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How and what you can decorate your kitchen: 7 great elements

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Conceived to update your "cooking workshop" or, simply, the kitchen? However, the idea, it will have to start a long repair does not bring happiness? All easily solved! Give only your imagination will, and our original ideas for your kitchen hands to help make the dream without assistance and huge costs.

wall decor

Decorating a kitchen starts with the walls. After all, they not only restrict the space of the room, but also can be a bright kitchen element.


There are many ways of wall decoration. If you are satisfied with the current version, but, However, "Revive" its still want, then here are some tips on how, How can I do that:

  • Interesting decor in the interior of the kitchen can be done by means of special wall decals, which are suitable for virtually all basic finishes. These stickers are in the free market, but you can use your own talent and cut the desired decoration of the self-adhesive paper. An interesting addition will be stickers, placed over the dining area or the working area

When using labels, consider your cooking options: if it is small, and the labels must be small, otherwise, bulky decor visually make the space even smaller.

  • stencils. This is another way to transform the kitchen. You can buy ready-made patterns, and can cut their own, using thick cardboard. For those, who are endowed with drawing talent, can be dispensed with this type of decoration, opting for manual painting, as wall decoration kitchen

  • Kitchen panels and tablets. Of the various scrap materials can be fabricated panels creative, which will be the original wall decorations. That you can use: whole bean coffee, various large beans and pasta, the old cutlery, unusual plates and cups, cork from wine, stones, shells. Everything, what you see something original, may become bright kitchen accent

The original remake of the apron

Ideas for the kitchen with his hands and decoration imply or rework apron. That apron can be made part of the acquisition of the working area. If this part of the wall you have not isolated and is a homely tile or panel, then decorate it possible that's how:

  • Element of decor in the kitchen will be 3D-Wallpaper. They can be pasted apron, highlighting it, as a prime focus dishes. the main thing, choose the pattern on the wallpaper under the overall theme of the kitchen
  • Mosaic of pieces of glass or mirror. Advantage of this option would be not only its originality, but also the convenience of care
  • Mosaic fragments of dishes bat, ceramic tiles and the like. Do not rush to send in the broken debris favorite cup or plate, they can be given a second life, demonstrating creativity and collect pieces of an interesting composition

  • Plain metal panel would be an appropriate idea for the kitchen, which has decorated with lots of bright elements. It will allocate the work area and will not overload the design. Metal panels may be glossy and matte, with dressing and without. Especially beautiful it will look this apron in combination with appliances in metal design

Tricks of the Trade for decorating furniture

Furniture in the kitchen - one of the "three pillars" on which is based the purpose of this room. Of course, over time, there is a desire to change the old set on a more modern. But, if you do not get, and then we can give him the kind of design.

so, how can
decorate the kitchen and, in particular, furniture?

  • The easiest option - this painting. Simply repaint the cabinets and tables in bright, trendy color and transfiguration of space you'll notice. Repaint the furniture can be both completely, and only some of its elements - doors

  • Decorate the kitchen furniture as possible and using the labels, stencils, color film

  • If you are the owner of the old Soviet furniture (and maybe even more old), then consider, you lucky. After all, vintage never goes out of fashion, and properly decorate a kitchen cupboard or a table will be the main decoration of the kitchen, more precisely, its dining area

  • Simple kitchen design will present themselves from kitchen cabinets, who will have curtains instead of doors

Decoration of home appliances

The decor for the kitchen in the interior can be displayed and in household appliances. Even an old refrigerator can be a designer, if a little work on it. for example, pasted it in different vinyl stickers.

If you want to, to kitchen appliances it was bright, it is possible to paste over self-adhesive film, as a monophonic, and with various images.

Note, to a label or a film is not affixed to the instrument, which the, by virtue of his appointment,, very hot.

Treatment of textiles: blinds, linen and towels in the kitchen

How and what you can decorate your kitchen more? Certainly textile decor. But, worth remembering: kitchen to look stylish, all textiles should be provided in the same color or with the same pattern.

To textile decorations in the kitchen were matched perfectly, We need to take into account the following:

  1. Kitchen - is primarily a practical. Therefore, used items should be properly fulfilled. Cotton, flax ideal as the material for tablecloths, towels and napkins
  2. compatibility. In the selection of textiles need to be carefully selected color, pattern, registration. Here are just a, if your kitchen is made in high-tech style, in this case would be superfluous textiles
  3. Tablecloths - is, than you can decorate the kitchen to the dining area. Can be used as one, and two tablecloths, the laid on each other. An interesting solution is to dilute the monotonous color tablecloth with napkins
  4. Curtains in the kitchen require special attention, since they do not only protect the room from the sun, but also to prevent the settling of dust and grease on the window. When this material has to be impregnated with, which will prevent settling of dirt or its rapid elimination

Kitchen lighting: replacement procedure

Lighting in the kitchen affects its comfort. A beautifully designed light sources help to strengthen it.

working area, usually, lights built into the wall of a belt-type lights. It will include, as appropriate. Also the light in this part of the kitchen can serve as a night light in the dark.

The main kitchen light, as well as the lighting of the dining area, They should be bright, so the usual chandelier can be replaced by a few wall sconces.

If all the same for the kitchen chandelier you prefer, that their registration can be approached creatively. for example, having involved unnecessary cutlery, old cups and saucers, even. All this is used as lampshades.

Optional accessories to give comfort

It is hard to imagine a kitchen without additional accessories, which create coziness. Especially look good kitchen decoration, made his own.

Cutting boards: tree, glass or stone?

Cutting boards can be not only useful kitchen utensils, but also beautiful kitchen decor. Can, of course, buy board hand-made at the store, but it is much nicer to do it yourself.

  1. First you need to choose a material: wood of different breeds, a rock, glass, silicone
  2. Once the material is selected, worth thinking about the shape of the board. She may be: classical form, a connector for the knife; pullout, fastened to the cabinet; board with built-in plates, in which will be cut to chip products; board with a capacity of garbage
  3. And the last - is to make a drawing (can be downloaded from the Internet), reserved the right tools and get to work

Kitchenware container: crafts with their own hands

Kitchen containers or organizers are designed to store all sorts of little things, bulk products and cutlery.

Organizer can be sewn from thick fabric: on rectangular cloth stitched pockets in different sizes, in which you can store utensils or other useful stuff.

As kitchen storage tanks can decorate the various cans made of glass, wood or metal. Contents can be hand-painted, Decoupage.

Picture the kitchen

As the pictures you can use homemade or modular panels pictures.

Interesting design a summer kitchen with his hands: a photo

To equip the kitchen can be, and in the country. Here are a few options for the end result.

Comfortable kitchen with his hands is a simple, main show imagination.