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Do you know, what is the benefit of kitchen sinks Franke ?

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Franke The company is engaged in manufacturing of modern kitchen sinks and study materials for their production. In this paper we propose to your attention three materials, which are used in the production of the company sinks and a brief description of other products of famous brand.

Franke sink
Franke The company is engaged in manufacturing of modern kitchen sinks

special wash

To date, a sink in the room for cooking is not only an ordinary bowl for washing kitchen items, and it is also an inseparable part of modern kitchen design. In this way, the role of the shell - matching interior, beautiful view.

The peculiarity of the company Franke - is the production of sinks and study promising raw material for food items. In the market the past the company more than two decades, is a leader in its product trade.


The use of special materials

Catalog of washes this company offers a wide range of models: Mortice and overhead, instances for the device under the tabletop and at the last surface.

Brand offers a large variety of models of stainless steel kitchen sinks, artificial stone Fragranit, tektonayta and glass.

Such 304

The most used and popular option among advocates universal stainless steel AISI 304, wherein the chromium concentration in the range 18%, and nickel - 10%. The advantages of this kind of steel in the next:

Steel sink Franke
Steel sink Franke practical and convenient option

  1. For the manufacture company uses solely this high quality steel.
  2. Due to the presence of chromium in the surface layer is formed with a film containing oxide. It serves as a protective layer from the effects of all possible himsoedineny. This creates a surface corrosion protection, because under the influence of oxygen-containing air connections she quickly recovered at the site of small flaws or scratches.
  3. Another feature of this steel - the ability to withstand temperature 14500 C, resistance to abrupt temperature changes as a result of touching hot surface of the cookware (pan).
  4. Nonporous material contributes to the impossibility of reproduction of microorganisms, including pathogens.
  5. Steel is easy to wash and clean from possible contamination.

The surface is matte and glossy. Such variants sinks are used depending on the decor and cuisine mikrodekora.

Exclusive offer is the trading brand stainless steel kitchen sink with a special coating, containing titanium. In order to manufacture special coating Franke uses a patented process PVD deposition under vacuum conditions. Such a layer on the surface of sanitary facilities increases the strength properties of products 10 time. The color range includes the copper (copper sink for the kitchen), gold (respectively, golden shell) and anthracite shade.

Fragranit (Fragranite)

Such a composite connection includes several components:

  • Quartz, or natural granite (main component).
  • acrylic resin (to create a solid surface).
  • Dye (to create a diverse palette).

Sink fragranita
Sink fragranita very popular

The qualitative properties of the material provided with the features of components:

  1. Rock hardness with a smooth surface.
  2. Resistance to the appearance of spots of various origins and effects of household chemicals.
  3. A thin layer of acrylic resin forms on the surface of elasticity, resistant to mechanical damage. This is in contrast special raw material from the ceramic and enamel.
  4. The color does not change over time (It does not take a yellowish tint, saved brightness).

Feature - products of fragranita subjected to special treatment agent Sanitized, which reduces the multiplication of viruses and bacteria.


The following composite material, which has been successfully used by the company in the manufacture of sanitary equipment, acts tektonayt (Franke Tectonite). The firm is on the market only manufacturer of sanitary ware. The raw material is:

  • SMC (Sheet Mould Compound) - Connect glass fibers and polyester resin. Recent used as improvers plastic properties and resistance to wear. It is the main component.
  • The coating layer with glass particles pimc, which it gives a specific color wash.

production of washing of raw materials technology involves compressing method under the weight 600 t. in conditions about 1600 WITH.

Tectonic plates are particularly noteworthy

The advantages of the material has Tectonite:

  • mechanical strength. Under experimental conditions, the edge material remains undamaged during the impact weight six kilograms.
  • Resistance to UV. Features of the process using the tiny glass particles in the surface layer of raw material creates a unique. Kitchen sink franke never lose the primary color.
  • Resistance to temperatures up to 300 ° C. It is sometimes compared to baking.
  • The material is fully resistant to the action of colorants. Under experimental conditions, after 24 hours of contact with the surface of the coloring compounds is no trace.
  • Light weight and strength of the product provide a trouble-free transportation and installation. Such material is used even in the automotive tehnprotsessah.

Glass as a raw material

Glass - an innovative direction in the manufacture of sanitary ware. Glass washing originally perceived in modern interiors. Franke successfully combines high quality tempered glass and stainless steel for wash bowls. This creates a stable and stylish decor, which gives the original kitchen facilities, sophisticated look. Franke is a catalog of glass and steel in black and white color direction. Glass sinks for kitchen Franke distinguished by the following advantages: hardness, long duration, ease of maintenance; hygiene; thermal stability up to 200 ° C.

glass washing
Glass - an innovative direction in the manufacture of sanitary ware

Accessories for sinks Franke

Franke Kitchen Faucets have a variety of designs, every possible device, which takes into account the washing and its location.

The range there is a single lever mixer with, allowing to make the regulation of the water pressure and temperature in one hand, mixer telescopic hose for the collection of water in a large tank and rinsing sinks, special folding mixer, allows you to position the sink by the window sill with a low standing.

Accessories for slabs from Franke

Accessories for slabs
Brand and manufacturer took care, Franke to cooking surface of steel multifunction

Brand and manufacturer took care, Franke to cooking surface of steel multifunction, external decoration attractive, durable and equipped with the latest technology, determined the originality of the interior (special, when copper hob combined copper sink for the kitchen). But the last factor distinguishes the described line of bathroom fixtures from the others in this series.

It should be noted, that the technical characteristics of the Franke is not particularly different from other brands, but, durability and safety devices, introduction of innovative technologies and creative design registration puts products in a favorable position in relation to the rest.

Franke Kitchen sink is fashionable and stylish!