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Choosing a high-quality kitchen wood

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Despite the exhortations party, kitchen remains a favorite spot in the house. Because there is going to the family in full breakfast, lunch and dinner. Consequently, arrangement of this room should consider thoroughly. speech, of course, not on the cooking things and Technology, but the furniture sets - Kitchen corners from natural rocks.

Small pine
Natural wood - an elite and popular material for the production of kitchen furniture sets

types of materials

Natural wood - an elite and popular material for the production of kitchen furniture sets. The main advantage of this product performs environmental. In addition to the deleterious to health, he has a positive effect on the human nervous system through, It creates conditions for the recuperation and mental balance.

There are a number of natural materials, suitable for the production of kitchen furniture. Suitable and acquired popularity for several reasons - a pine, oak, beech. When selecting kitchen area of ​​wood it is recommended to take into account the quality of raw materials, particularly exploitation of timber and the cost. Cost-effective and has a leading position with a kitchenette of pine.

pine material

It belongs to the most occurring among conifers. Quality raw materials obtained from grows up on the sandy elevations trees. In a pine wood has a density of individual, and data layers are located close to each other.

Kitchenette pine
Kitchenette pine will be the heart of your kitchen

Pine wood is mainly reddish, yellow and brown shades. The advantages of such raw materials will be the following:

  • Wonderful bonding wood.
  • Breed compliant and easy to manufacture. Therefore, the furniture (especially the kitchen of solid pine) It lends itself to freedom of movement in the kitchen.
  • It lends itself perfectly to the processing and lacquering dyes after the extraction process of tar compounds from rock.


The characteristic properties of natural raw materials include the following beech:

Kitchenette Beech
Kitchenette beech is very practical

  • The wood is hard and durable. In this regard, it is not inferior to oak.
  • The structure is characterized by homogeneity.
  • The color palette of bright colors with gray or yellowish-red shade.
  • hygroscopic material. For this reason, the furniture from these species are not recommended for use in wet areas more 80%.
  • It lends itself well to a free circumcision and formation (easy sawing and chopping).
  • The state is able to bend steamed, This ability is used in the manufacture of furniture with curved elements.
  • Suffice it difficult to polishing process.


This raw material is characterized by the natural beauty of texture and color, durability in operation, positive power. Since ancient times, the oak appropriated symbol of power, strength and protection. In Slavic mythology, the oak tree was considered sacred, which endows human life and power. Modern oak furniture valued in ancient times.

Kitchen corners of solid oak normalize pressure and purified from negative energy by creating a relaxed family atmosphere of comfort and harmony. These corners do not produce for the kitchen in the air masses harmful substances, their material is resistant to the formation of mildew and rot. Typical properties which may be mentioned:

  • High hardness and resistance to putrefaction.
  • Good viscosity and excellent handling (trimming).
  • Durability and strength.

Kitchen Area Oak
Kitchen facilities are usually made of oak is more expensive

Brown color palette limited gamut - light brown, to brownish-yellow.

To kitchen a long period maintained its original state - choose material from oak. It is recommended to check their financial capabilities - such furniture is not everyone can afford.

Kitchen made of pine

The most durable material for kitchen furniture set is oak. The price of such products beyond the means of many. And quite economical option would be kitchen of solid pine.

Set of pine preferably selected from the rock northern latitudes. Because this wood is particularly density and hardness. This furniture will delight the eye hosts a fairly long period. Area to provide quality, recommended, to pine for humidity indicator was no longer 8% and with the fewest knots.

corner of choice for kitchens
Furniture for kitchen corners from natural raw materials mainly colored in a complementary color

Furniture for kitchen corners from natural raw materials mainly colored in a complementary color, corresponding shades noble breeds (oak, nut, alder). Some manufacturers offer models in their catalogs, which are tinted in white or beige shade. Natural and untreated wood has a golden hue, it is rare. Such furniture can create in the interior features chic and similarity to the natural style.

It is recommended to choose only quality product, so you need to thoroughly check for the presence of a natural material defects, and check-certificates varnish.

Advantages of kitchen corners of pine:

  • Raw material is characterized by the average density, comparative (Unlike oak) softness and ease of handling.
  • Characterized disinfection capability, especially with regard to pathogens.
  • The cost is much lower corners of such products from ash, Oak and beech. In appearance, they are in no way inferior to the other raw materials.

pine disadvantages:

  • Negligent operation of this product will cause defects (scratches and dents) on a surface.
  • Kitchen corners of the oak is much more presentable look, and cost significantly more.

"Pros" and features the use of parts

Kitchen - the space in the house, which is associated in the mind as a place for food and prigotavlivaniya center of the hearth. Therefore, kitchen furniture, especially kitchen, It plays a special role in creating a cozy and family harmony, respectively, operation it has its advantages and special features.

Use of kitchen corners
Kitchen - the space in the house, which is associated in the mind as a place for food and prigotavlivaniya center of the hearth


  • Suitable consumption of the kitchen area of ​​the premises.
  • An extensive range of colors for the material and percussion.
  • Unlimited design choices: from the classic version, to mod.
  • Comfort and functionality.
  • Ergonomics allows you to create easy and simple maintenance.


  • The design of corners allows them to easily install even in small kitchens. Virtually every product is equipped with shelves, drawers or bar compartment. It saves space in the kitchen of small size, or become a place for decor. As the best option - a kitchenette with a universal right- and the left-side structure. This creates opportunities for easy rearrangement.
  • Seats are different in content and external upholstery mind: manufacturers in their catalogs are a variety of upholstery and tinted wood ekopokrytiyami.

Kitchen corners of pine is really fashionable.