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Kitchen cabinets and shelves mounted in the interior (11 a photo)

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Open shelves in the kitchen are a real trend in the design premises. They can not only be part of the headset, but placed on the central wall, serve as an element of decor, Stressing stylishness, singularity of the general situation. Shelves in kitchen set allows to maintain order, preventing litter.

Wall decorative designs

Fashion trend in furniture world - kitchen with shelves, which are almost completely replaced wall cabinets. Original designs fit harmoniously into the interiors of different style directions. Affordable shelves for the kitchen makes them popular among consumers.

To design a comfortable and stylish interior designers suggest using such options for kitchen shelves:

Products open

They are logically arranged in a pier premises, appropriate to look at the free wall. By such functionality multivariant structure. They use them for the presentation of items of expensive china, spice storage, Condiments, bulk goods and other things, necessary to owner. Access to household utensils not obstructed due to the lack of doors. Parameters of the shelves in the kitchen are changing with regard to their purpose.

Beautiful corner wall design

Compact products are ideally suited for small spaces. This kind of open shelves for the kitchen may have one or more levels. Model placed on sofas, kitchen sitting area. For the rational use of the space of parameters govern.

Upper shelf with bars

they look easy, imponderable, at the same time able to withstand a lot of weight. Such home furnishings allow not hide the pots and pans in the cabinets, and place them within reach. Kitchen with grills suitable for demonstration of elite alcohol, utensils or expensive souvenirs.

Decorative shelf with built-in drawers

Open shelves in the kitchen cabinets easily replaced. They are easy to install in small kitchens. If the closed structure can visually reduce the space, the boxes do more spacious.

Wall shelves with mood lighting

Availability of single lamps extend aesthetic characteristics of the functional object kitchen environment. far plane, equipped with mirrors enhance this effect.

Style direction "Provence"

To create it uses open thick, aged shelf wood kitchen. The preferred color palette - beige, white or gray. The original decision will design products open the curtains with floral print. It will emphasize the stylistic interior orientation, as well as help protect the contents of the shelves on the wall in the kitchen from outside contamination.


Comfortable and stylish system lets you efficiently place all the necessary stuff mistress, used in the process of cooking. Rails eliminate the need to constantly push to open drawers and cupboards in search of the necessary.

Your items are always close at hand. Kitchen with hanging shelves will become more functional, if you supplement it with stylish accessory. The horizontal tubes are arranged along the wall or in the working zone, using the space between the floor cupboards and shelves, over the sink and other preferred places.

shelves cabinets

The kitchen cupboards and open shelves, tables looked spectacular. Furniture allows you to put them on everyday dishes, Fruit and vegetable basket. Roomy shelves used to hold books and notebooks on cooking, servizov, figurines, crafts. They look good in the kitchen, combined with the dining room.

With fashionable products create an exclusive and unique aura of the most visited rooms of the apartment or house. Due to the different size, they fit organically into the space of any size. The most popular types of such products:

  • Shelves on the wall for the kitchen;
  • for small prostenka;
  • as part of the furniture sets;
  • corner.

No restrictions on the location and design of various shelves in the kitchen is used in all styles and trends, preferred for the hostess' kitchen of the kingdom ".

Pros and cons of designs

Kitchen with shelves and open cabinets enliven the interior space. They represent a unique atmosphere of family comfort, It is indispensable helpers households.

The obvious advantages of such structures are such factors:

  • Ease of use due to lack of doors;
  • good visibility of kitchen utensils;
  • unhindered access to the objects;
  • ease of layout of furniture products;
  • visual expansion space space;
  • flexibility due to the variety of shapes and sizes;
  • decorative and individual kitchen design;
  • portability and simplicity of design.

It is impossible not to draw attention to one significant drawback, which have cupboards and shelves in the kitchen, the present configuration. It derives from the name - openness. objects, standing on these furniture products quickly become contaminated with dirt, necessitating regular cleaning.

Open shelves in the interior

with shelves kitchen design is diverse approaches and stylistic decisions. These pieces of furniture look good when you create a Scandinavian and country style. They succinctly fit into the classical and minimalist direction.

open shelves placed in a variety of locations, including window opening, Unlike cabinets. They look unusual and spectacular, taking the basic accent. Fasteners reinforce the structure, in some cases, serve as decorative elements, decorating a room, giving it an extra kick.

The color palette is in contrast with the overall color scheme looks extraordinary. In this case, the shelves are tapered at attention. Well proven metal design. They are suitable for the creation of styles: minimalism, a loft, high-tech, and some modern trends.


Original look and air shelves, suspended from the ceiling surface. Open cabinets in the kitchen can be either an independent piece of furniture, and an exclusive room divider.

Materials and colors

Choosing a suspended shelves need to pay attention to the quality of the raw material. He must possess such characteristics:

  • durability and reliability;
  • easy to care for;
  • resistance to moisture, temperature changes, sunlight.

Color shades and the material must not conflict with the overall design concept of space, designed for the kitchen.

Used for the manufacture of chipboard, glass, plastic, natural wood and metal. The feedstock forms the price of products.

open shelves in a small and overall the kitchen

They harmoniously fit into the small-sized kitchen, visually expanding area. This option is ideal for those, who are no bulky appliances, small dishes. Otherwise, without closed cabinets do hard.

Shelves in the kitchen set, established in the premises of large sizes, allow owners and designers to realize their wildest ideas. It is the most popular option, providing the location of the products on the working table top. Their arrangement can be different, but it must not contradict the general design of the kitchen. Open shelves have great potential, allows you to combine ergonomics and modernity in an atmosphere of.


Where to buy

purchase exclusive, the original, Standard shelves can be in the online store., where they are presented in a large assortment. Craftsmen make their own hands. Many men are interested in, how to make shelves for the kitchen alone. To carry out the planned project will need the source material - laminated chipboard or wood, set of tools, a little bit of spare time and patience.

Wall shelves can give light and airy space. As a multi-functional elements of a kitchen interior, they make the room more elegant and free.

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