kitchen

Proper arrangement of kitchen space should take into account a stylish interior design and the proper organization of storage systems, choice of technology. Make a small kitchen functionality allows efficient use of the area by the window, the corners of the room. Roomy niche under the dining table, hob become receptive place to store bulky cookware, or infrequently used devices.

beautiful cozy kitchen

Interior designers recommend to integrate the technique into furniture, save valuable centimeters square. devices, designed for installation, characterized by compact dimensions and maximum functionality. Small rooms require to minimize the amount of accessories and decor elements. Reylingovye mechanisms, stacked boxes, door, opening up, help to organize storage space. Forethought and prevention of functional deficiencies of kitchen equipment will ensure a long and comfortable operation.


Original features help accents. SLR, or translucent parts will give light and airy, visually expanding the room. Potted plants will give the comfort of home, reviving pastel colors bright green. Applying modern design principles and design small kitchen secrets, It offers the opportunity to create an unsurpassed comfort even in a small area. Manual basic rules and individual preferences ensures the creation of a full-fledged space, embodying the best ideas and solutions.