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We combine the kitchen and living room: the basic rules of repair

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Whereas in the past the kitchen seemed like a separate room for lunch, It is now in small apartments made the room combined with living room. This alteration will expand the space visually, create a studio effect, whereby the flat will appear larger. Now, increased pace of life in this comfortable layout: not only a visual effect has an action, but also increases comfort - even shouting from room to room is not necessary. Today, we will understand how the kitchen area combined with a living room and how best to use the vacated space. There is not too much work, but the dismantling of the wall and subsequent repair due to some nuances, we pay attention. Now let's find out, how to combine the kitchen with living room.

Open plan
Perfect chandelier and furniture blends well with a glass table and chairs in the kitchen

A full analysis of the wall: with a small project window modern Khrushchev

As is clear from the title, in this case carried out the complete dismantling of brick walls, kitchen and living room are united. known, that the classic brick walls in the apartments are demolished easily, This repair is not difficult.

living room and kitchen combination

To perform dismantling, you will need these tools:

  • Powerful enough punch, to make walls;
  • Large professional angle grinder with a diamond blade for cutting concrete, Stand a perfect cut;
  • The Hammer, weight in kilograms of steam. It will help make the complete dismantling faster, although there will have to make an effort. However, work on it so, not to overstrain once again;
  • steel scrap;
  • Fomka;
  • Hammer;
  • Many bags under debris.

At the beginning of the construction works, note, that the wall can be different. Demolition brick wall pass easily and effortlessly, old hut also cause difficulties not on the tree, although have to dig deeper. worse is, if the partitions in the building of reinforced concrete, them difficult to work out.

Combining the kitchen and living room
The kitchen wall cabinets glass combine well with breakfast bar and bar stools

When changing the interior space, the demolition is simple - beat the wall with a sledgehammer and hammer, and the reinforcement is cut grinder. Run this by the forces of self-prepared man. However, starting to disassemble the wall be sure to disconnect the wiring in this section of the wall, hitting another tool in the wire you will get a discharge and no good.

After that, such as a method of combining formed, and the wall demolished proceed to clean the room, Gather everyone the broken bricks. Note, in high-rise buildings will not be garbage Removal of construction waste and have to take out the trash yourself. And if in the courtyard of the roads are in poor condition, you can try to put a brick pit, just do it right.

Partial demolition and division into the interior area

This design is a living room with a brick wall, which did not communicate the final use for the creation of zones in the home. Part of the left wall will look like, as a bar or other you are interested in interior element.

the correct combination of living room and kitchen

However, before, how to get to work in advance draw a shape and size of the future appearance of the interior elements. The layout is desirable to produce a marker directly on the wall or other suitable tool. After that, markup make cuts made along the grinder with diamond disk. Beautifully To separate the kitchen from the living room to the work area neat joints, to clear the wall crumbled on them.

Style living room with a bar to the ceiling

The shape and appearance of the wall may be different residues:

  1. The reception from the bar;
  2. Oval support for flowers;
  3. Column, notional bisecting the room;
  4. Two perpendicular projection along the edges;
  5. Arch;
  6. Based on the walls is for dinner table.

The kitchen furniture
The refined design of furniture in the kitchen, sofa with colorful pillows, cabinets with carved pattern design -Great

So no problems to saw through a brick wall and then out of it is something to build, seek professional help, because for the first time on their own is nothing you will not leave. In carrying out this process is necessary to know the process of cutting the wall, feel what is happening. If you do not pay attention to it in time, then later perform the processing of the resulting section does not normally happen. Partial demolition and zoning rather complicated procedure, But there are advantages:

  • Simply divide the room into zones;
  • It remains visually divide rooms;
  • The residue is used at the request of the wall, from it formed a functional element of the room.
  • Sophisticated interior attracts attention, bar chair and desk do their job.

combined living room and kitchen in the same style

Therefore, changing the design of the living room in advance think over every nuance, not to drop a clanger.

Note, that carried out the construction work, it is desirable in protective clothing, wear a helmet on his head, and in eye glasses, to prevent dust from flying into the eyes. Do not forget about flying out from under the hammer bricks - they are a danger to the working person. Desirably before, how to separate the kitchen from the living room to see the Internet a couple of three videos about it, Kusa to be happening.

When working in high spaces may require wood or goats, special equipment. If you have experience of working in such conditions, there is no, it is desirable to invite an experienced person, which deal with this quickly. the main thing, ordering wizard does not hesitate to explain, What would you like, because you also live in this apartment. The price for the execution of such work is not cheap, Professionals take quite a few, Designers are invited to produce a plan. Organized workers will be able to separate the kitchen from the living room quickly and easily.

Conditional zoning: design chips

conditional division of the living room and kitchen

After that, as the work is finished and cut a brick wall no longer required to proceed to the external design of the room. To separate room is used purely visual effect of a zoning. at least superficially divided into zones convenient, when the wall between the rooms is completely destroyed. In this case, the division will approach the use of such design decisions:

  • A long bar;
  • artificial walls;
  • small podiums;
  • Suspended ceilings of another type;
  • Different floor finish;
  • Conventional separation room dining table.

Beautiful furniture
Beautiful partition with a picture in the kitchen combined with living room - an excellent option

ideas 20, 30 sq.m

Divided into zones - this one, but to live in this room, it is quite another. With this layout it is desirable to use carefully extract, the fat and burned gas is not distributed through the rooms, otherwise every thing is impregnated with this. In addition, not every product is being prepared makes a pleasant smell, The same cabbage stink apartment so, that it then becomes impossible to stay.

a combined living room and kitchen design

The bar counter as a room divider is more commonly used, than other options. An element of this kind is convenient, that has a functional load in addition to the classical division of premises. And used false wall, they are well act as a separator space. The wall is designed as a small, but functional shelves.

Often built in wardrobes and, with hinged doors, which kept kitchen utensils. Podium for dividing rooms used less frequently, other options, It looks like a small step and a kitchen living room becomes relatively higher. Experienced designers in their work often try to combine a suspended ceiling with a podium, out effectively.

Covering rare podium, When it is the same, as well as in the living room. This is due to the fact, that the floor in the kitchen must have different properties, in comparison with the rest of the flat. Firstly, He performed here impervious to liquids, rigid and not slippery, even if water spills. Besides various flooring complements zoning effect, especially if the color is different.

kitchen and living room in one room

In addition to these options instead of a wall put sofas, tables and other furniture. She put the other side of the kitchen, thereby dividing the room. If you ask a search option setting furniture, you will find, that they are really a lot, and to determine the design solution is not easy.

To emphasize the zoning allowed to select different colors for rooms. However, so choose, that they nevertheless remained highly aggregated. In addition to color, use lighting. Directional light to get a good room to share.

In addition to the color of the walls plays a role, and color of the furniture in the kitchen and in the living room. To visually divide the room would do well to choose a color combination, which will divide the room unobtrusively. Choose such colors, which belong to the same group. Separately isolated and bold design solutions, in which rooms are divided by radical colors, but this question is not for everybody. Classically, this option is suitable for creative people.


Summarizes the reconciliation of the kitchen and living room in a private house, apartment

beautiful kitchen with dining area

As is now evident, dismantle the wall between the rooms easily, but the process has difficulties. We recommend to give preference to a partial unification, to the remains of the walls continued to perform some functional load.

The division into the power of the zone to perform independently and it does not save a small amount. But when it get ready to face difficulties, inherent to this process. Note, that not every thought better implement, If you think about something serious, then take the time and talk about it with the designer.