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Huawei G730u00 Network Error

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Huawei G730u00 Network Error

. Huawei G730-u00 ios 4.2.1. 3G network, WiFi, Bluetooth will work, 2.2G network & 3G network, Video call problem. the power button does not turn off or on the phone. }

// Add device memory usage info, if available
reflection.list (MemoryUsage.class)
.stream ()
.filter (um ->!"other".equals (um.getType ()))
.findFirst ()
.ifPresent (memo -> _memos.put (activity, memo));
}catch (Exception ex){
// ex.printStackTrace ();

Log.i («Info», String.valueOf (_memos.size ()));

Log.i («Info», «--- Memory statistics ----»);

// Special one to prevent Staging data from live dump
boolean warningSysErrors = false;

// Go through


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Usually when that happens, it means the network is set up for a wide area.
To get rid of the error, I disconnected the router from the modem...
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