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"Every housewife knows very well, what foods it needs and can come in handy ", - some would say. of course, it is difficult to argue with. But, as shown by many years of experience of our grandmothers and mothers, young mistress, often, ignore the purchase of certain products, referring to their uselessness. but, Sooner or later, there comes a time, When still need to go to the store for a missing product.

And to all the necessary cooking ingredients were available, we will present a list of those goods, which will be useful and will be quite superfluous. therefore, Take note of our recommendations - and you will not regret it.

How to make a list of required products

so, before, you go to the supermarket zatarivatsya, first, it is wise to make a list of needed products in the kitchen. This will greatly facilitate the task: will not forget anything. BUT, Besides, if you make a list of product categories, and the time to search for products significantly reduced.

Product categories are as follows:

  • Dairy
  • Vegetables and fruits
  • meat
  • pasta
  • Bakery
  • cereals
  • Spice

And now, let's take a closer look at the, that is not out of place on your kitchen shelves.

What should be in a refrigerator?

Refrigerator - 'host' kitchen and the keeper of all edibles. A good hostess on the refrigerator shelves should be mandatory products for the kitchen.


  • Milk. This product is useful not only for drinking, but also as an ingredient for baking. therefore, if you have milk, the tea with scones you provided
  • Kefir. This product is indispensable in the kitchen for those, who is on a diet or just watching their health. BUT, Besides, from purchased buttermilk or sour milk can be cooked pancakes, and prepare homemade cheese
  • Cottage cheese. If you do not like to eat cheese in its "pure" form, it can be used as a filling for pastries, dumplings, or just cook cheesecakes
  • Cream. This useful in all senses of the product always will be used in the culinary creativity. Sour cream - not just the usual additive to soups, but also a useful substitute for mayonnaise, component for baking and complex sauces. And some women, cream and used as a cosmetic
  • Cheese varieties in handy for sandwiches, as a snack, as well as an additive for pasta, fish

Vegetables and fruits

  • Potato - vegetable "king". If there is a potato, the lunch you yourself have provided. This is an important component of soup and one of the most popular side dishes for the main course. Prepared from this vegetable can be a myriad of culinary creations. And, half raw potatoes helps with burns.
  • Bow. He is not only useful for the preparation of various kinds of dishes, but also benefit, as a medicament, as well as the cosmetic product.
  • Carrot. The benefits of this vegetable is known to all. In soups it is irreplaceable, and carrot in Korean has fans weight. Even baking carrot is suitable.
  • Garlic - a popular vegetable supplement, which is "decorated" his sharpness of many dishes.
  • Cabbage - one of the few vegetables, which retains its favor all year round. A soup without the cabbage is hard to imagine, so do not hesitate in buying cabbage.
  • Apples also will not be superfluous to the product in the kitchen. They are added and pastries, and salads.
  • bananas. These fruits are useful not only in independent form. From them prepare ice cream, creams, fruit fillings. And, Banana will be a good substitute for eggs for baking.
  • Lemon. Juicy citrus acidity that will give some seafood and meat dishes.


Of sauces in the refrigerator should be as follows:

  • Mayonnaise
  • Ketchup
  • tomato paste
  • mustard

There will always be no more than in the freezer?

The most essential products in the kitchen - it's meat products, the basis of many dishes. they are stored, usually, freezer.

  1. Beef or pork chops, of which will be cooked broth
  2. Meat chicken or turkey - perfect for dinner
  3. Beef or pork liver is perfect as a main dish, as well as a base for dips
  4. Minced meat of any type
  5. A fish, depending on your preference
  6. Yeast dough and puff
  7. sliced, Varena mushrooms. Will become an indispensable component for a quick soup for dinner
  8. Ice cream for a sweet tooth or children
  9. Butter is suitable for frying, and for filling cereals


This product category is indispensable for soups, and as a garnish. So do not forget to restock pasta:

  • Horns, or any other shaped pasta
  • Spaghetti
  • Noodles (if desired, you can prepare yourself)
  • Vermicelli


These products are also included in the category of necessary, as transforming taste of meals:

  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Red pepper and black pepper
  • Black pepper peas
  • Lavrushka
  • Vanilla
  • cover
  • Koriandr

This is a basic list, that is universal. But, of course, It can be purchased in addition to a host of other spices, for lunch dishes, and for dessert.

bulk goods

List of loose products in the kitchen is as follows:

  • rice
  • Buckwheat
  • Millet
  • Cereals
  • Manka
  • Flour
  • Crackers for breading
  • Peas

All the products are essential, useful garnish.

Something else?


There is also a list of products, which should be in the kitchen:

  • Eggs - a mandatory product in the kitchen. 10 pieces should always be present, because it is one of the components used during cooking
  • Bread. The choice of this product depends entirely on your preferences: Gray, the black, white, with additives. But without bread is hard to imagine their meal
  • Tea. Green, the black, white, leaf or in tea bags - or all at once
  • Coffee is not mandatory "subject" in the kitchen, but, It is present in almost every home "just in case"
  • Cocoa. It used both for drinking, and as additives to confectionery products
  • Candies, cookies and other sweets - for the sweet tooth, or the arrival of guests in case
  • Vegetable oil: sunflower, olive, corn, pumpkin.

As a result, I want to be labeled by the following: Choose quality products, but still guided by your budget.

After all, presented a list of essential products in the kitchen is available for all budgets.