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How to seal the window from the kitchen to the bathroom: 3 the easiest way

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Repair the "Khrushchev" - a complicated matter. Small apartment buildings of the Soviet deliver a lot of trouble the hosts. The situation is associated with a lack of space. And it's not the only problem. Each apartment is equipped with the time window between the bathroom and kitchen. Intended window opening to the bathroom did the light from the kitchen, that would save on electricity. In fact,, the main function of the window could not perform. The penetration of light in the room is too small. But the useful area of ​​the walls and badly concealed in the bathroom, and in the kitchen. Therefore, the owners of "Khrushchev" try to get rid of the useless "tools". so, how to close up the window between the bathroom and kitchen?

The window from the bathroom to the kitchen
The window from the bathroom to the kitchen, many simply removed because of uselessness

Sewed up sheetrock window

window from the kitchen to the bathroom

Seal the window between the bathroom and kitchen There are several ways - get rid of it, or turn into a useful element of decor. Window opening will disappear by itself, if conceived as wall decoration involves the use of plastic panels. An unnecessary hole in the wall hidden beneath the panels. This is the easiest option. Dismantling of the old frame only, that will have to do. The downside is that way, he weakly suitable for small apartments. Plastic panels conceal storage space on the wall, which so little. Another disadvantage is that, that use the benefit derived section of the wall will not work. The panel can not hang anything heavy, such material will not sustain wall cabinet. Lamp or a small mirror - it's the most out of, that can be placed on this site.

Sew up the opening drywall - is another easy way to improve the appearance of the walls. Attach to this material can not be anything heavy. For this purpose, choose moisture resistant drywall. Fastens it to the metal profiles, located on the perimeter of the former window. For noise insulation space between the sheets filled with mineral wool.

Plasterboard hardwired window from the kitchen to the bathroom
Plasterboard is very docile material is easy to work with him

We are laying brick doorway

To increase the usable area of ​​the wall, window lay bricks. Also use foam blocks, are lower in price. Section of the wall will be so strong, that it can be hung cabinets or large mirrors. To do this, opening the window is completely removed together with the frame. Irregularities walls line the cement solution, are waiting, when it dries, and only then proceed to the masonry. Foam blocks can be put not on cement, and a special glue, which is very convenient. To use only brick solution. When opening will be laid, unevenness and voids triturated solution, wall plaster, shpaklyuyut and transferred to its decoration.

window from the kitchen to the bathroom


Cost-effective and most common way to remove a window from the bathroom - is the use of cement mortar. From the materials required:

  • Cement (not more 7 kg);
  • sand;
  • water;
  • DSP letter (it will keep the grout);
  • metal grid.

Cement mortar knead by force any person


  1. Dismantling of old frames. Pre-removed glass. It should be done very carefully, to be injured. Then with the help of nail puller or a large screwdriver to separate from the wall frames. The fate of the frame to be solved to its owner, but it is better to leave it in place. Walls of such apartments and embossing thin frame can break the portion of the wall. The frame does not prevent further work. To it is convenient to fix the grid and particle board. Before we move on to the plaster, it is recommended to clean the old frame and its primed.bricked-up window from the bathroom to the kitchen
  2. Preparation of the solution. To this solution was mixed cement with sand against 3:1. Trowel solution was accurately throw the supporting framework (Chipboard sheet or other similar material). Apply immediately thick layer can not be, he will not be held. Do it at least 4 call on each side, allowing each layer to dry. When the last layer is applied, you need to wait until it dries. All work will take a couple of days.
  3. alignment walls. For this purpose, the masking grid, which is wound on the small bar or use a special pen. Grid provides rough alignment. In conclusion surface splatter liquid solution and triturated with a cloth or sponge rigid. The result is a section of the wall, which can be decorated with tiles, wallpaper and other finishing materials.

alignment walls
Treat the alignment process properly

Whichever method is chosen, it is important to make waterproofing. Exposure to water vapor and can spoil any decorative surface. Penetrating through the leaking wall, moisture can warp tile, Wallpaper. To avoid this,Decorating the walls in the bathroom should start with their waterproofing. To do this, use a special asphalt formulations, which is applied to the wall 2 layer. On top of them can be laid tile or panel mount.

decorative techniques

To make repairs in the bathroom a small area is necessary so, each square centimeter was used with benefit. Optionally completely unnecessary to lay the box. Bath can get attractive niche. In the kitchen doorway lay plasterboard. The bathroom on the cement mortar is laid tile, the same, as well as the rest of the walls. niche can be extended if desired, disassembling the additional wall portion. The result will be obtained sufficient storage space, which is very important for such a small space. If desired, the niche can be equipped with backlit. This solution will add to the bathroom light and refinement.


leave the window

Unnecessary window can be very beneficial to stress. For this purpose, stained glass and colored glass. it is expensive, but, from the design point of view,, profitably. The room will be more comfortable, Bathroom still get the missing light, even a little. Cheaper analog is stained decorative film. Apply it is possible to the usual plastic window. Advantage of this method is that, the window can be used for the purpose of additional ventilation, which is very important for a small bathroom.