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kitchen renovation— mandatory event: plan of 7 points

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renovated kitchen - it is a large-scale and important. Sometimes reworking the kitchen - the need, but it happens sometimes, that I want to change the atmosphere of the space around you. But how to approach this task does not know each, We deal with this issue together.

renovated kitchen
Beautiful kitchen- the creation of the owners themselves

Getting repairs

Do not rush to start repairs to furniture removal and destruction of the old wall and floor coverings. Embarking on this work is required after step plan, you should make your own.


Why does he need? The plan will help you understand, that the repair - it is not chaos and destruction, which could drag on for months, as a way to improve the space around you. The plan should include the following items:

  • Determination repair kitchen- complexity needed capital changes or enough cosmetic transformation?
  • The choice of design style, development plan room, choice of colors;
  • Placement of furniture in the picture;
  • The distribution of light in the room;
  • The study of the characteristics of the materials for the ceiling, walls and floors;
  • Selection of repair ways - if you do the job yourself or need the help of experts?
  • Purchase of materials.

Each point of the plan is required to register on paper. Such a plan, you will be in the case of, if the charge alteration professionals - they independently carry out the required calculations and procurement. The same applies to food options, where the room is divided into working and dining area. To avoid mistakes in planning, entrusted with the task to repair the premises specialists.

Designer kitchen renovations
The designer will help in styling the room

But if you decide to do repairs on their hands, do not forget to calculate the cost - it will help save money and organize repairs.

The Story of a repair

Not to be unfounded, consider the idea of ​​a kitchen renovation. As a basis we take the modern style.

Nouveau - a popular style today, keeping up with the times, and common in the kitchens of any size. The main principle of modernity - the lack of decor and distractions. Avoid rounded lines and curves. Details of modern kitchen should be large, be the floor tiles or a large table. Kitchen itself in this style is the main element, which attracts attention.

kitchen renovation

Since materials for the kitchen no strict framework. It can be plastic, metal, glass or stone. the main thing, not to save on finishing, as modernist abhors a cheap room in an external form. One option modern kitchen - parquet flooring, paneled walls and suspended ceilings glossy. Consider the option of plaster - this material is still relevant today.

Colors special attention. It should be a contrast, you choose yourself. The most popular color combinations include black. The second shade may be yellow, red, green, White and other contrasting colors. There are variants with combinations of brown-beige, gray, turquoise, etc.. d.

The color scheme is to create comfort indoors

Plumbing works and the choice of materials is better to entrust the professionals. Do not skimp on this - plumbing will last more than one year, and will protect the budget from unexpected accidents, such as the flooding of neighbors.

It requires strict choose furniture with a simple form and the lack of relief. For example, glass square table, metal chairs with a table in the same style, leather furniture, plastic enclosures.

Each kitchen lighting plays an important role. Kitchen in a modern style, select the spotlights, which are placed on the ceiling of the area and on the kitchen table. If you want to buy chandeliers and other lighting fixtures, Do not forget about the rigor, which corresponds to the selected style.

Only valid for the nouveau decor - plants. Profitable decision in the kitchen looks dark shades.

Despite the simplicity, Nouveau style does not come cheap, so count the cost in advance.

Time to take stock

At the end of remaking compare the results "before and after", vote on the work of the costs and utility of food transformation.

plan kitchen
Planning can be very diverse

Completed projects kitchens

details, which are present at each overhaul:

  • Replaced plumbing on the right to the design style;
  • Updated wall coverings, floor and ceiling;
  • Set a single style kitchen.

You could go the other way and bring more changes, If the kitchen is divided into two zones. In this case, the design and style can be different, and repairs required to create a project based on the selection of materials for each zone.

What is special about the renovated kitchen?

Remaking kitchen bears great significance for households, because here as elsewhere is important the convenience and comfort while working. The useful conversion?

beautiful renovated kitchen

  1. Complete replacement of plumbing will provide peace of mind for the protection from flooding for several years and will be an additional element of design;
  2. Upgrade and replacement of the ceiling on the suspension structure will help to align the cover and hide the wiring;
  3. Decorating the walls in the kitchen usually plays the role of a designer, but with proper choice it will reduce the time required for cleaning the surface;
  4. The new lighting will transform and expand the boundaries of the kitchen, and make cooking in the room more comfortable and more enjoyable;
  5. The new flooring eliminate squeaking, which occurs even, If the floors are not made of wood;
  6. Updating a kitchen and design renovated a positive impact on the mood of households.

Do not be afraid of repair, with the right approach will work for the benefit and pleasure.