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paper art: learn to create flowers from napkins

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Flowers - the integral decoration for serving festive table. For decoration you can use as live, and flowers from napkins with their hands.

initially, such decoration will question: "Flowers from napkins? It's the last century!». but, true craftsmen learned how to create true masterpieces of napkins, which fit perfectly in the table decor.

AND, if you are interested in this type of needlework, that our article will be for you a great help in the development of "tissue" art, which will appreciate the surrounding.

Homemade flowers from napkins for beginners

Below we present photos of flowers from napkins for beginners.



How to make flowers from napkins to volume figures?

Volumetric figures - is an integral decoration on birthday, lately. Specifically, they cause delight for children. Let's learn to make flowers to decorate volume figures.


need for creativity:

  • Napkins made of paper in the amount of 270 pcs
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Stapler and tape
  1. You need to create 270 flowers. How to make flowers from napkins we will look at one example,. Similarly repeat 270 time
  2. Napkin folded twice
  3. Center lock the stapler
  4. Gently and evenly layered circle cut
  5. Each layer is slightly lift up and crush, giving him the appearance of the petal
  6. The bottom layer leave straightened, with the help of flower will be glued to the figure

Lotus flower of napkins

Paper lotus flowers will be beautiful and original decoration, beautifully located on the serving dishes for the main course. You want to impress guests with their creativity? Then let's see, how to make lotus flowers from napkins.

  1. First, choose a size, and most importantly color napkins, which the, it's desirable, blend with the overall color servings
  2. Now take a tissue and put it on the table in the unfolded state
  3. All angles need to bend toward the center. An important point - do everything slowly and carefully, otherwise ready to hack would be a complete disappointment
  4. After, napkin should be turned upside down
  5. After the coup, with a napkin repeat the steps from "paragraph 3"
  6. Further, neatly folded one pry and lift angle
  7. Hold the other corners, that the design is not turned, "Worker" edge must be lifted up
  8. The same manipulation, repeat with the other angles. After, Lotus will be ready

These flowers from napkins with their hands, beginners will not be difficult in the manufacture of. So try.


Beautiful application of wipes in the form of flowers: light scheme for children

Who does not like children will be interesting to cut and glue application of colors. Do you want to benefit and interest to spend time with their children, the loans with their creativity.

To create the application required:

  • colored napkins
  • White and colored cardboard
  • The green paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • brush
  • Pencil
  1. Expand colored tissue paper and cut them out of strips, which can then roll the balls with
  2. On a white sheet of cardboard, draw a bell pattern and cut them
  3. The surface of the cut bells obkleyte carved beads
  4. From the green paper-cut leaves and stems
  5. Cardboard glue on colored leaves, stalks and florets. composition ready

Flower puansetiya own hands from napkins

Puansetiya will be a great decoration for the Christmas and New Year gifts. How to make flowers from paper napkins with their hands? Simply and easily, even a novice.

See, how to make a flower out of tissue incrementally.


Flowers of candy and wipes his hands: a master class on creating bouquets

Want to create an original gift to yourself and to please not only the hero of the festivities, but guests? Then we'll show you, how to make flowers from napkins and candy, which will create an unusual, creative bouquet.

For the master class required:

  • Chocolate candies 5 pcs. It is better, of course, select Road
  • Paper napkins green and pink (another possible) colors
  • toothpicks
  • Glue, Scotch
  • Food film
  • Scissors
  • satin ribbon
  • Plastic cup

Now the creative process:

  1. Every piece of candy wrap food film, to get the ball likeness. When you minimize should remain small "tail" on the film
  2. For each "tail" Put the toothpick, and seal it with tape
  3. napkin fold 4 fold in half and cut into 6 parts. The result should rectangles
  4. Each rectangle in the middle of double-twist and fold in half. It will be the tab
  5. Make several of these petals and with the help of an adhesive tape to attach the candy. succeed, kind, "Chupa chups"
  6. Now take the green napkin and fold it 4 fold, cut in half and take one half and by the "deaf" edge make long cuts
  7. Get tips twist
  8. Wrap around "lollipop"
  9. Make another 4 flower
  10. Plastic cup okleyte wipes any color
  11. Inside, place foam or crumpled paper. Inside the glass, place the flowers, securing with toothpicks
  12. To the inside of glass do not show through, okleyte its green cloth
  13. Bouquet ready

