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Lumion 8.5 Pro Crack With License Code ((FULL)) Free Download

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Lumion 8.5 Pro Crack With License Code ((FULL)) Free Download



Lumion 8.5 Pro Crack With License Code Free Download

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Image Width Always Reduced by Half

On Chrome, the width of images is always halved when using img-responsive (cannot use width:100%). This is a problem for example if you get a width of 150 px, it will always be 75px.
Same on Firefox and IE11, and of course Edge.
How can I make it always fit the original width?
Note: I'm adding class img-responsive to the tag to make it responsive.


Add this css.
If you want to set specific sizes, you can use background-size: cover; instead.

/* css for images in my responsive website */

@media (max-width: 800px) {
/* Specific sizes for mobile */

.img-responsive {
height: 100%;
/* width:100% / 2; */
.intro {
width: 100%;
.navigation {
width: 100%;
.content {
width: 100%;
.sidebar {
width: 100%;

For more info on Media Queries, check this site:



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