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How to sew a rooster or chicken, a heating pad on the kettle - 2 interesting ideas

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Warmer on the kettle cock, sewn wearing their own hands will create in your kitchen the atmosphere of comfort and well-being. This simple hack will be a wonderful decoration of the Tea Party. It can give to a family birthday friend, day mom birthday, grandmother or sister.

What kind of heater cock, hen, fairytale house

Pleasant to drink tea, warmed by a heater funny cock a teapot. What it does:? There was such warmer due to the Russian traditions. Earlier in Russia tea was made to drink from a samovar. From the top of a small teapot samovar poured the right amount of tea leaves in a mug, and the second high-capacity hot water added. We drank tea dozen mugs, biting bagels and pies. During leisurely conversations were drinking tea. Thanks to the device samovar tea for a long time did not cool down.


Nowadays, the tradition of drinking tea made from the two dummies preserved. In one leaf tea brewed with boiling water, based on the number of guests. In another enamelled kettle or electric heated water. The teapot is often added for taste aromatic herbs - mint, penny, camomile.

To brew the present better and longer does not cool, Kettle cover with hot water bottle, made in the form of beautiful toys.

This can be a chicken or rooster, fairytale house, Lazy cat, doll with a full skirt and t. d. Now comes the Year of the Rooster, so warmer cock on Kettle own hands is very popular.

What materials are used, to make a house for the kettle from a fabric or crochet and knitting

To perform the work can be made of fabric pieces, which is at home or buy in the store, where they sell knitted scraps in bulk.

Sew on warmer Kettle need such materials:

  • cotton fabric;
  • heater;
  • red jersey for the scallop and beak;
  • sintepon;
  • sewing pins;
  • pattern parts on paper;
  • 2 black buttons for eyes;
  • sewing machine;
  • thread;
  • a pencil or a piece of soap to trace the circuit pattern on the fabric;
  • lace or ribbons for decoration;
  • needle and thread to perform razed seams.

To Warmer turned out beautiful, cotton cloth to prevail bright with a colorful pattern or make wings and cock his head contrasting yellow. For knitted warmers cockerel need such materials:

  • woolen or half-woolen yarn of different colors;
  • 2 hooks of various sizes;
  • beady eye.

Scheme of knitting and a detailed master class you will find at the end of the article.

Different variants with photos

Sew a rooster and hen in the kettle can be using different ideas. Torso done in the form of insulated hood, which is similar to a rectangular cushion with sewn details - wings, tail and head.

Warmer on the kettle cock hook is performed based on the pattern of the three African flower petals, which is wrapped around the thread of a different color in the form of a triangle. Tail and beard can be associated randomly, in accordance with the master fantasy.

Pattern and the scheme of knitting

To cock the kettle on his hands to get the beautiful and well-built, make a pattern on paper pattern shown below. You need size may vary. To find them, measure the height of the kettle and its width, taking into account the handle and spout, to be closed heater. Warmer on the kettle rooster pattern foundations should be slightly larger pot sizes.

Knit Cockerel on the kettle hook begins with the pattern "African Flower". You will need to knit scheme, that looks like:

Master class tailoring warmer cock with their hands

Warmer on the kettle cock with their hands easily created even novice masters. Help in this detailed step by step description of the process of tailoring:

  1. From the top of the fabric cut out two trunk parts, taking into account the seam allowance width 1 cm. Fold the details inside out, and stitched by a sewing machine.
  2. Cut out two pieces lining and also stitched by. Interconnected parts and the top liner, putting close, slaughter pins, stitched by a typewriter, leaving a wide opening 10 or 15 centimeters. Two pieces of insulation stitched by a typewriter, and inserted into the preform through the opening of the trunk, sew the opening between the lining and the top of a hidden seam. cap ready.

  1. From the base fabric cut out 4 Details of the wings of the mirror with SEAM. stitched by, leaving a few centimeters nezashitymi. Make a small incision in the corners and turn inside the workpiece there. Stuffed with synthetic padding wing, and sewn stitches countersunk hole. To form the embossed pattern on the wings, stitched by their mid-lengths to two parallel lines.
  2. Cut out from the base fabric are two parts of the tail with SEAM. Stitched by a typewriter. scarify, before reaching the line 2 mm. Evert the workpiece on the front side, and stuffed with small pieces syntepon, pushing them into the hole a long stick. Make a relief pattern on the tail feathers with the help of 4 lines.

  1. To make the head can take the cloth of another color, eg, yellow. The two parts of the head, cut of cloth, using the pattern, in mirror image, I leave the seam allowances for. Zashivayut vыtochki. Fold the details inside out and stitched by. Evert face, packed tight synthetic padding. There, where are the cheeks, tuck two solid ball sinteponovye. attach the head, combining stitches, to the body, and fastened with pins. Sew blind stitches cock head to the body warmer.
  2. Scallop cut red jersey with the help of patterns. Fold the two parts of the front side and stitched by. Since small parts, seam allowances should be small. Scissors make a notch on the underside of the bend in places scallop, to better wriggled. stuffed with synthetic padding. Attach the pin-to-head cock, and sew blind stitches.

  1. Similarly, make four parts beard and the two parts of the beak. crosslinked, evert there, and stuffed with synthetic padding. attach bulavochkami, then sew.
  2. To give the cockerel funny expression, on his head in place, which shall be attached a cock eyes, make two ties. Pass the thread from the base of one of the second and alleged eye under beak. Cheeks rooster as a result become more visible, and his eyes will be placed on his head in a small recess, formed ties.
  3. Eye first make two round white podglaznika, cutting them from white food grade plastic. In podglaznikah make holes, inserting tabs buttons black eye. sew eyes.
  4. Attached to the base of the tail and wings warmer by means of pins, sew countersunk seams. Decorated with a rooster neck bow-tie, tie or lace.

Council: According to the pattern of the same can be done on a heating pad chicken Maker. Only it will have a smaller size of the tail, comb and beak, there will be a red beard.

Master crochet class

Crochet Warmer on the kettle Cockerel do, using a thick yarn, that the product will receive a warm, and well it performs its primary function of heat preservation.

Step by step description of the operation cock Warmer hook:

  1. Knit African flower of three petals, tieing them around columns without sc.

  1. Take thread primary color, such as beige, knit around a flower columns with three rows of sc (much, it all depends on the size of the teapot) - it will be a triangular cloth torso. For the manufacture of hot-water bottles made of two parts, then bonding them together coupling loop.
  2. To make the body part in the form of a triangle, binding expand. To do this, knit in the apex of the triangle, which will head cock, five columns with sc. Just do next to each corner of the triangular parts.

  1. Knit wings a rooster with the help of "African Flower" pattern.
  2. Knit a rooster comb of red yarn, consisting of three semicircles. Two side portions of scallop connected columns with one sc, and the central semicircle - columns with two sc.
  3. Knit loops beak of a single sc in three columns. Beard of the seven loops and five columns with a single sc consists of two identical parts. Ponytail knit arbitrarily at will of the bright thread.
  4. At the bottom of the body of a rooster tied frills, using three columns with sc. Threads for edging choose different color from the body.

At the end of the sutured eyes beady. Wonderful Rooster warmer on crochet tea ready! You can brew tea flavored with aromatic herbs, and invite guests for tea.