How to fold a peony of napkins on the table with his hands? Step-by-step instruction

Peonies are beautiful not only "live", but "Tissue". They can not only decorate the holiday table, but also "fit" in any composition of paper flowers.
Create a paper peony under the force of even a beginner webmaster, but, first, you need to stock materials for the creative process:

  • paper napkins (Pick up the color yourself)
  • A4 Paper Green
  • Glue
  • stapler
  • Scissors
  • toothpicks

  1. Paper napkins double fold in half, The result should be a square
  2. Figure converted into a triangle by folding along diagonals
  3. Further, one corner of the triangle is folded to the largest side of the figure
  4. The resulting angle is cut in a semicircle
  5. These manipulations repeat since 3 napkins
  6. The excised petals superimposed on each other
  7. After, meet alternately every leaf to the center of the flower, slightly flattening them for plausibility
  8. When all the petals will be folded, fasten them with a stapler, for reliability
  9. Put and take peony A4 paper and cut it half. The remaining half fold in half and cut along the fold line. will square
  10. Now fold the square diagonally accordion
  11. The resulting harmonica, cut in half and glue the widest part
  12. Ready glue a piece of the bottom of the flower. peony ready.

roses: instruction and photo of finished results

The queen of flowers, even made of paper, would be an elegant "twist" on the table. Let's deal, how to make roses out of napkins.

  1. To create 1 take a rose 2 napkins and cut each to 4 parts of fold lines. You should turn 8 single squares
  2. Now, each square must be folded in half, but so, to one edge just short of second
  3. After the performed manipulations proceed to the creation of rose petals: To do this, each sheet is folded in half twist with the first middle edge, and then with his sides, To get rolling with curves
  4. Now for the roses needs to be done mid inflorescence: for this you need a napkin folded in half exactly twist, without rounding
  5. details are ready, Now you can create flower of napkins. To start, core need to twist from left to right
  6. Hide middle petals wrap, little smoothing their edges
  7. After that, as it will be attached to the last petal, Attach the bottom bud thread, and the remaining ponytail cut with scissors

Flowers from napkins in pots

Another unusual element of the decor will be flowers from napkins with their hands in pots.

  1. Color napkin fold in half 4 fold. The result is supposed to be square
  2. Exactly in the center of the box fasten the stapler
  3. Now, this square-cut round
  4. The result is a range of, consisting of several layers. Carefully peel off each layer and the bottom squeeze, thereby forming a tab
  5. Repeat the procedure with each layer. Thereby obtaining a lush flower
  6. Make several of these flowers of different colors

Ready florets set aside, and start building the pot.

  • Expand the selected color napkin and put it in the center of the plastic cup
  • Now wrap a napkin cup, directing it into the container edge
  • Pick up a newspaper or paper and crumple it into a ball. Mark it in a glass, if the ball fell, wrap the ball of one or more other layers, to lump does not sink into the glass on the level of its middle
  • To be safe, wrap the thread lump. Put the ball in the finished glass, You can paste it. This lump of paper will be the basis for flowers
  • Now, obkleyte ball ready to flower in a circle
  • If desired,, pot can decorate satin ribbons
  • hack ready

Flowers, crafts from viscose wipes

What you can do from the wipes of viscose material? flowers, and look like they will be no worse, than paper.

Working with such material will easily even those, who first encountered viscose. Let us know, how to make rosettes of viscose wipes.

But before going to work, prepare the required accessories:

  • Scissors
  • stapler
  • Napkins made of viscose
  • Pencil
  • Cardboard circles with a diameter 7, 6 and 5 cm
  • Pins for fastening

And now safely proceed to the creative process.

  1. Unfold the napkin and place it on the three circles at a distance 2 cm apart
  2. cut out 3 strips of cloth. The width of each strip should be on 5 mm larger each circle on each side
  3. Each strip accordion fold, but, so that when folded it look like a square, over which easily reduced cardboard circle
  4. Followed secure with viscose accordion using a needle and cut circles pattern
  5. Now take one of the big clubs and fold the "bag of seeds for". Middle Scrappy stapler
  6. Further, narrow margin, expand the item up, and a wide portion to remove the brackets. Narrow edge - is the core, and the inside-edge - Petal
  7. Bend the edge down slightly, to form a rose
  8. Of the remaining circles, create roses of different sizes
  9. Finished flowers can be glued on cardboard or other surface, creating panels.