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Options for bathroom and kitchen remodeling

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In older homes, built under Stalin, the bathroom is often combined with kitchen. At the same time in a communal apartment could accommodate several families. While one family preparing food, Others could take a shower curtain for. Today it seems strange and uncomfortable.

Variants of planning in older homes

Bath in the kitchen in St. Petersburg apartment - it is not uncommon, especially if the house was built in 1930. In this way we reduce the cost of the combination of plumbing. But many families today are looking for a way to redevelopment, which would separate such an intimate room, as the bathroom, kitchens.


  1. The division of the kitchen into two separate rooms. This is easily done by the construction of plasterboard, it can build even an inexperienced master.
  2. Installing the shower instead of a bath. A closed space with opaque walls will keep the intimate details of a secret from other family members. Besides, it takes up less space.
  3. expansion of toilets. Often next to the kitchen is a toilet. If you break the barrier and move it to another location, get a separate kitchen and bathroom with toilet.
  4. Zoning using screens and curtains. If the bath would not hurt you, You can separate it from the cooking area screens, curtains or cupboards.

options, which provide for the demolition and the erection of walls, you need to coordinate with the house management. Otherwise, you may encounter difficulties in the sale of apartments. You can not allow to demolish the wall, if they play an important role in the construction of the house. If as a result of redevelopment, you damage the pipes and you will check, will have to pay the penalty for illegal alterations.

bath designs kitchen

Conversely if you want to save space and install a bath in the kitchen, you need to think about the way the project. First of all, Consider flooring, to spray water do not spoil it, laminate and parquet is not suitable. Secondly, Organize a screen or curtain, bathing will protect a person from prying eyes. Thirdly, think, how to protect the entire room from the high humidity. It may suffer from the wallpaper, wooden furniture and doors. Before making a bathroom in the kitchen, think, whether you would like to bathe in the room, where you hang towels and other necessities.

The practical side of the repair

If you decide to fence off the bathroom from the kitchen, you need to select hydrophobic materials. Partitions can be made of plasterboard, resistant to moisture. On top of it you can stick tile, but before that required treatment with antiseptics, which will prevent the appearance of mold and mildew.

When installing partitions floor space is reduced. To save space, use the door coupe or a door-accordion. Separate zones by using different coating walls, multi-level floors, lighting.

Do not forget to apply for dispensation in coordination of redevelopment. Note, you can refuse, then you have to find another way out.

What to do, if the bathroom is not on the spot

If the bath is permanently installed in the kitchen, and you do not want to carry it, it is possible to separate design techniques. for example, Today the popularity of making a bathroom with transparent walls. You can build a glass box around the tub, separating it from the kitchen in such a way.

Other design techniques partitioning rooms:

  • Different levels of floor and ceiling;
  • Different wall decoration, eg, to paint the kitchen, and near the bath tiles;
  • Other lighting, around the working area bright lights, and in dim light shower;
  • Screens and curtains.

Design kitchen and bathroom

If you have installed the partition, kitchen and visually reduced, you can compensate for this light walls and pastel shades of kitchen furniture. In addition, the walls and the ceiling hang the mirror elements, which will expand the space.

Folding tables and chairs to help you save additional meters, needed every woman during cooking. Instead of a separate table, you can put the bar and bar stools. In the bathroom, you can save space, removing the sink and floor cupboards.

Bath in the kitchen in the old fund - it's not a death sentence. You can change its location, replace a shower or a separate partition. Why bathtub in the kitchen and who invented it - the big question, but today you do not have to put up with this design, you the strength to change.